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  1. Either you are the proud owner of an oversized penny, or you have amazing skills! That is impressive Cheers, Holger
  2. Very impressive!! And you made suberb photos!!! (I wish my J-15 would - someday- turn out like yours) Cheers, Holger
  3. Hello John, Well done! And very interesting topic! Cheers Holger
  4. Hello Tom, congratulations! That looks stunning! From the first picture it looks as if the windows/grills in the long door of the front gear are transparent - as in the real one ... Did you cut them out? Cheers, Holger
  5. Very well done!! Your painting, especially the wheathering, looks cool! Cheers / Grüße Holger
  6. Nice one Looks very well built! Congratulations I am building this kit myself at the moment and I can fully agree: an excellent kit which is a pleasure to spend time with.
  7. Nice choice! And a very decent lineup of aftermarket parts! I am looking forward the build. Cheers Holger
  8. A big Thanks to the organisers also from my side, in particular PhantomBigStu!!! I really enjoyed participating here and will certainly do so again! (Unfortunately, I did not finish in time. But I will continue posting and eventually show the result) Cheers Holger
  9. Nice one Tim The camouflage looks interesting, wants to make me one of those as well The way you painted the Eagle on the tail is impressive! I need to remember that ... Cheers, Holger
  10. A nice idea with the base, Rade That looks cool and makes it really unique.
  11. Wonderful work Glynn That used look is fantastic! I wish you good look with finishing!! Cheers Holger
  12. Very well done Tim! As mentioned before: it is astonishing how you made the E-model to look so lively/vivid (not sure about the word) even though it is only Gunship Grey over all! (btw: I also think the white background works best)
  13. Hi all, unfortunaley, I may not make within the time limit I am still trying but I have the choice now, to finish it (whatever it takes) or to do it the way I would be (more) happy with the result... I don't know yet what I will do ... After the gloss cote (all Valeja - with flow improver it works good for me) I started decaling. (Just by the number of "No Step" markings a technician accidentally stepping on the wrong part has probably a hard time arguing with his boss that he didn't know ... ) Nearly (!) finished decaling ... The nose is missing, since it is being painted now in a slightly different grey tone. Both decal sets I am using a superb: The Kit decals and the TwoBobs (to make it an LN). Using Microsol they adapt even into the rivets! I worked also on the tanks and missiles. But again, time is running out. Still need the gloss cote, decaling, satin/matt cote ... I colored the exhaust nozzles but I have to add the nozzle linkages (these rods) ... Cheers, Holger
  14. Very well done Tim!! I like in particular the weathering on the fuselage Did you use black oil paint (I saw a tube of Winsor in one pic) or did you mix it with grey? Cheers Holger
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