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  1. Nice one Looks very well built! Congratulations I am building this kit myself at the moment and I can fully agree: an excellent kit which is a pleasure to spend time with.
  2. Nice choice! And a very decent lineup of aftermarket parts! I am looking forward the build. Cheers Holger
  3. helium

    F-15 STGB Chat

    A big Thanks to the organisers also from my side, in particular PhantomBigStu!!! I really enjoyed participating here and will certainly do so again! (Unfortunately, I did not finish in time. But I will continue posting and eventually show the result) Cheers Holger
  4. helium

    Tim's Academy 1/72 Eagle as F-15I Ra'am

    Nice one Tim The camouflage looks interesting, wants to make me one of those as well The way you painted the Eagle on the tail is impressive! I need to remember that ... Cheers, Holger
  5. helium

    F-15E, 1/144 Revell #Finished#

    A nice idea with the base, Rade That looks cool and makes it really unique.
  6. helium

    Lakenheath f15c 1/48

    Wonderful work Glynn That used look is fantastic! I wish you good look with finishing!! Cheers Holger
  7. Very well done Tim! As mentioned before: it is astonishing how you made the E-model to look so lively/vivid (not sure about the word) even though it is only Gunship Grey over all! (btw: I also think the white background works best)
  8. helium

    F-15E 1:72 Academy

    Hi all, unfortunaley, I may not make within the time limit I am still trying but I have the choice now, to finish it (whatever it takes) or to do it the way I would be (more) happy with the result... I don't know yet what I will do ... After the gloss cote (all Valeja - with flow improver it works good for me) I started decaling. (Just by the number of "No Step" markings a technician accidentally stepping on the wrong part has probably a hard time arguing with his boss that he didn't know ... ) Nearly (!) finished decaling ... The nose is missing, since it is being painted now in a slightly different grey tone. Both decal sets I am using a superb: The Kit decals and the TwoBobs (to make it an LN). Using Microsol they adapt even into the rivets! I worked also on the tanks and missiles. But again, time is running out. Still need the gloss cote, decaling, satin/matt cote ... I colored the exhaust nozzles but I have to add the nozzle linkages (these rods) ... Cheers, Holger
  9. Very well done Tim!! I like in particular the weathering on the fuselage Did you use black oil paint (I saw a tube of Winsor in one pic) or did you mix it with grey? Cheers Holger
  10. helium

    ***Finished***PBS Eagles

    Well done! Nice pair of Eagles you made! cheers Holger
  11. helium

    F-15E 1:72 Academy

    A short update: I have applied the Gunship Grey (Modell Air from Vallejo). The color went on quite well. I did use, however, 3-4 drops of the Airbrush Flow Improver per 10 drops of Air Color. Directly after air brushing, which took me around 1,5h since I sprayed only small amounts of color: And now drying side by side a family member : Cheers, Holger
  12. helium

    F-15E 1:72 Academy

    Hello everyone, finally another update. The remaining time is getting less and less ... so are the remaining parts on the sprues of my F-15 ... however, the time is running out faster To those of you who wants to build this kit themselves: - The kit really allows to build the F-15K as well. That means in step 7 the antenna part C9 should be used for the F-15E and in steps 11 and 12 the parts C13 and C12 should be used, respectively. The instruction sheet does show the two choices you have in each of these steps, but is silent about which part to use for which plane. - There is an ugly slit on the lower left air intake. It looks as if this was made for some kind of load to be attached here (it is next to the slit for the LANTIRN navigation pod). I have no clue, what this is for. Maybe someone knows ... It turned out the small sections of the sprues where it says 'A' for sprue A have exactly the width (at least according to my level of accuracy ) as this slit. So I cut a strip of such a section to the same length as the slit, pushed it in and fixed it using Tamiya Extra Thin Cement Edited on 27.10.17: I was completely mistaken! The LANTIRN navigation pod is actually build from two parts and each part has a rib for the two slits in the fuselage! Sorry for that! At least I know now, why it says Please read the instructions well before ..." I am also not sure, what the weapons layout will be. The kit provides 14 (!) JDAMs which look to me like GBU-38. I didn't know that the F-15E has so many stations wired for JDAMs. Maybe that is also intended for the F-15K?! Due to so little time left, I initially wanted to use the cockpit glass from the kit and already sew it into two pieces. However, I was so pleased with the very thin vacu part of Rob-Taurus that I decided to use it. It turned out to fit quite well! (It is no. 72042 of Rob-Taurus and recommend for the Hasegawa kit) (the kits part are always the left ones) I also added an plate at the rear of the cockpit (the one with the four holes drilled) since this area will be visible once the cockpit is open. And eventually, ready to be painted: The F-15C on top is a Hobby Boss: After getting on with my Strike Eagle so slowly, I just wanted to build one quickly with closed cockpit and spending less time on details. Seeing know that I could have easily finished the F-15C in time, I should have made an additional thread for this one (I did, however, forbid myself now to work on the C until I have finished the E ) Cheers, Holger.
  13. helium

    F-15E 1:72 Academy

    Thanks Stu! I am always happy to learn new techniques!
  14. Excellent work on the canopies Jaime! Amazing to see the difference between the photo of the front canopy with the sprue connection (sorry, but I don't know how to call that in English, I am referring to photo IMAG4956) and the later ones without it!! As if it was never there Cheers Holger
  15. helium

    F-15E, 1/144 Revell #Finished#

    That's tough Rade! Having dealt so well with the intakes ... and the Eagle looks so cool so far .... (I, in your case, would probably buy another kit just for the decals and the sake of an very well done model! I guess you could also order/ask Revell for a new sheet. What I heard so far they are quite friendly in that respect. But I doubt that would be in time ... Or I would try to paint the stripes first with a pencil and once happy with the shape, trying to paint it with a brush. But that's easy to say while I am building 1/72 only ) I wish you good luck and patience!!