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Found 13 results

  1. I'm a great fan of " Robotech" since I was a boy ( back in the eighties , I was born in 1979). I discovered later that Robotech was an adaptation of different Japanese Anime one of which was "Macross super dimension fortress". the Regult is the most common single pilot battle pod used by the Zentradi on that Anime. I had fun building this one. is much bigger than I expected. I added some dents , and bullet holes here and one little panel on the legs. But is mostly out of the box.
  2. I've been watching some of the Macross animé for a bit of light relief, and pulled this old(ish) Bandai kit out of the baddies' standard cannon fodder one-man assault pod. It's a traditional styrene kit with no softer plastic parts to give it friction posability, so I'll probably end up gluing it in a suitably aggressive pose somewhere along the line. I've got no real problem building the kit, but the painting guide is all in Japanese, so totally out of my comfort-zone. There's a helpful visual reference for the colours with proportions to mix them, which I think are Gunze, but the colours are either referred to by name or written numbers. Who knows? I speak about 5-10 phrases in Japanese that I learned long ago, and don't read a single one! I'd be interested to hear from anyone about tips & pitfalls for the kit, but in the meantime I'm just working through the assemblies, building up the legs in stages to allow the glue to cure so I can deal with the seams & mis-matches caused by tooling errors. There always seems to be a bit of an overhang with one part or other, and you can actually see some of the tooling marks from construction of the masters in places. Bandai have come on a long way since then Incidentally, I built a Valkyrie in Gerwalk mode and a Battroid version too when I was a young 'un, and they're still in my loft somewhere. Those were bought from the late, lamented Arts & Crafts when it was in the catacombs beneath the main shop. They just appealed to young me for whatever reason, who had never even seen the cartoons/animé back then. I guess 'planes with arms & giant robots with guns are a universal constant for lads of a certain age
  3. Hello all, I went back parents' home recently and found some boxes which I bought in the 80s. There are two of them in the picture. The box of the Macross rings the bell - think I bought in the early 80s when it was released. Then it was sleeping in the store room for the last few decades. Looking at the manual, I think I want to build it ! Frankly, the molding is not bad at all considering it was designed and produced almost 40 years ago. The water slide decals, however, shows lots of cracking and doubt if it is still useable. Another thing I found out is that the landing gears are nicely molded, however, there is NO gearing wells at all. Hey, it is a space type aircraft, what landing gear am I talking about ????!?? When it is parked inside the space mothership, it should float with some gear to fix it in position. I can save the work of modifying the gear wells - yeah, I want a simple project and not over complicate it. The plastic shows its age and turn a bit yellowish, it should be brittle and need to build carefully. The project has been delayed for almost 40 years, let not wait any more. A quick trail build :
  4. My bench has been jammed full of 1/32 aircraft builds (my regular choice of libation) so I decided to mix it up a bit and switch gears from 4 engine heavies. At least temporarily. I've got a few Valkyrie kits in the stash, mostly Hasegawa 1/72 kits but also a couple of their 1/48 ones. There's also the Max Factory 1/20 release that I'm hoping to start later this year. So the 1/48 Strike Valkyrie seemed like a nice warm up build for big brother. Here's the kit in question: Sprues are in two colours plus clear. Here's the blue ones which are dedicated to the Strike bits. The airframe parts are in white. I started with filling many of the ejector pin marks in the visible areas. I had to full some a couple times to get them flush. Carl
  5. I've a thing for the original Macross Anime kits from IMAI that appeared in the early 80's. The kits were available in the UK even though Macross or even the bastardized Robotech version from the the US wasn't. This a 2010 repop by Bandai of the orginal IMAI kit of probably the coolest looking mecha in the series. The boxart is particular captivating and adds a lots of character to a machine that only appeared occasionally in the series. Had great fun building this and rather pleased with the finish. I enjoyed experimenting with weathering techniques chipping (airspray and painted) and oils. The dull weather and basic photography skills means a the pictures don't show it all. Painted and partially weathered with Humbrol Enamels which suit the early 80's origins of this kit. Even in my late 40's I still think this looks as freaking awesome as I did in my teens 😁
  6. Hello Everyone, Originally I was going to build either the 1/72 Revell Hind-D, F-4U Corsair or Hawker Tempest for this build as I remember how badyly I made them when I was a kid (around 12-13). However then going over the rules, I saw a little bit that a kid is defined as anything before 18 years old and if an older kit was going to be refurbed there was no 25% minimum rule. As I have been repairing/finishing failed GB kits during all these fun and games, I was going to look at the Valkyrie next and this fits the bill as far as I can tell? So onto the story. In December 2000 I started work at the local Safeways Supermarket. As my birthday is late in July, I was one of those unique few that legally left school at 15, so I was always on the young side. Anyhow, I remember buying lots of useless and unneeded stuff with my new found wealth - who doesn't at that age?! I remember finding a new website called "HobbyLink Japan" that would send over model kits from Japan? Result! I remember ordering a few Gundams (Ex-S, GP-03, Double X) and a Super Valkyrie from the Macross series of films/tv shows. I had