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Britjet's 2014 bits of battered plastic - updated


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Not as many from me this year as last year, mostly due to work commitments but also a couple of these models taking far longer than they should......

All are 1/72 except one. In no particular order, first up a Special Hobby Hughes TH-55. I had no idea how many parts you are expected to scratchbuild with this kit. Quite a few of them really should have been provided in the kit. The skids were very brittle and I ended up replacing them with brass rod bent to shape.


Keeping it in the family, Italeri OH-6A......


....and their AH-6


....Profiline MD500 - more pics here


.......and their MD520N NOTAR - more pics here


Amodel Su-26 with home made decals for one of the first Su-26s I ever saw;


The two-seat Su-29


And the updated Su-31


Minicraft 757 1/144 - more pics here


Italeri OH-58A converted to a Jet Ranger - more pics here


Pavla Fa330 - very fiddly! - more pics here


MPM Trent Meteor - more pics here


Italeri Junkers Ju-52 - more pics here


Amodel Yak-25RV - more pics here


Pulled this out of the stash as the flimsy box was really suffering and thought 'There's only a few parts, how long would that take?' Big mistake, nothing fitted and lots of filler. After painting and decalling, I gave it a clear coat and the white in the decals bled out into the clear coat. That took some cleaning up and it's not perfect now but certainly a lot better than it was. Tupolev ANT-25 one of only a couple of kits produced by Tupolev themselves and a huge model!


After the Tupolev struggle I felt like doing something just for fun, I'll add a load to it in the New Year, Airfix Recovery Set;


Finally an Airfix Tucano. Bought this second-hand a few years ago, the decals were badly out of register so I did my own and just for something a bit different chose one of the QinetiQ aircraft. The paint is still wet on this at the moment so I'll tidy a few things up in the morning.


Happy New Year to everyone.


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Wow! What a varied collection! Those little Amodel civil types are a bit of work and the ones you have done are very nice - I've done a couple of GeeBee's and they can be a bit of work - great result

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Thanks for the kind comments.

The Recovery Set might get an old Merlin Vampire T11 I've got lying around as the load as that's probably the best thing to do with it!


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