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  1. Any Wildcat/Martlet accessory is welcome in my book. Looks like a very nicely-done set!
  2. I did the same scheme for the Sweet 1/144 kit in Tamiya acrylics (with a by-eye mix of mostly buff with a few drops of white and yellow), but have no idea in currently available enamels. It's kind of a question of "pick your photograph and match it." In common with many tan/brown camouflage colors, its actual appearance (even on the same airframe) can seem to vary widely based on given lighting conditions at any particular time. Some photos do seem to show a distinctive yellowish cast...while others appear tan, buff, or even a light brown. BTW...I found the following interesting description in an entry on the Belgian Sea Kings on aeroresource.co.uk: "Throughout its service career, the distinctive sand camouflage scheme worn by the Sea King fleet has intrigued the aviation community. The reason for this is understood to be due to the airframes originally being destined for the Egyptian Air Force; an order that was later cancelled. Belgium took the airframes making only minor amendments to the original paint scheme by adding the orange dayglow areas. It is fair to say this scheme was certainly one of the more striking SAR colour schemes ever worn." Cheers
  3. Way too early to tell for sure, but it appears the second of H.L. Hunley's 1860's Confederate submersible designs...variously known as the Pioneer 2 or the American Diver...may have been found by a group comprising historical researchers and divers (including Chaos Divers, a pretty cool Youtube Channel if you haven't seen it). Saw it mentioned on FB, but here's a little fuller description: https://laststandonzombieisland.com/2022/03/24/hunleys-other-submarine-found/
  4. 'Loves me a Wildcat, any maker or scale. Yours is a stunner, very nicely done!
  5. Great project! I've done this conversion in 1/48, but have not yet gotten around to 1/32. Have you picked out a paint scheme? Cheers
  6. Thanks for your kind words! Actually, other than adding a bit of sprue for railings and elastic thread for rigging...and thinning a few gun barrels...the boat itself is strictly OOB. With the general clunkiness of the molding, it seemed silly to add a lot unless I wanted to 'fix' a lot first -- which wasn't in the cards for this project. As to weathering, I sort of let myself go...since a lot of these craft looked even harder-used than this! Cheers
  7. Minicraft's 1/144 He111-H6, with a minor conversion to the V-1 flying bomb-carrying H-22 configuration. The open dorsal gun position was filled and replaced with a fettled MG131 turret. The V-1 itself is a white-metal part from TINSOLDIERS.COM. Markings are for a machine from III./KG3, operating from the Netherlands in 1944. The low-contrast color scheme reflects the tactic for which the Gruppe had been carefully trained: launching their V-1s against Allied targets by night, from over the North Sea.
  8. Thi kit has been around forever under various labels, most recently this Minicraft boxing. Quite a good basic shape...with something just a little off...still it's too iconic to pass up. Markings are for the 8th Air Force's 'Voodoo Vixen' of the 359th BS, 303rd BG, 41st Combat Wing.
  9. Another iconic and very 'typical' Lindberg kit: a really interesting subject...in a neat large (albeit-off-scale) size...frustratingly rendered in the company's all-too-typical clunky and thickly-molded, bathtub-toy style. Still, it's a fun build, and a great 'canvas' for one of those unusual Pacific-campaign camouflage schemes. Passing all the other accuracy issues in the kit...and they are legion...this 'landing craft' model comes with only one thing to land (and a seemingly strange choice at that): a single Korean-War-era M46 Patton tank. Wanting to go WW2 'retro'...with the kit being an odd 1/125 scale, it's difficult to find matching accessories. So I settled for some 'close enough' 1/144 diecasts...Sherman tanks and a few M18 Hellcat tank-destroyers...to provide that period atmosphere. The ten-year-old that still lurks deep within me thinks it looks cool. Hope you enjoy it.
  10. Funny you should mention that. I love to pick out little details from photos to add a little interest to my models. Looking at a photo of that area of the greenhouse, I kept trying to puzzle out why there were 'grab handles' in that particular location. After about twenty minutes...and seeing another photo with the m.g. swung a little farther aft...it suddenly hit (with the usual dull thud) what I was actually looking at! Cheers...and thanks for noticing!
  11. Thanks all. I, too, was quite delighted to see the transparencies still crystal-clear after all these years. As long as Monogram...then Revell...had this kit in production, the molds must have been cared for quite tenderly.
  12. A 1969 Monogram classic, as reissued by Revell in 2011: the 1/72 scale Dornier Do17Z, affectionately known to Luftwaffe pilots as the Fliegender Bleistift ('Flying Pencil'). Designed (under the restrictions on German aviation imposed by the Versailles Treaty) as a high-speed mail plane, its production was officially greenlighted by the new (Nazi) German Aviation Ministry in 1933 as a "freight aircraft with special equipment"...in other words, a bomber. First blooded in the Spanish Civil War...where its speed and nearly fighter-like handling endeared it to German pilots...the type formed the backbone of the Luftwaffe's bomber force through 1940, when it began to be supplanted by the more-capable Ju88. Kit-supplied decals mark a machine of the staff flight of 2./KG 3 "Blitz" in January 1941, operating from the Dutch airfield at Deurne. Only a few months later most of the Kampfgeschwader would be transferred east to support Operation Barbarossa, and remain there until the unit was dissolved in 1944. The unit's 3rd Gruppe would be an exception: the last unit in the Luftwaffe to operate the Do17, it would then transition to the He111...its new a/c to be used as delivery platforms to launch V-1 flying bombs against the United Kingdom during Spring and Summer, 1944. Enjoy!
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