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  1. Hi BIG thanks to everyone - I think I can see why the instructions did not include what blue to use! Noted! thanks for the steers Thanks Seawinder for the link and comments-much appreciated Thanks for the detail Dana- really appreciated. Its a great help This is the shade I will be aiming to create. (aiming!) Hi dalea - There is not much of the B-10 externally showing but if you have not seen this then hopefully this will cheer you up! and its in colour Hi Roger - Thanks for your comments - Hope its not too wet where you are! Hello 72modeler- Thanks for your time - it all helps - especially the link
  2. Hi - I've finally got to the painting stage of the Olimp Curtiss P6E Hawk. The yellow is getting there (!) however the instructions I have do not give any detail for the fuselage blue. I'm not having much luck on the internet. I've found reference to USAAC Light Blue and Air Corps Blue. I imagine this could possibly be a bit of a minefield having seen various shades of blue on Boeing P 26A Peashooters. Any thoughts? (I mainly use enamels)
  3. Thanks for showing - made me smile over my morning coffee- its great!
  4. Charming shots there Alpha Delta - and what a great selection of aircraft. Hats off to Little Gransden! (I get a bit biased - Any airshow that has a Harvard/Yale/Texan gets my vote. - Chipmunks look good too)
  5. Hope all goes well Paul.
  6. Nice one - That sticker is a blast from the past too!
  7. Like it. Lots! Follow the tingling John! Definitely restart the painting - (maybe alternate between the two)
  8. Wow - some real gems there- Never thought I would see a radial engined Hawker Hart with ski u/c-made my day Stort tack Marlin!
  9. Thanks whiskey- much appreciated. So the tanks would have contained water for injection and it had a proposed Mach 3.2 dash and Mach 2.7 cruise. Pity they did not put it to the test Hi Bandsaw - Its a bit cold at the mo but the coffee is good
  10. Hi- Just a few shots from the Australian Model Expo held last weekend in Melbourne. Monday's Swap and Sell was moved to a larger room which was good as it was less jammed than previous years. Came away with an Airfix Beaver so was more than happy. 1/32 Lancaster - its a bit big. Wingnut Wings had a table celebrating 10 years. It included some sprues of their forthcoming 1/32 Lancaster and Handley Page 0/400 Natural metal prototype F 111 Scratchbuilt Kiwi Aermacchi A much modified Wessex - parcel delivery Cutaway F-14 What If Wyvern Ilyushin Brawny - ground attack from the 1950's that never went into full production Part of one of the modelling club displays Lastly - an Israeli Phantom - I can't say I have seen one with what looks to be conformal tanks and the modified nose so presume a What If? (I may be wrong!)
  11. It is! - Current status- drunk Thanks Marc and RidgeRunner- it was part of the 2017/18 F 104 group build - I just made the deadline and was not happy with the angle which I have tweaked. Will be eventually adding some ground units and engineers. Test pilot Eldon Brown looks a bit lonely Thanks Hoops -N 646 is preserved at the Fort Worth Aviation Museum - but repainted in.....grey ...ah well!
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