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Found 20 results

  1. Hello all, Here's my just finished 1/48 Revell Strike Eagle. This kit took me about two and a half years to build, for various reasons, but now that it's done, I'm quite pleased with it. I used Phase Hangar intakes and pylons with missile launchers on it. The training GBU-15's are 3D printed by MPM Hobbies, with the fins cut off. They are not quite correct, the rear tapers too much, for instance, but they're close enough for me. It's painted with Mr. Hobby and Vallejo paints. Decals are from an Astra sheet. Inspiration came from this photo and I picked this specific jet because I have seen it a couple times. I know the landing lights are missing, I somehow misplaced the clear sprue. I'll see if I can find some replacements from the spare box. I also might do some more work on the exhaust interiors. Anyway, thanks for looking
  2. My other build for this STGB...back to my youth being bought up in Lakenheath. My first model after many years (25 plus) was the Revell version of this - it was a bit rough, hand painted and I thought it was time to redo this - albeit the Monogram boxing...a different airframe with a slight change in colouring for the tan.... Old build in 2014.... I may well steal the crew and cannibalise the old one once its build!! Trying to source the SUU-21 Dispensers mentioned in this article...
  3. Hi all, I'm currently building a Fujimi 1/72 F-4D which will be completed as 65-0721 of the 48th TFW. Although I have collected a number of photos of this machine, along with many others from the Liberty Wing, I haven't yet managed to come across any photos of their Phantoms carrying weapons, except for a shot of '721 with a centreline SUU-23. There's another couple with '721 fitted with an AN/ALQ119 pod in the front port Sparrow recess. Other than that, photos show drop tanks, luggage pods or nothing at all. As I'd like to make the model a little more interesting, I'm currently deciding whether to go with the SUU-23, the AN/ALQ119 or toying with the possibility of fitting both, though I'd ideally like to finish her with an authentic loadout. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had come across any photos of the 48th's F-4s carrying anything interesting. By the way, anyone know of a source of those luggage pods? Cheers, Mark.
  4. Hi, I'm in the process of building a number of East Anglian based Phantoms and am in the painting stages on some of them. One of the machines I'm doing is a 48th TFW F-4D 65-0721 from the Xtradecal sheet. This is one of several aircraft which, for some reason, were finished in the two standard greens plus a rather sickly-looking colour which varies between a pea green or greenish tan in the photos I've seen. In the few places where I've seen it mentioned, it has been stated that the colour is FS 34201, which I have in the paint stash. Before I go ahead, is it known for sure that 34201 is indeed the correct (but wrong!) colour? I can't find anything that really confirms it. Incidentally, two of the 48th TFW options on the Xtradecal sheet show the so-called 3-tone green scheme. I've seen a number of photos of '721 which clearly show that it is in this scheme, but the only photo I can find of the other option (65-0659) whilst serving with the 48th is most certainly in the standard SEA scheme. I have seen photos which show that there were some other machines finished in the 3-tone green scheme, both in the 48th and also 81st TFWs. There's one pic of an ex-48th machine (just before it was sent to Torrejon in Spain) which has had the incorrect green repainted on the tail fin only in the correct 30219, and makes for an interesting subject! Finally, I'm sure I read a while back that the reason for the 3-tone green finish was that the paint was mis-labelled, but I haven't been able to find any further reference to it. I know it doesn't really matter, but I just don't like not knowing! Cheers, Mark. p.s. whilst on the subject of greens, I seem to remember that the old Humbrol Authentic representation of 34079 was darker and slightly bluer than all the more modern representations of this colour, not to mention my FS 595a book. Now, while I know that you shouldn't trust memory or old photos, I have quite vivid memories of seeing a noticeably darker 34079 that looks an awful lot like the old Humbrol Authentic colour and plenty of 70s-era photos tend to back this up. I'm kinda tempted to try to replicate this on at least one of the Phantoms I'll be building, just out of curiosity.
