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  1. Pinback

    Qantas cheatline colour query

    Here its is - Seen at Melbourne 2nd May this year while waiting for the Cairns flight at stupid o'clock in the morning
  2. Hi - Have made my usual pilgrimage to see Hector, the ex RAF/ HeavyLift Short Belfast this weekend having been up in Far North Queensland. I previously posted some shots in 2016 but this was on PhotoBucket and they upset a lot of people. Bit of background- Cairns Airport went to court late 2016 as Hector's owner, Flying Tiger Oversize Cargo, apparently owed over AUS$100k in outstanding rental fees. I am not sure what the latest on that is but there are reports that work is being done on Hector to try and get it airworthy. It seems that the engines may have been run in March 2018. Maybe someone out there knows more? ( I keep expecting to see it in bits whenever I go up so its great to see Hector hanging in there) As of today - Hector cuts a lonely figure next to the Cairns Airport Fire Section Another view of Hector earlier today: A better view from 2016 Hector - a decade ago in 2008 Lastly, if you are interested, QANTAS have painted a 737 in retro livery complete with winged kangaroo on the tail Pinback
  3. Hi Michael- the finish is superb- Отлично!
  4. Pinback

    TC-4C Academe

    Thanks for sharing Sven - I always have to take a second glance as the Dart nacelle is so similar to the HS 748
  5. Pinback

    1:72 Matchbox A-10A - NOT straight from the box!

    My lord PA! I nearly spilt my Stone & Wood when I saw what you had done
  6. Thanks for sharing Pabbi - mjög gott!
  7. Pinback

    Air North and Air Tindi

    Thanks Britman! Made my day
  8. Pinback

    SOAF strikemaster battle of mirbat 1972.

    That's right The intake guns would have been 7.62mm machine guns
  9. Pinback

    SOAF strikemaster battle of mirbat 1972.

    Hi Joseph - Do you have Rowland White's account ?- it has a number of colour photos of Strikemasters from that time. Pinback
  10. Pinback

    French aviation at Madagascar - set of photos

    Thanks for sharing J-W - They are wonderful photos
  11. Pinback

    'Make a Deal' Diorama

    Phew! - det är bra! I was worried I may have said something stupid in my translation The diorama is great.
  12. Pinback

    'Make a Deal' Diorama

    Eftersom detta har gjort att jag börjar min dag med ett stort leende - tack! Hope the Swedish is OK!
  13. Impresionante búfalo!
  14. Pinback

    Canada and Alaska 2001

    Now there are some proper aircraft Thanks for showing!