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Found 13 results

  1. More Italians finished in between the Great Game in Glasgow.
  2. Tamiya posted a photos of 1/72 Tony on twitter. https://twitter.com/tamiyainc/status/939350619827052545 https://twitter.com/tamiyainc/status/939350619827052545
  3. Hurray PZL.42 was a experimental Karaś with twin tail. By the way, Karaś means "Crucian carp". (I hope they check plans, not like with RWD-8)
  4. Have been manipulating a few 1/72 plastic figurines. Example, I amputate an arm and then relocated it to make another gesture. However there are gaps at the point of fixture. What can I use as a gap filler?
  5. I don't think there is need to make a separate thread for each new plastic model in 1/72, because it is not that popular like aircraft, so I will run one thread to aforementioned company. First of all, catalogue for 2016: http://www.ibgmodels.com/2016_IBG_cat.pdf New models for 2016. Otter Light Reconnaissance Car Chevrolet C60S with Holmes breakdown Stridsvagn m/38 Swedish light tank Stridsvagn m/39 Swedish light tank Stridsvagn m/40 K Swedish light tank Stridsvagn m/40 L Swedish light tank TYPE89 Japanese Tank, Early TYPE89 Japanese Tank, Mid-production TYPE89 Japanese Tank, Hybrid-production TYPE89 Japanese Tank, Late TYPE89 Japanese Tank, Diesel KTO Rosomal should be released in 2017 - confirmed in Facebook comment: https://www.facebook.com/ibgmodels/posts/925698510885127?comment_id=925742320880746&comment_tracking={%22tn%22%3A%22R%22}
  6. In short, I've started building an airliner (Eastern Express 737-300, to be precise). Both fuselage halves are slightly warped, but just enough to not fit together properly. I've tried heating them in hot water, then holding firmly in the 'straight' position, and cooling them in cold water to lock the shape, as was recommended on another site. It seems the plastic is too firm/resilient, as precisely nothing has changed. Any suggestions on how to fix the problem?
  7. Good evening everyone, I have two rather troublesome questions which have been plaguing me for a few weeks now, the first is regarding the Airfix Vulcan. I have finally plucked up the courage (and money!) to have a crack at an Airfix vulcan with the White Ensign Models (WEM) photo-etch kits, consisting of a bomb-bay, cockpit and airbrakes/exterior details. The question is, how should I present it so the cockpit detail can be viewed-should I have only the canopy as a removable item? Should I have a removable panel on the side? Should I just cut a cut-away hole in the side and leave it open? (Lighting is a possibility for all options). The second issue is that as some of you may know, I'm working on a 1:48 Vulcan made from card (card, not corrugated cardboard) which I intend to include almost every single piece of ribbing and interior details (fuel tanks, major linkages through the wings, fully detailled cockpit, etc). I am sure you can understand that I would rather open the details up so they can be viewed and like the previous issue, the question is how? The choices I've got consist of having half of the Vulcan (the left side for example) being "stripped" of the skin-exposing the detailling. The other choice is to have some panels removable or have them on hinges (could be useful for the engine servicing bay where the fairings hinge open, or the ECM fairing at the back which also hinges open). The third option would be to cover the entire aircraft in a skin but have these pieces of skin removable for viewing. If you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your feedback! *While I don't think it is particularly ethical to advertise an external site on the forums I do feel that for the time being the progress photos are much easier to post on the blog. Don't feel obliged to click on it though! (see signature) Thanks, Sam
  8. Hi, this is my finished Tamiya Mosquito B MkIV (1/48 scale). technically this kit isn't finished as i haven't painted the cockpit frames yet as i have to wait for the masks to arrive, but i didn't think it was worth putting it in WIP just for that. this kit was a dream to build, as the only fit issue was a small one with the fuselage halves, which was solved by the removal of the rear firewall/bulkhead. the decals however were a big letdown. they had lots of silvering (i didn't apply gloss varnish as previously i have never really had any silvering on the cartography decals I've used) and even when micro sol was applied they had difficulties adhering to the details. also, i rather clumsily moved one of the decals that was covered in micro sol out of line, and when i try to move it back it split (my fault). before i built this kit i had little interest in the mosquito, but after building the kit and doing some research i am quito fond of it.
  9. Good day to everyone. First of all, I apologize for my English. I bought this set in February 2013. I saw a very unusual kit on the site hlj.com and I ordered it immediately. This is 1/20 scale model, it is a large size, especially in height. I would like to warn those who will buy - you will need shelf more than 25cm tall Kit itself is of the excellent quality, all parts fit together without fitting, many of the details do not require glue and remain mobile.
