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  1. Thank you all, glad you like the build . The Finemolds kit has recessed panel lines around the glass, so this is just a creamy beige enamel wash, quick and easy job. Yup, the DXM offer is divided in two sheets, one with the pixel camo and the other with the numerous stencils. Oddly enough, this was one of my quickest builds ever as I am busy with a 2-y-o kid these days and still have multiple ongoing projects. I started back in december 2021, most decals are grouped together so the decaling took perhaps a good 20 hours including the glossing, sanding and repaints over the areas which silvered too badly. Bye!
  2. Hello, Here are pics of my most recent build, the newish Finemolds F-4 with DXM decals and Aires seats. Painted with Mr.Color C124 and finished with VMS matte varnish. The kit is pleasant, although those insert panels are no fun to blend in. The DXM sheet was good too, about 95% accurate and a lot of work but I like the result, hope you do too. Here with his digital compadre I built a couple years ago, the Mitsubishi F-2A Bye!
  3. Neat finish. Good job especially on the nose checkers, I still have nightmares from doing this exact same build earlier this year!
  4. Thanks ! According to EagleCals decals instructions, the Lil Butch artwork was for the plane crew. Elsie was Major Tice's name for his plane (which he carried over when he was assigned on P-38s).
  5. I have to admit, this is my third Thunderbolt this year
  6. Hello, I've just finished this Thunderbolt and managed to snap a few pics before breaking my main light. First foray into 48th warbirds, riveting and a "serious" NMF attempt. M boxing with the addition of Eduard wheels (failed to glue those squarely ), HGW belts, EagleCals decals and MrColor SuperMetallic paints. Til next time!
  7. Nice work so far, and I agree with you on the wash. I like the antiglare and antigrip zones though, looking good. If you haven't applied a gloss varnish yet, I think you should try to remove the decal film on your markings. MYK "ASU-DECA" decals are like transfers in that regard. Maybe do a test with a spare decal first.
  8. Great work on those intakes, thanks for the extensive photo documentation.
  9. Oh, a double phantom build by Giemme, on kits I own and plan to build soon, I have to follow this! I probably missed it while going through the first pages but is there a pattern image for those seamless intakes for the Hasegawa kit?
  10. Thanks! The long landing gear is one of the issues with the Academy kit, which I did not bother to fix at all
  11. Hi, Here's my recently finished Razorback as flown by Frank Oiler out of Duxford around 1943. A very nice kit, much more so than the Academy bubbletop which I built concurrently as Sleepy Jean 3. This was supposed to be a quick dual build to widen the Thunderbolt family and to try out some new techniques; it ended up taking more than a year to complete. The Barracuda decals worked out very well, although I failed at applying the cowling checkerboard perfectly. Still managed to hide most of the issues. I was since told on another board that stencils were applied in black on OD Thunderbolts, and noticed anyway that the real plane didn't seem to have any. Cheers!
  12. 5 new boxings appeared on HLJ with a FEB21 tentative release date. 3 F-4EJ Kais in 2 farewell liveries and an 8th Squadron blue camo, an RF4-EJ including new parts and pods and a vietnam era US F-4E.
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