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  1. You mentioned the TAA version...that's an old 'favorite' livery I've home-printed decals for, for a number of a/c types...and would love the chance to do it for the Otter!
  2. Have you mayhaps seen these? Not a huge variety, but they look like some nice pieces. (They've even got a Zouave.) https://www.miniaturasbeneito.com/en/american-civil-war-figures?page=1
  3. Referring not to the OP's truly beautiful model...but to the real a/c, itself...one is almost reminded of the 'egg plane' kits currently available for so many types. Everything looks oddly foreshortened. But, to be clear, the model is glorious. And any 747 is rightly a 'Queen of the Skies'...particularly one as accomplished as this one was.
  4. Gorgeous work! Would love to see this a/c re-released (or even better, new-tooled); so many great liveries for some really eye-catching projects.
  5. Those Central-American Mustangs really had some eye-grabbing scemes. Great work!
  6. Lots of us 'Colonials' on the site...in my case, a Chicago boy transplanted to suburban Baltimore. Welcome aboard! You'll have a grand time here.
  7. Neatly done! Just as an FYI, the kits are actually two different scales...the Monitor about 1/200, the other approx. 1/300. Lindberg did the same 'trick' when they did their combo kit, which I built a few years back. Both manufacturers' versions suffer from the same lack of historical accuracy...but they're great fun to build!
  8. Gorgeous! And in answer to the question from @noelh these aircraft were used in a tactical sensor role in addition to (presumably) some 'utility' roles. Anything in the operational role tended to get camouflage in that era.
  9. Moved a fair bit as a kid due to my father's job; learned early-on...the hard way...that 'well-labled boxes' was the only way to go. Still, one cannot help but sympathize....
  10. Alas, no. In temporary lodgings until work on the new venue is finished...with pretty much all the 'fun' stuff still in storage. Even though I'll almost certainly miss the GB deadline, I will most certainly post the build when it gets re-started. And...thanks, Pat, for asking. I appreciate the interest!
  11. Haven't forgotten...PM me your e-mail, and I'll be happy to send them along.
  12. Looks wonderful! As to the occasional spray 'difficulty'...when one closely studies original photographs, one quickly sees that even the Luftwaffe's black birds doing the painting on the real things didn't always get it 'right.' (It seems likely to me that they spent less time on their paint jobs than we modelers do, trying to meticulously re-create them! ☺)
  13. I got my several sheets from Mike Taylor (Misterkit/US), who was SPADA's US distributor for a time, and whose site misterkit.com is still active. An old post by Mike on the Aerodrome forum (ca. 2011) related that he 'inherited' the digital files for the decal sets after SPADA's owner retired from the business...but I have no idea whether anything ever developed from that. It might be worth exploring the site (or contacting him directly) to see what might be available. [Addendum: after a quick glance, it appears this is the Italian company's site, so any connection to Mr. Taylor might be n
  14. I'll see your bet and raise... Mine was the 1968 LeMans winner Ford GT40...the very first to appear in the powder-blue Gulf colors. Beautiful DBR9, by the way. When I built my early-version 'louvered' Sebring winner a few years back, I had the same issue with the @$!# bumper, and attached it to the body as you suggested. Made much more sense, and easier to cope with Cheers
  15. Just a friendly and well-meant word of caution here. I actually love MS-Paint -- it's what I use to do all my home-made decal art, and I've learned over the years to make it do some pretty incredible things -- and the process you outline above is excellent, as far as it goes. The problem tends to be that even an image that is perfectly-sized won't always print to that same perfect size. I've used many different printers over the years...and have found that subtleties in the way they 'internally' format images can lead to slight but troublesome size issues. [If the graphic in a sale
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