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  1. Nicely-done job on one of my favorite-ever kits!
  2. Proudly being of Scots ancestry myself, I always celebrate Burns Night with my Uncles Hamish and Dougal. ("You'll have had your haggis, then....")
  3. Thanks. Yes, I generally print colors on white film (and trim as necessary), and print black/dark images like numbers on clear film. My inkjet is an old 'cheapie' HP...but it soldiers on!
  4. Likewise sorry to hear of your dad's passing. You are correct. Not sure whether you've ever heard of "Death Valley Days"...it was a radio show from 1930 to the mid-'40s, then a television show from the early '50s through to 1970, depicting both historical and fictional episodes of life in the Old West. (The TV show was notable for being the last acting gig of a later US president...he left the show to run for Governor of California.) The radio and TV shows were sponsored for virtually their entire span by the Pacific Coast Borax Company (later U.S. Borax), who mined th
  5. Love it, love it, love it! Always my favorite camo scheme, and yours is superb! Cheers
  6. At the risk of hurtling off-topic...or starting a bun-fight of Herculean proportions...I have just three words for you: "Live At Leeds."
  7. I wasn't going to say anything.... (...But you're still gon'na need a bigger boat!)
  8. Mine's equally obvious -- a huge fan of classic Warner Bros. Animation. (And Elmer imagining himself as Siegfried just sort of suits my personality!)
  9. Having done a fair amount of work with paper scratchbuilds in the same (and smaller) scale, I am filled with admiration for your build. That level of detail and 'tidiness' is no mean feat to achieve. Excellent work, overall! Cheers
  10. Nice! I used the same kit a few years ago to model the 'tourist' DUKWs I rode in as a child, touring a scenic area called the Wisconsin Dells. Those old aquatic trucks are always an interesting ride! Great work on the passengers and crew as well! Cheers
  11. According to a former CAF pilot of my acquaintance, the actual wording of the response might likely have been an enthusiatic "Tango Foxtrot Romeo"...."Too effing right!" GREAT project, BTW!
  12. Having been inspired by this lovely Pitcairn Islands commemorative stamp seen online...and since Atlantis Models has conveniently re-released Revell's old 'box scale' P-3 Orion at a too-good-to-pass-up price...I thought I'd do up the latter as a tribute to the RNZAF. With over five decades (gulp!) of P-3 operations to their credit, there are numerous possibilities as to camouflage and insignia combinations to choose from, but the choice for me was 'no contest.' The iconic 'kiwi' roundel...and the white-over-grey color scheme -- which every right-thinking individual of a 'certain age'
  13. If you're enlarging already-existing decals -- sorry, that's the bit I blanked on -- the only way I could conceive of doing it on an already-painted model would be to print the lighter lettering on white decal paper...and paint up to the edge...and print the black outline on clear decal paper to go over it. Granted, that may be more complicated than what you had in mind.
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