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  1. Hi @dogsbody , @DennisTheBear and @Adam Poultney I can see it fine so have reinserted - any luck now?
  2. Very nice! I expect you are aware A8- 328 survived the little ones and is now at Moorabin (although painted up as '39)
  3. Wow! Learning all sorts on the Wapiti! Loving your build Hendie
  4. That one too (there is one in Caboolture as well) https://caboolturewarplanemuseum.com/
  5. ... and I used yours to help see how the undercarriage went together. Many thanks The instructions baffled me a bit there. It must be just a quick sprint up the M1 for you kapam (I aim to get to the air museum sooner rather than later)
  6. Thanks Chris The wings were interesting! Each has two pins with two adjacent holes on the fuselage. How difficult is that? Must have had a senior moment as it took me an age to sort and to get the dihedral right. Pinback
  7. Hi Further to @bigbadbadge 's lovely Pawnee here is one straight from the KP box. As Chris has said, the kit is missing a few things including additional bracing on the wing struts. Pinback
  8. Very nice! Coincidentally, I'm adding markings to mine this morning but it wont be a patch on yours . Pinback
  9. Yep- Show it who's the boss! Really looking forward to your build
  10. Yep -If its not giving you joy at the moment its good to park it - I have few projects that have been "rescheduled" (Will love to see it when its finished though!) Pinback
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