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  1. thorfinn

    Feeling Lost

    Mere words are painfully inadequate at times like this, but I offer my most profound condolences. You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. thorfinn

    Some users unable to connect

    Same thread just opened up on the Finescale Modeler forum. Obviously there are folks having issues.
  3. Gorgeous result in this Pegasus kit (of which I'm a big fan.) Beautiful work! Also share your regard for Vallejo's matt. I've been using it as my standard finish coat for several years now, love its consistency and ease of use. (It even brushes on well, in a pinch.) Cheers
  4. Beautifully understated presentation. Excellent work!
  5. thorfinn

    How do you say in your English?

    Might as well throw in here, since I 'stirred the pot' a little with the first reply. Born and raised in the US 'Great Lakes' Midwest (as opposed to the Prairie); father's family from Michigan (only one generation removed from the UK), mother's from Ohio. 1. Pillbugs. 2. Crayfish. (My dad grew up calling them 'skippers'...a term I've never heard elsewhere.) 3. Sun shower. (Though my grandfather--my mother's father--called it a 'wolf's wedding,' a term he apparently brought back with him from service with the AEF in Europe during WW1. Never made any kind of sense to us as kids...but it was certainly memorable.) 4. Water fountain. (What would be the alternatives?) 5. Barber. (Or more properly 'Sir,' since the parents raised us to show a little respect.) 6. Sounds like 'Ant.' (Though I discovered later on that rhyming with 'gaunt' seemed near-universal throughout the American South.) 7. Watch cap. (Might be a WW2 generation carry-over, though all my relatives served in the Army and not the Navy.) 8. Gym shoes...with 'sneakers' a close second. (I suspect the first especially is a generational thing; started hearing 'basketball shoes' in the '70s, never 'trainers' until the late-'80s.) 9. Sub. (Though my dad always called it a 'Dagwood,' another generational thing.) And for my own additions: 10. Grew up calling it a davenport. (This may be a Cleveland, Ohio-area thing.) 'Sofa' or 'couch' since then. 11. Hard-K sound for both. (Again, heard the 'cue-' pronunciation almost universally living in the South.) Interesting responses, on the whole.
  6. thorfinn

    Help an old man out..... What is pla plate used for?

    The solvent action will act on the surface(s) it's applied to, making for a stronger bond. It's best not to get it on the non-gap areas; masking tape can be used to cover and protect adjacent detail during application and sanding, if necessary. As a regular user of the stuff, I can say it stays viable for weeks, depending on the thickness of the mix you prefer. But, yes, you can always 'refresh' it by adding a bit more cement. One suggestion as to a relatively inexpensive sheet-plastic source. If a local hardware or home center carries those lightweight plastic 'For Sale' or 'Beware Of Dog" -type signs, they are a great source for workable sheet. Most respond perfectly to model-type cements. Not a large variety of thicknesses, obviously, but they're generally pennies compared to Evergreen or Plastruct stock in the same thicknesses. Cheers
  7. An unhealthy interest in the undersides of things, eh? That's alright...we don't judge here. But seriously, thanks for asking. I had to hand-paint it, since there was no way I could make the decal version fit properly. I probably should have made it match the top 'bubble' size more closely...but there we are.
  8. thorfinn

    How do you say in your English?

    Two I could add, from having lived variously in the US Midwest, South, and Mid-Atlantic: What do you call the long piece of 'front room' furniture you can sit or lay on? (Couch, sofa, davenport, divan, etc.) Words like 'coupon' and 'cupola': 1st syllable as koo- or as cue-?
  9. Built for a 'Silly Egg' group build on another forum, I decided to give the old Hasegawa 'Egg' Hornet kit a Canadian flavor. (Insert all jokes about side-orders of back bacon here.) Since the kit itself is fairly simple, I juiced it with a few basic details. Even an 'egg' F-18 looks wrong without the black bulk of the ejection seat behind the pilot. A suitably-painted wedge-shaped block of styrene just fit between the pilot figure and the canopy. The pilot figure itself received straps for his oxygen mask and spare p-e buckles for his harness. An etched HUD frame left over from another build finished off the cockpit. Externally--though there are no gear wells or doors represented, with simple 'peg-in-hole' gear struts--some plastic-sheet gear doors and simple painted wells looked a bit better. The nose gear got a landing light. Mods specific to the Canadian Hornets included the 'bird cutter' aerials forward of the cockpit, tail-warning radar fairings and the small LEX fences aft of the cockpit. Canadian markings...surplus from Italeri's old 1/72 'RF-18A' boxing...included the port-nose spotlight position found on CAF aircraft of the type, for night interceptions of probing Russian bombers. And the answer to "When is an Egg-Plane Pilot Happiest?" When he's in his plane on the flight-line...waiting for orders to scramble. (No need to fuss: I'll just grab my coat and leave quietly....)
  10. thorfinn

    NASA 1/32 scale Harrier which one

    Likewise not an expert...but nearly every aspect of the Harrier II was redesigned, enlarged and/or re-contoured from the earlier -A/-C models. I'm not claiming it would be impossible, but it would be seriously difficult.
  11. thorfinn

    NASA 1/32 scale Harrier which one

    Excellent build detailing-up the Revell kit here. Large Scale Planes website, by Gene Nollmann.
  12. I've always thought that Lee's original outing--despite deviating from Stoker in major ways, and being barely over an hour in running time--is perhaps the best cinematic rendition of the Count, ever...and maybe one of the best horror films as well. It's lucid, fast-paced, and doesn't miss a beat...with one of the best bits of cinematic 'business' ever, for its finale. Apologies, Carts, if this is sidelining your thread.
  13. Those are some pretty spectacular figures! [Though I must confess, I side with Vince as to 'classic' Draculas. I always found it wincingly funny that Coppola went to the trouble of calling it 'Bram Stoker's Dracula' after wresting it about as 180-degrees from Stoker's take on it as he could. Though I must confess, Gary Oldman's interpretation was compelling. (Keanu Reeves', somewhat less-so!)]
  14. thorfinn

    Itty-bitty Sea King Mk. 41

    I'm tempted to say 'you've found me out'...but with copper prices these days, there's no way I could afford a penny that big!
  15. thorfinn

    A French delicacy SPAD XIII

    Too few SPADs to be seen...and yours is lovely. Excellent muting effect of the sand overspray. (Perfect background as well!)