  10. Hello, I've been bitten by the bomber bug and wonder what kits are available in injected plastic and in 1-72. These are the types that I know about, can you add more? Martin MB-2 Martin B-10 Douglas B-18 H.P. Hampden A.W. Whitley Hawker Hart Vickers Vimy Bristol Blenheim I Fiat Cicogna S.M.79 and 81 CANT Z.1007 Tupolev SB Tupolev TB-3 Amiot 143 Potez 540 Bloch 200 and 210 Heinkel He.51 Junkers Ju.86 Junkers Ju.87A Heinkel He.111B, ecc. Dornier Do.17 Kawasaki Ki.48 Mitsubishi G3M Aero A-100 Admittedly I know very little about the single engine types.
  11. UPDATE 1: Hey folks, This will be my first WIP thread on this forum. I picked up this cheap kit for a quick build. It's a very old tooling so I'll try and do what I can to improve it somewhat. I plan to practise my weathering skills using my airbrush. I'm quite new to airbrushing.. only dug the equipment out of the garage a few weeks ago and have had to replace the needle, etc. This will be one of my first projects that won't be brush-painted. Just something to bare in mind. Moving on, I did actually own a late 70s rubber bumper MGB GT once (in 1:1 scale) so that was another reason for picking up this kit. Just remember this if you're thinking of restoring a classic MG; MG stands for 'money gobbler'. Anyway, enough waffle.. a detailed inbox of this kit has already been covered somewhere in this forum, so I won't bother. Here are some pics of the little progress so far. (Below) The first few steps of the build are complete (bar the detailing) but I seem to have mislayed one of the leaf springs. I've been using the pot of Ever Build wood filler to weather the wheel arches, which you can see in a picture further down the page. I'm kind of experimenting with weathering, and I thought the coarseness of the woddfiller would give a good dirt effect... I'll be using Vallejo paints primarily for this build. My workbench (below). I've been using the Revell Contacta Liquid with built-in brush.. basically because I've used all my ther polycement glues.. need to buy some more... Here a pic of the wheel-arch weathering I've embarked on (below). As you can see I've applied a thin layer of the coarse wood filler where necessary to give the kind of surface you find in the wheel-arches. It'll be painted a dirty brown colour later, after I paint everything black and pick out the other colours... Appologies for the massive pics and the slightly poor lighting in one or two of them.. I couldn't find a way of reducing the size, and my camera displays the images brighter than they actually are. Anyways, I've ordered a spair leaf-spring from Airfix and as soon as that comes through the letter-box I'll do another update on this one. That's it for now though, Thanks in advance for any comments, Andy.
  12. Beechcraft SD17S Staggerwing (Patrol Floatplane) 1:48 injection moulded kit from Roden The Beechcraft Stagger wing is a popular aircraft and during its 16 year production run (1933-49) 785 examples where built in various guises. Roden has issues the Staggerwing in 1:48 scale previously and the review for the GB-2 (traveller) can be seen HERE, and the D-17S (civil) version can be viewed HERE. Roden has now issued a third version, this being SD17S float plane and this version has three decal options, 2 being USAF, and the third a RAAF aircraft. Most of the plastic is the same as in the previous reviews so I will have a look at the different bits in this box. The sprue containing the wings is the first to pass my camera. The only difference here is the omission of the undercarriage bays; the centre section bares no scars from the modification making me think it has been re-tooled not modified. There is a little flash on some of the parts as can be seeing in the pictures, but nothing major and will be very simple to remove with a knife and a swipe with a sanding stick. The floats come over 3 sprues moulded in the same grey plastic with the slightly rough surface. There are separate rudders to fit at the rear of the floats, and some optional wheels should you wish to model the aircraft on the ground. The parts are to the usual high slandered with nice detail. A small decal sheet is included, and as expected from Roden it is nicely done but a bit basic and lacks some fine detail. There is more than enough for a nice model but some may want to grab some aftermarket or some from the spares box especially for the instrument panel. There is the option to build one of 3 aircraft, 28th Composite Group USAAF 1941, USAAF KA08 Langley Field 1941 or the USAAF/ RAAF mixed fighter group Brisbane 1942. Conclusion As said before a nice kit, and I applaud Roden for continuing to give us different versions of this kit! Review sample courtesy of
  13. Hi guys ive been off the scene for about 6 months due to various reasons but im back now and wanted to share with you what i think is exciting news. I do not know if this has already been broken on here but there appears to be a new 1/144th scale plastic injection moulded avro vulcan which for me is fantastic news as im sure it will be for many who think the airfix is too big or the dragon too small.(i think not for either but anyways) this model looks fantastic to me here is a link to the test shot models http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/detail?scode=TOY-SCL2-14156 I have just picked 1 up off ebay and when it lands here i will do a review/build of the new kit. cheers Rob
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