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  1. Or how about.... (A soda, rather than a beer...but it would still make a cool project....)
  2. thorfinn

    Westland Sioux AH.1

    Very smart indeed! I have the old Pavla 1/72 kit in 'the pile'...but she may have just switched schemes!
  3. thorfinn

    Biggles Flies Undone

    Lovely account of a landmark experience... ...though I am not proud to admit the immediate (and very visual) imagery that your thread title brought to mind. Thanks for sharing your account with we sad earthbound types!
  4. thorfinn

    Emojis not working

    (Administrator) Mike mentioned in one of the continuing update threads the other day that there was some issue with them...but they've been working fine for me, lately. I'd say to let him know, if it continues to be a problem. Cheers
  5. As a purely visual thing, it's understandable the kit manufacturers wouldn't do it: they look too much like soda cans, not 'cool' enough. On the other hand, you'd expect it's one the aftermarket folks would have jumped on: it's not well-known...it's different...and frankly would be absurdly easy to render in resin (apart from the 'dangly' bits, as you are no doubt discovering....)
  6. With all due respect...if that 'bloke' had ever attempted to actually engineer working features like that...in-scale, and working smoothly, as you said...he would have kept his beezer to himself! Having attempted such engineering at various times myself---with frustratingly-varying degrees of success---I have naught but the greatest respect for those who can pull it off. (And let the churlish would-be critics take a flying...ahem...leap, at the proverbial rolling doughnut! )
  7. Nice work on those 'butterfly' bombs, Compadre. That's a load-out one doesn't see...well, ever.
  8. thorfinn

    Bristol F2B, Italian Front, summer 1918

    Really inspiring work on a challenging a/c in any scale! And that engine is a thing of beauty. Great work all 'round!
  9. thorfinn

    1 72 Italeri F-14A Tomcat

    Always had a special fondness for this particular kit, without really knowing quite why; better ones are available, but I've built a passel of these over the years. As far as I can recall, I've always ended up plunking a fishing-weight or two into the nosecone; but you've probably already sorted that with the weights added to the fuselage. Much looking forward to seeing how yours turns out. Your pre-shading worked a treat! Will you be using the kit decals, or have you something special in mind?
  10. thorfinn

    What kind of modeller are you?

    I sort of start from what Chris outlined, above. There are kits that I enjoy building straight OOB---often older Airfix, Frog or Heller kits that I have in the stash, but aren't worth putting loads of effort into to correct, since better options are available if that's the goal. I add the things that suit me (usually in the 'office') and ignore the things that don't grab me (mainly wheel-well detail), try to paint and finish them nicely, and enjoy the 'slow cruise' no-stress project. Others---either better, more expensive or larger-scale kits, or simply 'favorite' prototypes---I'll do as a full-court press. I'll search out every detail I can find...delighting especially in tiny or obscure bits from some overlooked photograph or written account...and do a six-month or longer build for the sheer joy (and often intense frustration) of the challenge. And then...there are a lot that fall somewhere in between. But whatever the level of the build, I try to take care to do a creditable paint job, and usually apply at least a minimum of weathering and 'art' to try to make it look a bit more interesting.
  11. Every time I see one of these, my first thought is that I've lost the 'normal' aspect ratio on my PC screen! But seriously, really lovely work...and Cresswell's -E is always a favorite. Cheers
  12. I've been modeling more-or-less steadily since about 1963...so the 'first' is regrettably long-gone...but oh-so fondly remembered: Hawk's beautiful 1/48-ish F-104 Starfighter...won in a Cub Scouts Christmas 'grab bag' raffle...the magnificent chromed parts all mirror-like and shiny with their 'Authent-i-plated' finish 'Favorite' is a dead-heat between two solid contenders, The first...MPC's ancient hybrid Dodge Van, done up as the familiar telephone company vehicle, as oft-seen in my youth as 'cable' vans are, today: The also-ran is another throwback to youth, albeit in a much-updated and customized version: Tom Daniel's 'Rommel's Rod' for Monogram, in its 2009 reissue: 'Finest' is arguable...but probably will give the nod to my first in-depth WIP right here on Britmodeller, Revell's excellent 1/72 Westland Sea King, done up as an Exocet-armed Commando of the Qatari AF: Cheers [5/13/18 - Apologies to the membership. I surf threads by title, not by category, so I didn't even realize until today that this thread was in under AIRCRAFT. (Though you might well think that ALL the other submissions under the title might have been a 'subtle'-enough clue....) My mistake. I'll just go have a lie-down....]
  13. Thank you, Jim! I have to admit...my appreciation of our fellow-dwellers in these forums is such that I thought that putting the word 'beer' in bold face might merit a few extra views by the membership. (It's never failed to work on me, after all....)
  14. Thanks, Dennis! (Knowing you live in the area, I thought this might strike a familiar chord with you.)
  15. Not a brand-new build, but a favorite never posted here before. Started with this: Thought the Cracker-Jack markings were boring, so I decided to go for a 'fantasy' scheme celebrating my favorite baseball team---the Chicago Cubs---and the regional beer brand with which the team and the venue was intimately associated, in my youth. (That 'venue' being the 'Friendly Confines' of Chicago's Wrigley Field---the oldest National League park, and the second-oldest of all US baseball venues still in existence. It's been the Cubs' home since 1916.) I created a fictitious advertising campaign that captured the spirit of the long-standing bond between the team and the beer brand, which saturated to a near-molecular level even as a child well short of beer-drinking age. I snagged some colorful online graphics to whip up a 'mural' with period-authentic slogan and lovely images of the frosty brew in question. Decals made up on my PC and printed on my trusty HP inkjet. The tractor's markings are also fictitious---for 'my own' made-up trucking company---but all license and certification markings are carefully matched to a 1983 time period...semi-randomly chosen to fit both the truck model and the advertising of the time. Hope you enjoy! [And a note to all you 'serious truck people'---which I freely admit I am not. I know the trailer's parking struts are incorrectly extended in the 'hooked up' shots below. Unfortunately my display-space is such that the two parts have to be displayed separately...thus I built the trailer in 'parked' configuration. It's only a hobby! ]