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  1. Anyone spot the new MikroMir 1/350 Resolution Class out too Regards Tom
  2. Looks like Revell are going to have a lean year once the Star Wars rush is over - nothing but reboxes and reissues to begin with. I really hope they've got a couple of new tools up their sleeve or they're going to go the way of Palitoy era Airfix. Regards Tom
  3. Thanks guys for all the support I'm pleased to report that all is finished ready for the trip to Telford tomorrow. No pictures unfortunately as I've got my hands full with packing and final prep but anyone who wants to have a closer look can find it on the Revell Modelling SIG stand in Hall 2 all weekend. I'll do a proper RFI on Monday once I (and my wallet) have recovered from the madness Regards Tom
  4. Dammit Steve! I was going to start my 1/32 Tornado after I finished the Hunter but now I'm going to have to pick one of these up at Telford too. Looking good though and a good guide to the fit pitfalls. Regards Tom
  5. Maybe the addition of hot air surface blowing (a la Buccaneer) would be a useful feature. You could also switch to a delta wing to increase surface area with increased aileron area for slow speed handling. The Lightning has plenty of power for carrier ops but you'll need to address the fuel capacity to make it a worthwhile concept. Obviously you'll need an arrestor hook, maybe a double nosewheel would help with deck landings? Food for thought anyways. Regards Tom
  6. My god that is absolutely incredible. The paintwork and little details are so realistic that if you photoshopped it into a museum background no-one would be able to tell it was a scale model. Regards Tom
  7. Cheers guys Just the wing stencils left to add now but today saw a major milestone: Yes she stands on all three legs, nice and level too. This was the moment I was dreading as it would have been too late to really do anything about it. It is really all downhill from here and I think it'll be all over by tomorrow evening . I am going to have to buy another one of these at Telford because it has been the most enjoyable build I've done for a long time. Regards Tom
  8. Best camouflage scheme on a Halifax bar none looks great Steve. Regards Tom
  9. Keep going Joe cant wait to see her in the plastic on Saturday. Regards Tom
  10. Absolutely Pete, I'd love to get my hands on one of Tamiya's F-4J but at a third of the cost I can have a Revell F-4F and stretch my skills sorting the errors - which is probably the more fun way anyways. Which might explain why I've got two of them (well ones an RF-4E but still) and the Luftwaffe camouflage schemes are some of the best ever worn by Phantoms apart from RN / RAF ones Keep up the excellent work on the Tonka. Regards Tom
  11. I got mine at the same time - Wonderland Models if my memory serves me correctly . I'll be adding a couple more Hunters into my stash too, plan is eventually to do a GA.11 and convert another into a T.7 although the conversion kits currently cost 4 times the basic kit crazy world that we live in. Regards Tom
  12. I think I may have developed the ability to stencil in my sleep over the last few nights Julien although its surprising how many its possible to apply in one session. Cheers Adrian I think it'll just be the underside stencils missing at Telford - but if you don't tell anyone then neither will I Wow thank you Pete It's comments like yours that really make 'communal' modelling what it is. We all build for ourselves but knowing that our work can help to inspire others to attempt a kit is rather humbling - especially as I consider myself an 'average' modeller at best. There are some re
  13. A masterclass as always oh how I wish I had skills like these. Regards Tom
  14. I think the big Tonka might be my next 1/32 after I finish the Hunter. Time to lay in some A/M at Telford methinks. Looking very good from here, keep up the good work. Regards Tom
  15. Just the sink marks on the starboard fuselage and the port nose tip had broken (the bit above the nav window) - nothing that a little basic modelling can't cure. I've waited too long for an accurate Shack MR.2 to care about minor issues frankly. Regards Tom
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