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Found 20 results

  1. I believe Airfix has the only tooling of this aircraft in 1/72 scale. Heller reboxed the Airfix mold with some additional weaponry, but this is it folks. And it stands to reason: what mentally healthy person wants to build a Gazelle in 1/72 scale? I don’t think there are any. The kit comprises 34 pieces in gray styrene and 6 clear parts. There is raised rivet and panel detail. I supplemented with the Brengun PE detail set, which was hit or miss. The rotor assembly looked totally wrong and the control sticks were tiny. The rest of the details were nice, including the iconic, comically large homing radar antennae on the nose of the craft. The big issue with the kit is that the instructions don't call for any ballast, bot boy is it needed. Even still, though, there simply isn't any room for it. So, sadly, this thing likes to sit back on its tail. Decals went down well, though many were printed slightly off-center, with a slight edge of white showing here and there. I caught onto this, but not before a couple decals were already settled in place. Painted with Mr. Color 307 and 303, finished with AK 2071 enamel wash.
  2. AMP/MikroMir is working on a new tool 1/48th Aérospatiale/Westland Gazelle helicopter kit. Source: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235045628-amp-mikromir-news-questions-wishes-and-more/&do=findComment&comment=3190879 V.P.
  3. Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) is to release 1/72nd 1/48th Aérospatiale/Westland Gazelle kits. New tool or Heller (1/50th) plastic kit? Source: https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=95825&start=7740#p2245704 V.P.
  4. I recently did my last WIP post on these, so its time for a final post for these. Both Gazelles are the Airfix offering, one from the 80s and the other from the 90s/00s. The first one i started (back in March) got to the end of the painting stage and it all went a bit wrong when i found out i had completely messed up the canopy. It took me a fair few months to know what i will do with it. I decided to do it in the scheme of XX453 used by Qinetiq in a fictional diorama with it in storage, getting brown paper getting applied to the glass. (The wonky antenna has since been fixed) The later kit had decals for a pair of HT.2s, but had the GOA on the top section of the canopy. Due to this of course i had to look at AH.1s and found a very nice desert scheme. This one is XZ347 used by the AAC. This one also has a base but it is very quick, and one day i will make one it deserves.
  5. Before i started posting on Britmodeller, i was working on a 1/72 Airfix Gazelle, and that project came to a crashing halt as i found that the canopy was cracked and clouded after using tamiya x-thin on it to get it in place. Throughout Lockdown, i was wondering what to do with it, trying to find a replacement canopy, and even a new kit for a gazelle, but fast forward a few months, i was talking to someone that worked on Gazelles and i was told they used brown paper to protect the windows and canopy while they were in storage, i could have decalled it up at that stage and replicated the the paper, but the decals were way beyond usable, and i had no black letters/number (xtradecal X72 157) and still dont, as every timed i checked, they were out of stock, ironically they are in stock now. So while i have a break from Merlin and Wessex for a couple weeks, i thought this would be a nice little project. But alas i know what scheme im going for, it will be XX453, used by The ETPS and QinetiQ. It will have some fictional aspects, but i will get it as close as possible During lockdown i did manage to get another Gazelle, which decals were also out of register, and the schemes were of a HC.2, while the kit was quite clearly an AH.1, with the GOA. I will be doing this one as XZ347 used by the AAC during Operation Granby. Most of the the ones used during the war had a dessert camouflage, sand filter and an exhaust facing upwards, this one had none of that, and was a one tone (dessert yellow) with no filter and a normal exhaust, i cant find any info as for why, but if anyone knows, please say. Lets start with the old first, So here is what she looked like before i found out the canopy, quite a nice looking Gazelle if I'm honest I have converted her into the version QinetiQ uses, with the antennas and not what (if you know what the are used for, please say i think i know what the long thin ones out to the side are but am not sure one the centre one) As for the one i recently started, here is the cockpit so far: Im planning on having a crew present, the two front figures are from this kit, while the one in the back is from the one in the back is from the other gazelle. I have tweaked it a little so it is in a different position Hopefully it will turn out with a happy ending this time
  6. Hello folks, My first ready for inspection post it's only taken a year... I'd like to present my 1/72 Airfix Gazelle. Built as part of a long term project in which I hope to recreate helicopters my dad has worked on throughout his career. Scratch built details in the cockpit, scratch built gearbox and engine and further details added throughout. Link to the WIP thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234942566-airfix-172-gazelle-finished/ Somehow it found its way to South East Asia? Thanks for looking Sorry if there's too many images; I'll delete if necessary.
