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  1. Mr T

    Are we becoming a nation of bleeding hearts?

    Obviously the bit of your Neanderthal heritage is the bit that makes you cold adapted. The language skills bit comes from your sapiens lineage. After 37,000 years some traits are bound to be diluted.
  2. Having only seen one in the flesh, but following the same flight profile as the Tornado and Typhoon visitors to LBA, it is seemed to me a bit less noisy than a Tornado, but the engine noise is definitely different. Lower pitched and a bit of a howl. Slightly off topic, it is surprising how noisy Hawks are in the same approach. Cracking piccies by the way.
  3. Mr T

    Are we becoming a nation of bleeding hearts?

    There is also a suggestion, supported by the evidence, that Neanderthals were cold adapted and as conditions changed they were less able to cope. It is also thought through looking at the skull and bones around the throat that their language skills were much more limited than in H. sapiens. Language being vital for the transfer of abstract ideas and complex instructions. If you think about, because we can keep and share information and ideas in a permanent form and outside our own brains, we have more experience to draw on. Not that you would notice in this day and age.
  4. From Dave at Halifax Modellers World, a Clear Prop Gloster E28/39, pricey but with some very well cast resin, masks, a turned metal pitot head and some good PE. The plastic also looks very well done and it is well presented and boxed. Also a Special Hobby Tzukit (Magister). Nicely moulded with some good looking resinn and comprehensive decal sheet.
  5. Mr T

    Are we becoming a nation of bleeding hearts?

    Just to be a complete pedant, the Neanderthals were long dead and gone when bronze axes came in and of course most of us of European or Asiatic descent have some Neanderthal genetic markers.
  6. Yes, The RAF in the UK had a handful of aircraft that escaped from France plus some for test. Britain took over the outstanding French contracts for 204 75-A4 that arrived in Britain and were sent overseas, some for training in South Africa and two Squadrons (5 and 155) were equipped with them in India and saw service against the Japanese. AR633 was one of five Norwegian A-6s' that had been diverted to the UK after the Germans invaded Norway. I fancy doing one of the Indian based machines, which had a different engine, but AZ are not doing that version yet, so an old conversion kit might be used with one of the current kits
  7. No it is from the old Modeldecals sheet cut to the specific size for a fighter. I must admit I had not really noticed until I looked at the pictures again. Might do a bit of patch painting when I next have some Day Fighter colours on the go.
  8. Thanks, I have always quite liked the look of the P36 and first saw the scheme in an old Aircam book nearly 50 years ago. Thanks, it is not a bad kit, needs a bit of cleaning up and fettling to make sure it fits and the instructions could be a little clearer in places. WIng-fuselage seams are something I like to get right as they are very obvious. The upper wings were tacked with superglue and accelerator, then liquid cement used to bond stuff together. I seem to recall some gaps on the underside that received a thin shim of plastic card to fill, which is another of my favourites as it forms a stronger joint and a better finish.
  9. Not posted for a while, partly because camera had died and has been replaced and also owing to ongoing family concerns re mum. this model is AZ Mohawk III kit finished in the markings of 510 Sqn at Hendon in 1943. The kit provides the decals, most of which were not used as the roundels were a bit bright and I was not sure about the codes. 510 was a relatively short lived communication squadron with a variety of aircraft that included this Mohawk, that apparently lasted until late 1943, when it was struck of charge after an accident. By that time I should imagine spares may have also been a problem. The model is based on a photograph and a couple of profiles. The kit gives grey codes, but the photo (and I know bw photos are not always a reliable means of deciding colours) suggest to me that the codes were dull red. The photo also shows the aircraft was unarmed. The kit itself was not too bad to build given the nature of 'short run' kits. the main problems were with the cowling and wing roots. the latter needed some work on the top wing halves to ensure the wing had some dihedral. Paints were Xtracrylix and decals a mixture of kit and Modeldecals. Hope you like it Martin
  10. Mr T

    thoughts out to those lost in NZ and their families

    Completely senseless and repugnant, I cannot even begin to think of what goes through someone's mind who thinks this will change anything.
  11. What interested me about the museum was it dealt with, what for some visitors might have been uncomfortable, some of the issues around the past. For example in the railway section, there was a display about the role of the German railways in WW2 that made for unsettling reading. For anyone visiting Berlin I would recommend a trip here if you have most of a day spare. The DDR Museum is also worth it, if you are of a certain age, anyone remember ORWO film?
  12. Another very nice build. Thinking of your early post war builds, I was lucky enough to visit the Deutsche Technikmuseum in Berlin a couple of years ago where they have some very nice pre and early postwar WW1 Civil aircraft that have been beautifully restored.
  13. Mr T

    The rate of inflation

    You mean there is a tooth fairy? Not been anywhere around here recently. When the tooth fairy last came that I remember as a child the going rate was a shilling (12 old pennies for the young ones amongst you, half the price of a Series One Airfix kit at the time).
  14. A five litre tin of Crown paint (colour, Looking Glass) and some mid sheen white for the seven doors etc to decorate the stairs and landing plus such sundries as masking tape. Still, I have some stuff on order from Halifax Model World to look forward to and a mini cruise to Amsterdam in two weeks.
  15. It was from the Rugrats kit, sorry I did not make myself clear. My understanding is that was/is placed near the front of the layout to reduce the mismatch between 1/72nd and 1/76th (this being at 4mm to the foot, the most popular scale of model railway in the UK, although can use three different track guages for standard Gauge layouts}