gotten back into the Anime circles just after school and was enjoying everything I could download on this new technology called "broadband"... kids today will never know the pain of waiting for an MP3 file to download via DC++/IRC (before Napster was even thought of!) on a dial-up modem. I remember watching the Macross series way back when I was a nipper (not Robotech) it was a fansub on VHS that a guy in the street had managed to get. I also remember it being the first "cartoon" I had seen where one of the main characters actually die... that was shock to a young kid in the 80's. Anyhow, back to the model. The Gundam's I built (rather poorly) and where proudly displayed on my shelf as they could be built in an afternoon, however this Hasegawa model was different. It needed to be built like the old Revell/Airfix kits I used to build as a kid. So I dug out all of my old gear and started to build it. Lets just was the desired result was never acheived and the kit was thrown up in the loft for the next ten or so years. Then I met my ex-girlfriends father and he was into wargaming - I remember seeing him paint two Baneblades (from Warhammer 40k) and thinking they where cool, said about the Valkyrie and he said he would look at it. Well things didn't work out between me and that girlfriend and that was that as they say but I did look at the kit again and tried a few bits more with worse results - kit boxed back up and thrown in the loft. 11 years ago I met my current girlfriend and one day we was walking around Lakeside when I saw a shop called "ModelZone". I had a look in there and saw lots of kits on display (I really do miss that shop) and was interested in the Valkyrie again - I may or maynot have seen a Valkyrie in there, I really am not sure. I said to my girlfriend that I was a geek and wanted to get some bits and pieces. I remember buying a Revell 1/72 TA-152 and Revell 1/76 Comet MBT - they came out okay. But my girlfriend surprised me by saying she was okay with my hobby and has supported me with this every chance she could. Fast forward a few years and I am making model kits full on as my main hobby. I take a look at the Valkyrie again and decide to have a crack at it again, I take it apart as best as I can (badly) and then just prime the main parts. Didn't like the kit so threw it back in the box on the shelf. I now have a few Valkyrie kit's in my possession (I think about 8) but none of them are completed as of yet. So I have decided to get this one finished as it has plagued me for near on 20 years now. I hope it is okay to get this kit added to this GB? If not just say and I will probably build the Hind-D (which was going to be done after the Valkyrie anyhow. Picture time! The box art in all of it's glory. You have got to admit that the drawing is very cool and nothing like the finished article that I produced! The parts as you can see where a complete mess. I have squashed one of the leg fastpacks. I have also ruined one of the wings. I have lost a missile pod as well. I am going to see how much I can build with just the bits I have here. Other random bits and bobs. I also have the weapon set for the Valkyries as well so I could bomb up the aircraft. A Macross stand as well! This is turning into 3 kits in one thread! The decals for the main kit and the weapon set. Both have survived the last 20 years relatively intact. As you can see I have alread used some of the decals already. With no idea why, I used the decals for Hayao Kakizaki's aircraft. I probably liked the green, only answer I can think of why. But this time I will use the decals of the main protagonist - Hikaru Ichijyo (the red ones). I have used the cockpit decal, but that is completely destroyed. I have a back up decal I can use. I got this a while ago for another kit, but would work well here also. I will see how things go. I may steal the decal out of the kit these where intending to go to. What everything should look like when I have finished but with rockets and reactor bombs on the wings. The some of the load outs you can have on the kit. For the people wondering how did that thing ever get off the ground, the simple answer is... it didn't need to. It was launched from the SDF-1 Macross while in space where take off weight isn't a problem. This is the kit that the PE was purchased for. If I really need to, I can steal parts from this kit but I really do not want to. I will scratch build as and where I can. This should be fun... wish me luck! Kind Regards, Dazz
  7. Hello there! My entry into the Movies & TV category is going to be a Hasegawa produced 1/72 scale YF-21 variable fighter from the anime series/movie Macross Plus. This will be a companion piece to the YF-19 I completed a few months ago (link below). I am planning on making this an in flight model, tentatively in the same orientation as the YF-19 so they look like they are flying in formation. I actually bought this kit well over a year ago along with the called out Mr. Hobby Aqueous paints. I'm mainly a Mission Models/Tamiya paint user, so am hoping the Mr. Hobby paint works as well as other people say they do. I'm planning a clean jet so no or extremely limited weathering. Based on my experience with the YF-19, I'm expecting this model to fit mostly well with some areas needing touch up with filling and light rescribing. I think the biggest decision will be whether to use the supplied decals or trying to mask off some of the larger compound areas of color blocks. I'm still a relatively new modeler, so any tips would be appreciated once I get going. I'll be wrapping up a couple projects before starting this, but thought I'd offer up box and sprue shots until then. Thanks for looking! The contents were six royal blue sprues in one plastic bag and a clear sprue in another. The clear sprue contains the canopy, sensor lenses, and navigation light covers. As you may be able to tell from the decals, there are a lot of curves and demarked areas to fit in. I'm strongly considering painting all the parts covered by the larger decals. Decals are dated 2002. Hopefully will begin soon!