  5. Im also in with this kit. Have some decals via the excellent Afterburner Lakenheath Varksand various bits Ive picked up. This will also be modeled in flight as per the raid (just need 2 more erstwhile 1/48 USAFE 1980s crew figures - there must be hundreds sat unused on sprues in spares boxes!). Photobox is down so will add my own pics later. http://theaviationgeekclub.com/operation-el-dorado-canyon-the-long-range-f-111-strike-mission-that-destroyed-gaddafi-terrorist-training-camps-utm_mediumsocialutm_campaignagcutm_sourcetheaviationgeekclub-com/ On the night of April 14-15, 1986, the U.S.Air Force undertook its first combat since Vietnam and first from Great Britain since WWII. Twenty-four F-111F Aardvarks (including six spares) launched from Lakenheath, supported by five EF-111A Raven electronic jamming planes from Upper Heyford, nineteen KC-10A Extenders and 10 KC-135 Stratotankers. Having been bought up in Lakenheath and at home on leave the night of the raid, thinking WW3 had broken out, this can be part of my USAFE memories project as well....hopefully the 'twin' EF model build will go ahead concurrently! I am no detail builder but may use some of the aftermarket cockpit, but mainly the Pave Tac pod and ECM Pod. Will decide which aircraft to model later, various aircraft interest me from various accounts of the raid - which in reality was not over successful, but an amazing feat of planning and airmanship. Its likely it will be a GBU armed aircraft, the Revel F15E may come into the stash to assist - I can't seem to find any reasonably priced correct MK82 AIR BSU-49 bombs - 12 of which were carried. The decals when cut up should allow most of the aircraft flown to be depicted. Sadly one F-111F, tail number 70-2389, Radio Call Sign "KARMA 52" was the only aircraft lost that night. This F-111F was piloted by Major Fernando Ribas Dominici (AC) and Capt. Paul Lorence (WSO). Pilots who flew on the mission reported seeing a fireball fall into the sea during the raid, and in the light of a lack of any other evidence, the USAF concluded that the plane was lost to a SAM or AAA. After years of denying that they had the bodies of the two crew members, the Libyan authorities returned the remains of Fernando on request from the Pope. He was identified by dental records. Paul Lorence has never been returned. I have various reference books to help. Anyone who has more info (or spare pilots!) it would be welcome - as most know I enjoy the research as much as the build and this mission was part of my life, as was RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall and various other bases in East Anglia.
  6. Hello again, Here is the second model I have completed this year after another Eagle. Started this one thinking it would be a fast build to get into painting quick, and just finished it after 6 months of not a lot of free time. Very decent kit, the main issues being the simplistic exhausts and the overly thick closed canopy. Still an enjoyable build with not a lot to fix, and trying to spruce up that gunship gray was also a fun painting experience. 1/72 Academy #12550, Twobobs Da'Heath decals, KA Models exhausts, Reskit wheels, weapons from the kit, Skunkworks, GWH and Tamiya. Thanks for watching.
  7. Hello there, this is my very first post at Britmodeller and I am happy to start with one of my favorite planes. I have followed BM now for some time, but have never contributed or submitted anything up to now. Last weekend at the local hobby shop I was able to get the new Academy F-15E in 1/72 and knew imediatelly what to do: 1. Buy it, 2. Join BM 3. Build the F-15 in the STGB (And of course to have a lot of fun in between 1. - 3.) Having lived in the UK for some years and having visited the RIAT several times, I want to build a Lakenheath Eagle. Unfortunately, the kits decals are for the 333rd Fighter Wing at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. So I ordered today new decals ... Also I will replace the ejection seats with ones from Quickboost. I also intend to add the exhaust nozzles from Aires, however, I will see how good they fit. After all, they are meant to be used with the Hasegawa kit. I am really curious how the model turns out: this is my first kit of a snap-kit-like type. I wish you all also a lot of fun and many cool looking F-15 by the end of October! Cheers, Holger
  8. Im in with the Academy kit, with some Caracal decals. Its part started, can I ask the Admins to look and if happy its under 25% let me know. Similar to the F111 GB, a personal connection, being born and bred in Lakenheath, can remember when the wing converted to the E model initially, and the 493rd inactivated in Dec 92, before reactivated in Jan 94 with F15Cs. A rich history since, which I will touch on during the GB. Need to be careful not model the same airframe as others....
  9. Im in with this kit - apparently the best E model in the scale - I have an Academy E sat in the stash but with me already doing an Academy C model thought I'd build this - actually bought it as I needed the GBU10s (If anyone had a spare GBU10 let me know as I seem to have lost one!) for my F111F El Dorado Canyon build. Again a personal type build as I am from Lakenheath. Have a variety of decals to choose from so will see what others build.....however am tempted by a 494 FS Mudhen as I built a 494FS F111F. Will be in flight - maybe airbrake up - ruddder from a C?!
