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  1. Like it. Lots! Follow the tingling John! Definitely restart the painting - (maybe alternate between the two)
  2. Wow - some real gems there- Never thought I would see a radial engined Hawker Hart with ski u/c-made my day Stort tack Marlin!
  3. Thanks whiskey- much appreciated. So the tanks would have contained water for injection and it had a proposed Mach 3.2 dash and Mach 2.7 cruise. Pity they did not put it to the test Hi Bandsaw - Its a bit cold at the mo but the coffee is good
  4. Hi- Just a few shots from the Australian Model Expo held last weekend in Melbourne. Monday's Swap and Sell was moved to a larger room which was good as it was less jammed than previous years. Came away with an Airfix Beaver so was more than happy. 1/32 Lancaster - its a bit big. Wingnut Wings had a table celebrating 10 years. It included some sprues of their forthcoming 1/32 Lancaster and Handley Page 0/400 Natural metal prototype F 111 Scratchbuilt Kiwi Aermacchi A much modified Wessex - parcel delivery Cutaway F-14 What If Wyvern Ilyushin Brawny - ground attack from the 1950's that never went into full production Part of one of the modelling club displays Lastly - an Israeli Phantom - I can't say I have seen one with what looks to be conformal tanks and the modified nose so presume a What If? (I may be wrong!)
  5. It is! - Current status- drunk Thanks Marc and RidgeRunner- it was part of the 2017/18 F 104 group build - I just made the deadline and was not happy with the angle which I have tweaked. Will be eventually adding some ground units and engineers. Test pilot Eldon Brown looks a bit lonely Thanks Hoops -N 646 is preserved at the Fort Worth Aviation Museum - but repainted in.....grey ...ah well!
  6. They probably did not trust you to be in the back with the ramp down! Ah yes! Long time since I have been back. It comes to all of us Pete
  7. Thanks Speedy - the probe came with the kit
  8. Italeri 1/48 C130K - Markings are mainly Xtradecal I flew in XV185 during an RAF Lyneham family day back in the eighties. They used to take the kids up for a flight and how some were not lost out the back when the ramp came down is still a mystery. Current status on XV185- scrapped This was built over a decade ago and was badly damaged in transit from the UK to Oz. Not flak as such, just over stressing the airframe due to my packing. Fuel tanks detached, fin partially detached. Now partially repaired with undercarriage raised. It's a bit big so stands on its side on a shelf in the den. Today has been such a beautiful autumn day I thought I would give it an air, although I found the direct light a bit harsh for photography.
  9. Thanks Savenosouls- the decals were surprisingly good Thanks Wez- Will definitely take a look - Have a Sabre and Magister sitting in the queue to do- would prompt me to get at least one done Ευχαριστώ John - For me its the Nieuport Delage 622- I'm slowly building the Azur- eek!
  10. Hi- There must be a word for that time space between dropping your prized creation knowing its going to end up in bits and it hitting the ground and....er... ending up in bits. In this case I had a bit of a disaster in placing the final decals. This Morane either hit a microburst or (more likely) my left hand hit it and it went into an inverted spin before hitting the floor. It all happened in slow motion. The wing struts and cabane struts partially detached - still working on it. Pretty sure this is the old Heller kit- cheap and cheerful - with a few of the parts needing a tidy up. Brush painted. Rigging is invisible thread.
  11. Thanks for showing! Any airshow that has a Harvard display gets my ticket - Those four were probably as hard on the ears as the Hornet
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