  7. This was an impulse buy - which I pretty much regretted as soon as I opened the box. Not such a modern kit, with a few fit issues. It was not the easiest to make and I kept breaking bits off as I completed it - which is why it spent several months at the back of the shelf of doom. But I was so close so I pushed on. White is from a Tamiya rattle can, the red is brush painted Tamiya acrylic - which was gruesome to paint. Finished with a bit of slight weathering (most of which was from my grubby fingers), and a brushed on coat of Tamiya semi-gloss clear. Completed out of the box as XW871 of 705 Naval Air Squadron, Culdrose, UK, 19896. Thanks for looking. Some additional photos outside:
  8. Taken last weekend, not as many examples as hoped for but still a good little knees up to celebrate a classic helicopter. XX405 by tony_inkster, on Flickr G-CBGZ by tony_inkster, on Flickr N341AS by tony_inkster, on Flickr G-CTFS by tony_inkster, on Flickr G-CDNO by tony_inkster, on Flickr G-CDNO by tony_inkster, on Flickr YU-HEY by tony_inkster, on Flickr ZB627 by tony_inkster, on Flickr G-GAZA by tony_inkster, on Flickr N505HA by tony_inkster, on Flickr XX436 by tony_inkster, on Flickr ZB692 by tony_inkster, on Flickr ZB627 by tony_inkster, on Flickr YU-HPZ by tony_inkster, on Flickr
  9. I started this for the Helicopter II GB 3 ½ years ago, and ran out of time because an elderly relative died near the end. It sat gathering dust almost complete for a while, and then I dropped it when my dog was around; he ate the starboard skid and starboard horizontal stabiliser end plate before I could get it from him. Anyway, as people who have been kind enough to read my Sea King WIP thread know, a few days ago I decided it was about time I resurrected my lovely Gazelle. A couple of hours of scratch building later, to replace the terrier-ingested parts, and here she is. I will take some better pics over the weekend. Original build thread here: Finished helicopter here: the airframe in which I flew my first rotary-wing solo, on Trafalgar Day 1985. Hope you like it! Crisp
  10. Happy New Year everyone, I spent most of my schooldays on the edge of Salisbury Plain where Wessex, Lynx and Gazelle helicopters were almost a daily sight. I opted to model one from each of the main services in 1/72 scale. All are out of the box (apart from seat belts), brush painted but spray varnished. Need more practice on my masking! They were great fun to do. RAF Wessex (Italeri) - XS517was scrapped in 2002 RN Lynx (Hobby Boss) - XZ238 was last believed in storage at White Waltham Army Gazelle (Airfix) - XW844 is preserved at Fleetlands Hope you like
  11. Pics from Alex (Acky190) of XW870 At the Manston Fire Training Centre
  12. Here is a compilation taken around Cornwall during July and August. I've avoided posting any from Culdrose Air Day as the show has already been covered here.
  13. A number of the folks commenting on my QEAF Sea King build have lamented the lack of available aftermarket decals for Qatar's Air Force. Since I ended up making and printing my own decals on my PC, I thought I'd share the bit that was hardest to come by, the inscription (in Arabic) on the tail boom/fuselage of the oft-photographed QEAF Sea Kings and Gazelles. Below is a link to the downloadable file (on Dropbox) of the "stencil" version of the inscription which I created in MS Paint. It's a TIF file, so it can be opened in Paint or any other graphics program and manipulated if necessary. (I paste the final image into a Word document and resize it there as required, then print out onto clear decal paper from there.) The link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2f5vlnoc6ut8mdm/Qatar%20Emiri%20Air%20Force%20inscription.tif?dl=0 Hope it proves useful.
