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  1. Thanks! The long landing gear is one of the issues with the Academy kit, which I did not bother to fix at all
  2. Hi, Here's my recently finished Razorback as flown by Frank Oiler out of Duxford around 1943. A very nice kit, much more so than the Academy bubbletop which I built concurrently as Sleepy Jean 3. This was supposed to be a quick dual build to widen the Thunderbolt family and to try out some new techniques; it ended up taking more than a year to complete. The Barracuda decals worked out very well, although I failed at applying the cowling checkerboard perfectly. Still managed to hide most of the issues. I was since told on another board that stencils were applied in black
  3. 5 new boxings appeared on HLJ with a FEB21 tentative release date. 3 F-4EJ Kais in 2 farewell liveries and an 8th Squadron blue camo, an RF4-EJ including new parts and pods and a vietnam era US F-4E.
  4. Nice start! I see you dressed up the IP coamings, you should check right now that they still fit inside the clear parts, the fit is tight and you probably don't want to find out at the end of your build Also, you should have fun with the MYK decals, they're actually similar to HGW wet transfers and great quality.
  5. The distribution MO is very peculiar indeed, it looks like they did not provide the Chinese market at all. It's also much more expensive than their prior kits.
  6. Doesn't seem like a lot is special indeed but I do spy on those miniature pictures 4 new O sprues with bomb rack and TER as well as a B sprue with GBU-12s. Still can't make out any LAU-138 though. Perhaps the next D boxing will finally be complete.
  7. Thanks for all the positive comments! So have I, I usually skip the varnish before decals part! I'm not sure what happened here, either the paint is a different formula than the rest of their line, or perhaps it's just a matter of my coats being too thin. Either way, microsol just erased the paint back to the grey surfacer. A coat of gloss fixed that issue. The discoloration is visible in a couple places where I didn't apply the gloss evenly, like on the tail in front of the face.
  8. Thank you guys, glad you like it! This is indeed a striking scheme and the DXM decals really made it easy, if only time consuming.
  9. Hi there. Here is my latest model, a 1/72 Mitsubishi F-2A in a colourful 3SQ anniversay scheme. Built from the Hasegawa corresponding boxing. I had to order an aftermarket decal sheet as my kit decals had a green colour shift and Microsol destroyed my blue paint coat on application anyway. MrColor JASDF colour set, DXM decals, Eduard etch, Hasegawa 3D printed exhaust and minor cockpit scratch. Hope you enjoy the plane and stay safe!
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