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  1. I still can't get over how small it is - what a lovely work. Really inspiring
  2. Its been a sad decline over the years . Everytime I get to Cairns I expect to see its been scrapped (which I think is almost inevitable).
  3. Hi - Try now Have used Flikr except for the shot from 2008 - If viewing from a PC it should be fine (Famous last words!)
  4. Hi - Another pilgrimage to see ex RAF Belfast "Hector" which is still greeting flights at Cairns Airport in Far North Queensland, Australia. Looking sadder since I was last there prior to the COVID state lockdowns. Here is Hector as of last Monday. Tyres are flat, elevators are out of synch and the finish is more worn Here is Hector in happier days (2008) A few more shots from last Monday which may interest some peeps. Royal Flying Doctor Service King Air Not sure on the status of the two Pacific Helicopters Hueys - The Hevilift Sikorsky 76 is definitely not going anywhere. The Huey on the right (P2-PAN) is ex Japanese Coast Guard Hinterland Aviation Cessna 208s and a 310. Hinterland Aviation is a regional airline that covers Far North Queensland. The Belfast is in the background. PB
  5. Gets my vote The foil finish is excellent- I'd be happy too!
  6. Hi Alex - Your 747 is wonderful ! Kept meaning to post as SIA Cargo 747s regularly overfly here. Just had a great view of 9V-SFO heading into Melbourne from Auckland which has prompted this . Its on finals as I type this (good old Flightradar24) It will head off to Singapore later.
  7. Hats off to your good lady , paramedics do a superb job If you mean the tiggies then I agree! And no rigging!
  8. Hope the move went well . Victoria is the place to be ( NSW is pretty good too ) (I got a COVID ping in Albury while filling up for final leg so be careful about straying over the border!)
  9. Thanks and, yep - there were more spiders (!) so didn't do too much clambering about Hi Chris - They had an order for Cobras but it was cancelled way back in 1971 - they went for UH-1 Hueys and Kiowas. The Kiowas were only recently retired. - This one is American. Not sure if there is another Cobra at Albion but the site says: "The HARS Cobra was built in 1976 as an AH-1S. It was re-designated after 1988 as an AH-1P after fitting of a flat plate canopy, improved instrument and control panel layout, and five infrared lights for night-time operation. She was built after the Vietnam War, but saw service in the 1st Gulf War." So that may answer your observations
  10. Its a field gun pointing in our general direction
  11. Hi- Part 2 The Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (H.A.R.S.) has its main museum at Albion Park, south of Sydney. HARS at Parkes was set up originally as a storage facility but is now also evolving into a museum in it’s own right. At the present time it's only open two days a week. Its not a large collection but you can access most of the aircraft so if you like poking about then you should enjoy your visit. The DHC Caribou. I have only seen Caribous "wheelbarrowing" down a runway. I don't know of any other aircraft that can do this but sure there must be others. Inside looking toward the cockpit The flaps are impressive The P3C Orion A9-759 has been left as it was when it retired. It's last mission was searching the Indian Ocean for the missing MH370. There is an airworthy Orion at HARS Albion Park. The sonobuoys were mainly loaded externally but extra could be loaded from the cabin if the need arose. Long nacelles ! There are two Neptunes (and an airworthy one at Albion Park). There were crew entrance hatches in the lower rear fuselage and through the nosewheel bay. Blue 302 survived a belly landing in 1951 Neptune A89- 272 Blue '302' is older, entering service in 1951. The rear cabins are quite different with '302' looking more WWII vintage and '272' having a bit of insulation. Looking aft in 302- check the spider top left . I was advised that there should be no red backs but was still a bit wary (!). Looking forward Looking forward in the comfier '272' toward the cockpit. I wasn't going to clamber over the wingspar as I would have probably collapsed in a heap on the other side and would probably still be there now. Inside at the museum entrance is an accessible Wessex, Convair cockpit and AH-1 Cobra These were the best shots I could get of the Convair 580. The plan is to get it airworthy. The Lycoming engined Heron is in the markings for VH AHB which was scrapped. (I think its VH-NJI) Does anyone know what this is ? I think it may be a T28 Trojan (forward to the right) Parkes is a regional airport. This is a Rex Airlines Saab 340 off to Sydney Rockwell Aero Commander ..and lastly the main destination for this part of the trip - The Dish at Parkes. It was looking at pulsars that day and would suddenly start moving every now and then - which was a bit unnerving
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