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  1. I've just finished cutting all the plastic and assembling what I could before painting and I concur, a lot of the kit is very well done while some bits are just bewilderingly crude and pin marks are everywhere. Also, the riveting is poorly done in about 50% of the lines and the plastic is very pebbly in some areas. The kit quality is just not on par with their F-15e, which I personally find disappointing. The cockpit and seats are ok, although the cushions look a bit fat to me, the side consoles a bit soft and the IP coamings are very simplistic. The gun panel inserts are a great fit, much better than GWH. The intakes required just as much work as an Hasegawa kit would, with two parts conduit (while the exhaust are single parts despite requiring more complex painting). The drop tanks look like they are in the correct spot, but the pylon angle looks odd to me. The wings are a pleasure to assemble and just look good, although some scribing is needed on the leading edge. The beaver tail assembles quite well despite the lack of alignment tabs, and the really annoying fact that no early boat tail is present in the kit (the only missing thing really). The vertical tail fins are a bit meh, with inconsistent details quality and the starboard one having half of a position light that should not be there (probably some CAD mirroring gone bad). The ventral fins are terrible, they're also identical while they shouldn't be. The clear parts look great, and of course the front part is the best design around. The weapons and pylons look decent except for the LANTIRN, and I haven't gotten around to assembling the landing gear yet so I can't comment on that.
  2. Prices I mentioned were including shipping, because it just seems more useful to me when shopping online and comparing to LHS/2nd hand. Remove 8-10€ for actual new kit prices from Asia. Also, feel free to copy/paste my post if you want to elicit a discussion somewhere else. I don't really want to start a thread and pretend to be an expert, I'm just a random modeller with 12 Tomcat kits on his hands trying to rationalize before splurging for any more boxes
  3. Well, I can also give my 2 cents on the current offer that I consider worth building for 72nd tomcats. I have only built the Hasegawa so far, so my opinion on other kits comes from looking at sprues and builds on the net. No word on decals because that's a rabbit hole I don't want to get into. Prices are the cheapest I've observed/obtained online so far, shipped to Europe: Legacy kits: - Hasegawa "New mold" E14 Atlantic Fleet: around 23€. Accurate, finely engraved, tricky build, some mold damage requiring fixing. Dirty wings, no weapons. - Hasegawa "New Mold" recent limited eds: around 30€, to 45€ with 3D printed exhausts. Same observations. No weapons. - Hasegawa "New mold" 2nd hand boxes: anywhere from 15-30 to insane prices on auction sites. Kits start showing aforementioned damage around 2000, possibly earlier. See timeline here https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-04037-grumman-f-14a-tomcat--174594. No weapons, only some kits have early tails, watch out for "old molds". - Fujimi/KA models: around 28-30€, Builds to an OK model, easier than Hasegawa but slightly less detailed, lots of plastic inside the box, the KA boxings have nice goodies (wheels, metal pitot, colored PE, etc.). Dirty wings, decent AA weapons, radar, engines, good looking pilots, early tail included (at least in my KA B kit, unsure about others). Fujimi kits are easily found 2nd hand as well. Modern kits: - Finemolds: 40€ and up, easy build, finely engraved, poorly shaped wings. Some opened panels, radar, clean wings, no early tail, no weapons. Delta was a limited edition, still possible to find it on auction sites (I snagged one for 43€ a couple months ago). - GWH: around 45€. Costly but good looking. Somewhat tricky build. Both current boxings have packing issues (D lacks LAU-138 launchers or Lantirn, A lacks early vertical tails/P&W engine shrouds, etc.). Clean/extra dirty wings with spoilers, AA weapons. - Academy "New mold": around 30€. Looks like it could become the go to box, especially as it should start to show for cheaper than that once Korean sellers start offering it. Lets you build almost any cat, although it appears to lack the early tail (hard to understand given that it is the only kit with the front portside TOT probe present on very early cats). Build should be fairly easy. The engraving looks wonky in some places (riveting "spilling" plastic into neighbouring lines) but I have not seen the kit first hand yet to confirm this is a problem. Since we're in this kit's thread, I'll say the Cartograf decals look great, although the scheme isn't that interesting to me. Clean/dirty wings, AA weapons and GBU-12. OLd Academy, Revell, Italeri I never bothered. I guess the Hobby Boss are ok if you can get them for (very) cheap, as was shown extensively on this forum.
  4. Thanks , I could have done a better job with the CFT front parts and also especially with the small seamlines under the wings near the formation lights, forgot about those until I was done airbrushing and they're in a tricky spot to reach. Luckily those aren't too obvious.
  5. The 1/72 version is more around $12 a pair, which is still quite steep but they do look insanely good.
  6. Great finish, thanks for describing the technique, I'll try to adapt that to my builds.
  7. I can tell you once I have built the two GWH and the two Hasegawa kits I have piled up over there, but I might just change subject for a while I would not get another Academy single seater. I would probably build another of their new double seaters molding, possibly to turn an K into an S. Plastic is a bit soft and textures in some places but the decal sheet is really good. But yeah, you need aftermarket exhausts. I think Hasegawa's C&D still build into decent models. From what I gathered on the internets, it looks easier to build than the Acad Charlie for a better OOB result. GWH boxes look tasty, loads of weapons (especially in the I box) which kinda make up for their price but they seem trickier than Acad's F-15e to build, the decals look a bit thick and I seem to recall people pointing out the front canopy has shape issues (although you can see the shapes differ between Academy kits anyway).
  8. Hello again, Here is the second model I have completed this year after another Eagle. Started this one thinking it would be a fast build to get into painting quick, and just finished it after 6 months of not a lot of free time. Very decent kit, the main issues being the simplistic exhausts and the overly thick closed canopy. Still an enjoyable build with not a lot to fix, and trying to spruce up that gunship gray was also a fun painting experience. 1/72 Academy #12550, Twobobs Da'Heath decals, KA Models exhausts, Reskit wheels, weapons from the kit, Skunkworks, GWH and Tamiya. Thanks for watching.
  9. Cool, looks like an early pancake tail on that boxart. The Academy new tool is going to be tough competition though.
  10. Looks like it doesn't, no LAU-138 either (which are also missing from the GWH kit for some reason) (looks like they're facing the lau-7 on the sprue).
  11. Great looking cats. Could LANTIRN be mounted on this side? I thought it was only under the right wing stub, on station 8B.
  12. Looks like all the bits are here for all versions indeed, hopefully they'll be there at release. Also Cartograph decals is great news!
  13. Sorry to disappoint both the wife and you, but this box is not the kit I've built, it is an older mold with raised panel lines. Still it will come out fine I'm sure!
  14. Looks like a new tooling to me. Sprues from the Trump kit below:
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