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  1. Hi- There must be a word for that time space between dropping your prized creation knowing its going to end up in bits and it hitting the ground and....er... ending up in bits. In this case I had a bit of a disaster in placing the final decals. This Morane either hit a microburst or (more likely) my left hand hit it and it went into an inverted spin before hitting the floor. It all happened in slow motion. The wing struts and cabane struts partially detached - still working on it. Pretty sure this is the old Heller kit- cheap and cheerful - with a few of the parts needing a tidy up. Brush painted. Rigging is invisible thread.
  2. Thanks for showing! Any airshow that has a Harvard display gets my ticket - Those four were probably as hard on the ears as the Hornet
  3. That was a bit of a downer - There was a P3 Orion in the static - I wondered if that was the one owned by HARS? (Not sure of its status) It was certainly hot! The B52 was worth the nose around - My wife would disagree , but how can you not spend a decent amount of time in the undercarriage bay, trying to work out which bit goes where when the gear is retracting?
  4. The dreaded blue cones were all over the place - I'm sure they migrate south during the European winter months. Strangely enough the fences at the nose and rear of the Reaper were probably there more to protect the public from hitting their heads on the prop and getting their eyes poked out by the probe than protecting the drone itself.
  5. Further to Pacificmustang's wonderful shots , here are some of mine (not all in fine focus-eyesight is not a strong point here) The great thing about Avalon is the variety of aircraft on show. You can also can get up close and personal to a fair number of exhibits which was a boon as it got rather hot on Saturday so the shade provided by various wings and fuselages was much appreciated. B52 with Royal Malaysian Air force A400 in the background. Grab that shady spot while you can. It filled up as the day went on B52 bomb bay- not as big as I expected Royal Malaysian Air force A 400 QANTAS brought in a 747 - (50th anniversary of the first flight) The shade was appreciated Republic of Singapore Air Force Chinook Phillips screwdriver anyone? Screw needs a tighten Up close and personal with a Reaper Global Hawk Three types of RAAF Hornet were on display - From back to front - The A, Super and Growler The only airworthy Hudson and Nanchang CJ 6 The whistling Boomerang flew with the Hudson Flying displays also included: F22, F 35 and Hornet formation F18 / KC 30 CT4, Winjeel and Harvard formation There were plenty of civilian aircraft including this smart looking Diamond Twinstar Steen Skybolt Chipmunk (for sale) Lastly- P 40
  6. Hello Moa - another fine build! Not sure if you have seen this via You Tube - There is some fine aerobatic footage. Michel is mentioned I think about 1'52" in
  7. Hi- If you happen to be in Gloucestershire, there is a replica at the Jet Age Museum at Staverton
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