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  1. Purely a guess on my part...but I'm inclined to believe it might have been a poorly-informed museum restoration worker (or simply an inattentive painter) who did the misspelling. Given the nose art, 'Hare' seems the more likely version...and if the painter hadn't seen the nose art graphic, missing on the plane, 'Hair' might have been the 'logical' assumption,
  2. Don't know whether you've seen it or not...but here's how she might look w/full load-out: https://cdn-live.warthunder.com/uploads/32/0e/c1/361027270f8a024ca5020cc456f839847f_mq/Cover+Image.jpg Pretty impressive!
  3. Mine's more like a conveyor belt -- old builds get photographed, then (eventually) binned to make room for newer ones. (I do keep a few favorites, of course.) Never had the room to store very much beyond the 'stash.'
  4. There's a regular poster on another forum who observes that no matter how large and elaborate the bench/storage area available to a modeler...the actual work area will be the same 2' x 2' sliver. Seems pretty much to hold true.
  5. I wrote the 'pig of a kit' line with a wink and a grin -- and a genuine fondness -- that I suppose didn't come through on the written page. Sorry if it seems I was trying to do anything else. This is the era of kit I grew up with...and still happily build today on a regular basis. I am the opposite of a rivet-counter...tend not to fully-replace panel-lines unless the gaps are obvious...and seldom bother to detail landing-gear wells because I mostly can't be bothered. Like you, I build to enjoy. Having grown up in that era when 'accuracy' often was limited to a manufactu
  6. I always tidy up at the end of a session -- purely in self-defense -- but while I'm actually working, it always seems to look like a bomb hit. There's no point in putting something back in its place if you'll need it again moments later...and then you move on, and it's forgotten...and lost, the next time you go looking for it!
  7. While it is undoubtedly a pig of a kit -- for all of the above-stated reasons -- it is quite fun, as long as you're not expecting state-of-the-art (even then) quality. Here's one I built a few years ago, just to 'burn' some extra decals: Enjoy your build!
  8. I'm just the opposite -- with my Badger Anthem (also a siphon-feed), the cup is all I ever use. I've learned to mix up slightly more of any color than I expect to use...since I know I'll end up needing it for touch-ups. As far as 'paint waste' in comparison to gravity-feed models, there's virtually none. I can spray down to literally about a drop left in the cup.
  9. If you'll briefly pardon yet another well-meaning punter barging in...with yet another enthusiastic Manx project in the offing...I submit my own humble home-made colors for the elderly Matchbox/Revell Twotter, representing an aircraft leased from Loganair between 1983-1985. I look forward to immensely enjoying another of Moa's splendid projects taking shape. Back to you, Sir.
  10. In addition to the other recommended fixes, I would seriously recommend replacing the delicate and very spindly main gear strut axles with something more robust -- a small section of paper clip is ideal. At the same time, from an accuracy standpoint, one might add some representation of the main wheel brake mechanisms, which are entirely absent. Even a simple disc would be a noticeable improvement. BTW...I just finished adding a bit of dihedral to the wings on my build, and it really makes a difference appearance-wise. (Oddly, I had to extend the strut-length on one side...but not the oth
  11. I had that book years ago and I seem to recall it being quite serviceable As you pointed out, however, it's quite dated. The 'basics' haven't really changed that much, but the 'advanced' advice probably pre-dates most or much of the advances in photo-etch and resin, to say nothing of pre-colored parts and 3D printing on demand. It might pay to check your local library; they may have a copy gathering dust on a shelf somewhere
  12. This was the first kit ever that I bought multiples of; and at a precious 80 cents each back in that long-ago day, it felt like a wicked extravagance! Following your build with keen interest!
  13. No weapon or war machine -- at least perhaps until recently -- acts without human agency. It seems to me that when you portray the machine, you implicitly portray that human agency, whether displayed as actual figures, or not. As Tzulscha said, commemoration is essentially the key. If you respect that history...whatever its outcome...I don't think you're doing those involved a disservice, either way. Indeed, I think the crew would be happy to have their little slice of that conflict -- and their own participation in it -- remembered, all these decades later.
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