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  1. Pz.Beob.Wg.IV Ausf.J (35344) Late/Last Production 2 in 1 with Crew 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd Unlike the later Tigers and Panther tanks, the Panzer IV had been designed in the years leading up to the outbreak of WWII, and was intended for a different role than it eventually played, which was as a form of infantry support with the mobile artillery function rolled into one. It was a heavier tank than the previous numbered types, and was well-designed, although it did suffer from the typical WWII German over-engineering that made them complex, expens
  2. Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.J Nibelungenwerk (35342) Late Prod. Jan-Feb 1945 1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd Unlike the later Tigers and Panther tanks, the Panzer IV had been designed in the years leading up to the outbreak of WWII, and was intended for a different role than it eventually played, which was as a form of infantry support with the mobile artillery function rolled into one. It was a heavier tank than the previous numbered types, and was well-designed, although it did suffer from the typical WWII German over-engineering that made them complex, expensive
  3. Well before I start getting nasty notices from Six I thought that I had better mark my place with my entry for this GB for which I will be building Zvezda's relatively new 1/35 Ausf E. Now I am not an avid armour builder so you will have to forgive me any newbie errors I make and also any stupid questions that I might ask, I will also be building her OOTB complete with any errors that the kit might have, no doubt there are some, with a view to possibly finishing it as a tank operated by the Afrika Korps or DAK as they are often referred. So without further ado here are the usual box and conten
  4. Hi guys, Hope you are all well. I just finished my Panzerkampfwagen IV build. It's a Dragon kit No. 6779, quite a nice kit, except horrible DS tracks that I replaced anyway with Fruils and a few minor accuracy issues. Following my Pz IA build belonging to Panzer Reg 5, I decided to to the same with this one. I decided to go with a tank number 812, one of the first vehicles that arrived in Tripoli in March 1941. This is the initial vehicle, not a replacement one. It is interesting that I was not able to find any records about when this vehicle was lost (it seams tha
  5. German Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf J Medium Tank Trumpeter 1:16 History The Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf J was the last version of the Panzer IV medium tank to enter production before the end of the Second World War. By the time it entered production in the summer of 1944 the Panzer IV had declined in importance as a battle tank, and so of the three factories that had produced the Ausf H only Nibelungenwerke produced the Ausf J, while Krupp concentrated on the StuG IV and Vomag on the JadgPanzer IV. Despite this a total of 1,758 Panzer IV Ausf Js were produced, along with 278 chassis for the Panzer IV
  6. This has been the most challenging and time consuming build yet. It was my first time working with schurzen and I wasn't too fond of it. I had many difficulties with this build and learned a lot while making it. I enjoyed the process but will be choosing something less fiddly for my next build, maybe an early Panther or something. I was planning on spraying some buff over the finished model to dull the decals down but only remembered after the pictures had already been taken. As always, all criticism and comment welcomed. Anyway here is the end result:
  7. Another Wehrmacht AFV - this time their most numerous tank, used (and manufactured) from the first to the last day of WW2. Conceived as the "support" (i.e. infantry) tank, the Sd.Kfz.161 was initially armed with a 75mm howitzer that proved helpless against the armour of the British Matilda and Soviet T-34. Thus the later generation Pz.Kpfw. IVs (starting from Ausf.F2) were fitted with the long-barrel AT gun of the same calibre. Introduced in early 1942 the long-cannon Panzer IV became a dangerous adversary for the Allied tanks in North Africa and these four late variants (Ausf. F2, G, H and J)
  8. I've recently just completed my first 1/35 tank, it was a Tamiya Tiger Ausf E (Pictures below). My dilemma is this, I am sitting at my computer screen looking at the Tamiya King Tiger (Production Turret) 1/35 and the Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf H 1/35 and I cannot decide which one to purchase. Any advice or nudge in the right direction would be much appreciated.
  9. Hi all, Very much a tank novice but would really like to build a Panzer IV (either F-2 or G) in DAK markings and wondered it is possible to use an Ausf H to model a G and what are the most noticeable modifications that would need to be done. I do actually have a model of an E (the new Zvezda kit) and wondered if that could become an F-2 with the addition of the longer barrel for the main gun and some thin plastic card for making the hull armour a little thicker in places. I only ask as it's a lot easier, and cheaper, to get hold of decent Ausf H kits than it is F-2's and G's.
  10. Either my searching is far from being perfect or there are no such animals at all... I'm looking for the Panzer IV Ausf.H wearing the pre-1944 camo schemes, i.e. either RAL7021 Panzergrau overall or the DAK RAL7027 Grau over RAL8020 Braun. There are other contemporary vehicles (e.g. StuG III G) portrayed in both, while all the PzKpfw IV Hs I've found are painted RAL7028 Dunkelgelb - either plain or with RAL6003 Olivgrun and/or RAL8017 Rotbraun added on. Of course both were also seen in temporary winter RAL9002 Weiss superimposed. I know that RAL7028 Dunkelgelb has been introduced as th
  11. Return Rollers for Pz.IV (4 types) 1:35 OKB Grigorov The Panzer IV went through many changes during its production run with the goal of either improving the design, simplifying production, or a combination of both. This led to a difference in design of return rollers for the vehicle, which is an aspect that isn’t always catered for by injection moulded kit manufacturers. If you’re interested in getting the most realistic and accurate finish on your model, you may well be interested in one or more of these sets from manufacturer OKB Grigorov.