  14. Hi everyone and here's the latest from me, Airfix's trusty Gazelle in Irish Air Corps markings. The Gazelle served with the Irish Air Corps from 1979 to 2005 in the helicopter training and conversion roles. Two of three planned a/c were delivered with one being written off in a crash (no fatalities) in 2002. The remaining a/c was withdrawn in 2005 with over 5,000 hours in Air Corps service and from what I've read is now based and registered in the UK as HA-LFQ. Was mostly OOB and the full WIP build is here This was the first time i've built a model for someone else and I hope he's happy with how it's turned out! Thanks for looking and your comments. All the best, Dermot
  15. Hey everyone and here's a little rotor build I have on the go, the Airfix Gazelle in Irish Air Corps (IAC) colours. This is my first ever build for someone else and I'm really chuffed they asked me to build it for them! The Gazelle served with the IAC from 1979 to 2005 in the helo training and conversion roles. Two of three planned a/c were delivered with one being written off in a crash (no fatalities) in 2002. The remaining a/c was withdrawn in 2005 with over 5,000 hours in Air Corps service and from what I've read is now based and registered in the UK as HA-LFQ. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Ireland---Air/Aerospatiale-SA-342L-Gazelle/0994470/&sid=ed5f001ef7dbcc7efb74066f02558e51 This Airfx kit hasn't changed much at all since issue and I added 2 new cyclics and a collective, as the kit doesn't come with the former and only one of the latter. Belts from Tamiya tape. As the kit is a notorious tail sitter, I hollowed out the instrument panel and added weight inside that. Fingers crossed it's enough! The blades got a clean up to remove mouldings that shouldn't be there - kit blade on top, modified underneath.. All joined up, primed and with a couple of brush coats of Light Grey for the fuselage and Bright Red for the tail tip and under the cockpit. I've also tried to paint in some detail on the engine airbox (?) which needs some more tidying up.. Skids and clear bits next! All the best, Dermot
  16. This is the gazelle that was one of 2 that was lost in the 1982 Falklands war killing its crew. The aircraft has been rebuilt as a memorial to the brave airmen link here C Scale kit supplied by a fellow britmodeller (sorry I cant remember who but thanks go out to him) tried altering the rotor blades to make them look better those who know the kit will know what I mean and the cockpit has a large amount of modelling licence. not sure how to do the dipoles on the front? any ideas welcome. Normal proviso best seen from 5 foot away. Rodders
  17. I am building the C scale gazelle that was operated in the falklands with the doors off and the machine gun in the back. My problem is i have not managed to find any pictures on the net of an aircraft with this configuration. Does anybody know of amy pictures and references TIA Rodders
  18. This year I had to make a choice between Waddington or Fairford. My long journey from Cornwall to Lincolnshire was a last minute decision but worth it as I was also able to spend a few nights with my son in London:
  19. Nothing much to show yet - just wanted to get my thread started! The statutory box and sprue shots. (Royal Air Force?? Not bloomin' likely, Fujimi-san). Incidentally, I can exclusively reveal that the two Martians included in the kit as "crew" will not be making an appearance. Even allowing for the age of the kit they are pretty nasty! I have done a tiny bit - removing the horrible moulded grille (access to the avionics bay under the starboard side) and replacing it with some brass mesh. Now I just beed to work out how to do the plate that surrounds it! More soon; thanks for looking.
  20. Hi All, just to let you know that the new Max decals sheet is now available. It has markings for the Vampire (accurate shapes compared to printscale), Kingair 200, Chipmunk, Gazelle, Puma, Provost, Cessna FR172H, Marchetti plus bonus decals for Irish army vehicles in 1/35 scale. The sheet is available directly from me at 12euro including postage if ordered from my webshop at http://www.maxdecals.com/Maxdecalsshop.html. Have a look at the instructions below: Cheers, Joe
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