  8. Hi all, first work I'm posting on here. Relatively new modeler, this is probably my seventh completed build. Open to any critiques and constructive criticism! The model is of a YF-19 test jet/mecha (they call them variable fighters) from the anime Macross Plus. The story pits this conventionally controlled fighter against a neural-controlled YF-21 in test trials to see which would be the replacement for the current fleet fighter. The photos might hide some of the horrors, but from my own critical eye there's a noticeable amount of silvering in some decals, I butchered some areas I tried to re-scribe, and there are some joins that could have been puttied and sanded better. Also, I snapped apart one of the foot/engine nozzles, which is why they are uneven. I tried making my own stand for the first time, converting this to an in-flight model. This meant drilling a hole and plugging in a styrene tube to support a brass rod. It actually worked out pretty well, but it is very back heavy. I'm hoping the base I'm making for this will support it hah, but wanted to snap some photos first. In the stash is the 1/48 version of this plane, but I'm waiting for my skills to improve before I tackle it. Thinking a color closer to white for that one. This 1/72 version was good practice, and I will be building the YF-21 companion soon as well. Stynylrez grey primer Mission Model paints, Mission Model & Vallejo Metal Color for metals Molotow Liquid Chrome pen & Tamiya clears for the lights Mission Models gloss & Allclad Klear Kote Matte Mig enamel & mechanical pencil for panel lines (I generally like subtle panel line colors, but figured with an anime subject black was the right choice)
  9. Hey fellas, I'm sure there are a few of you who would benefit from this news, and it may not be news to some. I have come across a site that has rare kits hat are reproduced from wonderfest etc where quantities are extremely limited and finding them can be impossible. I have ordered from this site before, and I assure you the casting is of top quality. The rare VF-19 battroid from the Macross+ anime had a few variations across the gross series. One was the racing type that I found here in 1/72! http://www.e2046.com/p/22702/ I preordered a couple, and I thought I would share my discovery with anyone here who happens to be as crazy about these models as I am.
  10. Hi folks, Finished off this quickie project this week - the elapsed time is quite long but the time I actually worked on it is pretty short as it was waiting for the Cosmo Zero. Another enjoyable little kit from Bandai with crisp details which belie the tiny size. (click for more/bigger) The base is another rubberwood coaster with a sheet of clear plastic on top. I painted the bottom with ocean colours in reverse, and then applied tinted gel on the top to get waves. The two layers give a nice impression of depth, albeit one that might be a bit unrealistic for the scale. The gel texture is a bit lumpy and messy in detail but if you look from normal viewing distance I think it does the job. The wave crests are just a bit of white paint, variously sponged, drybrushed and painted on and then wiped with a finger along the wave to break up the shape. I forgot to take a scale cue picture, but the model is just under 100mm long. No problems with cracking plastic on this one - I did give it a good coat of Klear before doing any weathering, maybe that did the trick? Thanks for looking! Will
  11. next new-tool 1/72 kit from Hasegawa is a Draken III: http://hlj.com/product/hsg28/Sci and Bandai already released 1/72 transformable Draken III this month: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10394143
  12. Hello! Finished on last friday VF-1 Valkyrie from Macross anime in 1/48 by Hasegawa. Additional two sets of PE parts from Hasegawa and Jasmine Models. Carrier deck from Steel Scorpion and resin carrier tractor from PWMP. Carrier crew also from Hasegawa is on workbench. Hope you'll like it
  13. a new Hasegawa leaflet: http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/hp/2015ajhs/2015ajhs_scale.html http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/hp/2015ajhs/2015ajhs_chara.html
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