  12. Hi all, So I thought I'd start a thread for my build - I'm intending to build this (once it arrives): HobbyBoss Panzer IV B, kit no. 80131 I've also got some crew as I think it helps with the scale, though I'm not sure about my painting skills: Depending on time, etc. I was thinking I might make a little diorama with some "Battle of France" themed stuff - with some French infantry / AFV, but that will depend on how much of a glue bomb the Panzer turns into
  13. Greetings! Here is my entry to the GB - Tamiya's recent new tool of the Jagdpazer IV/70. It looks to a be a straightforward build and does not appear to require that cement paste render seen on a lot of German AFV's. This will be a place holder at present as i am still finishing off a couple of builds for the Pacific GB. I plan to do the version with the "ambush" camo as in the last picture. Thanks for looking, Cheers Greg
  14. Hi all, Like a few others who have posted recently this is my contribution to the ongoing and excellent Panzer IV GB, please do not judge the GB my the meager standards of my model but pop along and have a look as there is some excellent modelling going on. This is my first 1/35 armour in a very long time and on the whole I enjoyed it, I will however NEVER enjoy repetitive road wheel! Any way enough waffle here are the pics; For those of you interes
  15. Hi Everyone, Really looking forward to this and have decided to go way outside my comfort zone and decided to take on a Dragon Have recently built the Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf J so will be really interesting to see what the differences are between the two. The first and most obvious one is ....... LOTS OF PARTS! OMG the box was packed. Feeling a bit nervous now! The detailing looks good and the pre moulded zimmerit looks excellent. I’m quite pleased that they are rubber band tracks, the MENG single link track
  16. Hi all I am still cracking on with the other build even though I have gone silent for a while cause real life happened. Starting from tomorrow the builds should pick up momentum because I will be officially on leave. Anyhooo the idea here is to build a little dio with a tiger 1 and the panzer iv in 35.The crews standing around taking a rest and onr big mouth member taking it on himself to discuss "that girl in France" everyone hanging on his every word. Will post pics as soon as we start the build. Regards: Shaun
  17. Done is a very loaded word. However, I'm calling time on this one. A model of firsts: Using of pigments. Individual link magic tracks. 3-tone camo. There's nothing like close-up photos for showing up all the imperfections Things I learned. Don't be scared of individual tracks - they weren't too bad in the end. You can learn loads from YouTube. How much smaller the Panzer IV is than a Panther. Oils are great. Happy for any constructive com
  18. First post, so Happy Christmas, and please be kind Not quite a build thread, but a few pics from my Panzer IV journey. I'll preempt a few comments I'm sure that the colour-scheme and decals are wrong. It's not meant to be any specific theatre. I just wanted to try out the classic 3-colour camo scheme So this is what I started with... Although I got the PE with the kit, I decided not to use it... The detail on this kit is pretty impressive - even though it's going to be hidden in the turret!!! Mostly built and ready for some paint...
  19. Back in October of last year Enzo gave us a start date for the second AFV only Single Type Group Build on Britmodeller - for Panzerkampfwagen IVs and closely related AFVs. Well in only a few hours this GB will be starting! It only seems like two minutes since I posted that announcement about the start date last October! It would be great to have as many modellers taking part as possible - so if you'd like more details they can be found here. Kind regards, Stix
  20. Hi all, you may have spotted this in the backaground of my recent post of the Panther. Really fun kit to build following my Hobby craft rule and only £16. It’s an old kit and feels like it but goes together really nicely, better than the Panther did. So built straight out of the box and then finished with Tamiya paints, weathering powders and oil paints. Painted with hairy sticks and built up with three coats of heavily thinned color. Used humbrol gloss and matt varnish. I’ve got an Panzer IV Ausf J, b
  21. I'm finally managing to scrape together some modelling time after starting a new post in January(!). I'm currently building a Tamiya Panzer IV H in 1/35 (35209) and have a 1/35 Dragon IV G in my small stash (6363) but I thought it would be a nice idea to build up a 1/48 and 1/72 scale Panzer IV just for the hell of it / scale comparison / I should be at least able to find time to build a 1/72 tank sometime soon! So could you tell me which are the best (without being stupidly priced) 1/48 and 1/72 scale Panzer IV's* ? Thanks! *Any version will do.
  22. This is a 1/35 model made by me last year. This is an Academy KIT no.13234. I made it as moving model, and made side hatch opening. All the parts are original from the kit. Thanks for the comments in advance.
  23. There are plenty of 72nd scale kits of this most numerous German WW2 tank and each one has its own afficionados. Do you think is the new Modelcollect 72078 any improvement over the well established offerings by ESCI/Italeri, Hasegawa, Dragon and Revell? Cheers Michael
  24. Panzer IV Ausf.H Update Set 1:35 Eduard for Academy Kit (36382) The new tool Panzer IV from Academy was a welcome new kit of the Panzer IV. Now Eduard have brought us an update set for the kit. The first parts to be replaced are the front track fenders. There are new mounting plates for the spare track links mounted on the front of the vehicle, new equipment racks for the side, new mounting parts for the pioneer tools and other parts mounted to the hull. New read track fenders are alos supplied along with the engine intakes and exhaust mounting brackets.
  25. Panzer IV PzKpfw IV Auf. H Ver MID (13516) 1:35 Academy via Pocketbond The Panzer IV was a German medium tank, and most widely used German armoured vehicle of WWII. It would see action in all fronts for the Germany Army and was the only tank to see continuous service for the Germans in WWII. There were many versions of the Tank throughout WWII. The Auf H version began production in 1943. Glasis armour was improved by making it a single 80mm thick plate. On the sides of the hull and turret spaced armour plates (5mm & 8mm) were added to defeat hollow charge warhe
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