  10. Hi all, I spent time at LN yesterday along with a few other likeminded souls. . The emphasis of the visit was the see the 480thFS "SP" F-16s, nowadays seen in the same light as the F-4s were viewed in my early days - legacy machines. The first stop was the F-16 flight line to see the aircraft being prepared, crews arriving and the first start-ups and departure. Then off to the "last chance" to catch flying operations, either at the last chance or alongside the runway. We were allowed pretty close to the runway edge, easily enough for photography with a 300mm lens. Afterwards I sat at the end of the runway for a while until a very heavy shower soaked me! The weather had been variable all day. And that was it. Attached four images from the day. As you might imagine, there are many to trawl through. Martin
  11. I've had this kit and decals in the stash for about 5 years now and I see this GB as a now or never scenario with the kit. The F-111 was my favourite US aircraft when I was growing up and they would often be seen flying low and extremely fast over the house whilst enroute to 'attack' Leuchars. My plan is to build the kit as an F from the 48 TFW at Lakenheath using the Afterburner decals and loaded with four LGB either from the kit or from the Hasegawa weapons set. I'll also be adding some PE from the Eduard set and plan on correcting the canopy issue with the OzMods vacform canopy (gulp!). I've bought the camo colours from the Mr Hobby Aquious range.
  12. Hi all, Got some time off work in September (the 2 middle weeks) and I am thinking of paying RAF Mildenhall and Lakenheath a visit to see whats flying around. Does anyone know if any exercises or visitors are planned for that time frame and where the best places are to park up and do a bit of spotting. Thanks in advance. Craig.
  13. Hi! Here's my latest. It's Academys Strike Eagle finished in Xtracolor paints. I used Eduard photetch for extra detail, and Hasegawa weapon set for the Mk. 82's. Decals are from Afterburner and depicts a Lakenheath Eagle All comments appreciated Best regards Rune Haugen Norway
  14. Hello all, Kia Ora (as the locals say). In the middle of a couple of long projects (1:48 Spit IX, Hurri IIc & RF-4), none of which I've not posted here, because I forgot and like a lot of modellers with 'long-range' projects on the bench, I'm taking a quick divert into a 'quick OoB build just to keep the creative juices flowing. So here's my 'diversion': Using the sweet Italeri 1:72 F-100 - secured without packaging nor decals from eBay for £3.00 just before we left for NZ, and the excellent Xtradecal sheet 72-116 I hope to finish it as FW- 319 as you see in the photo from 'Colour & Markings'. I've made a start by first spraying the rear section with Tamiya glossy black acrylic straight from the rattle-can: I've also sprayed the cockpit 'bath' and the insides (dk. gull grey). Will probably be able to get the fuselage buttoned-up this evening (our time). Photo's tomorrow, hopefully. Total time taken so far: +/-70mins. More soon, thanks for looking. Ian
  15. Hi, Can anyone tell me if the nose colour of an F-15E Strike Eagle based at Lakenheath is likely to be different from the main fuselage colour? I've looked at lots of pictures and I think that the nose cone is a bit lighter, however I'm not sure if I am seeing an optical illusion or if it is actually the same colour and looks different due to it being a different material or if it really is different to the fuselages Gunship Grey. Any suggestions either way, and if it is different what colour would be suitable? Cheers Karl
  16. Hi everyone, After deciding NOT to enter another group build, here is my entry for this GB! Revell's 1/48 F-15E Strike Eagle, box has seen better days! : \ The contents : The aftermarket, will probably add some Aires exhausts at a later date : I'm using Afterburner Decals 48045 Lakenheath Mudhens for the markings. Cheers, Sean
  17. Hello britmodellers! I am at the moment building the Revell F-15D/E kit in 1/32. And I would like to paint it like 86-0182 from the 493rd FS "Grim Reapers" / 48th FW - RAF Lakenheath http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?regsearch=86-0182 But I do not know which colour's I shall use? So, that's why I would like you to help me. Which colour's and is there actually some method to find out , - for the future, which colour's to use? I know you can google, and look at other sets and see what they have used, but since I haven't had any luck with this one, I thought my last option was to ask you guys! Note: I use Humbrol Enamel Best regards, Robin
  18. Had a quiet day with a few disappointments yesterday - we did better than the guys on Cad as we had 7 Hawk T1/2 passes before these guys showed up... Note the load out on the underside!
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