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  1. I really liked them when I first bought them, but their shelf life is unfortunately quite short. They get very thick in the bottle and thinning them doesn't help much. They are also very prone to clogging the airbrush, although I have cleaned it meticulously.
  2. Thank you, very kind of you. I'm not fond of graffiti either, except in designated areas and of high quality. Tags, they're just ugly.
  3. Well, thank you! I've built almost every aircraft there is to build, so I have to broaden my horizon.
  4. Thank, it was a real pleasure to build and paint. I'm building more of these in the future, no doubt.
  5. Thanks! Showing your work in a forum makes you, at least me, try to raise the bar. Which is a good thing. /T Thanks!
  6. So, I’ve finally put all the pieces together. First some interior detail that will be hard to take pics of after the final assembly. I realise I need a new lens for my Nikon, I can't come close enough with the ones I have, and the deapth of field isn't good enough. This is the ceiling, in an ugly yellow hue, which I simply love! Who wouldn’t want to tag the inside of the tram? Notice the small light bulbs, a very nice touch from MiniArt! The hand railing (or bar or whatever it might be called) is made of a styrene rod, as cleaning up the kit parts would take hours and I woul
  7. Excuse a newbie if this is out of place, but you can follow my build here:
  8. Some progress. I've weathered the tram with some oils and watercolour on the windows. The bars on the inside of the doors were very, very difficult to clean up without breaking them. Some were already broken on the sprues. I replaced them with 0.75 mm rods, painted matt aluminium. Then I put on some graffitti decals from Uschi van der Rosten, the semitransparent set, and they behaved very well. They went down perfectly with Micro Sol. I sealed them with a thin coat of Mission Models semi gloss coat. Next up is some dusting with MM Transparent dust and some mor
  9. The body assembled, weathered with some oils. Ready for graffitti decals. The cabin, a little less weathered as it's not as exposed to weather as the cargo deck. Decal for the speedometer (or whatever it is) from the spares box. And a broken window looks the part, I think. The roof ready for the rest of the parts, but those have to wait until I get the roof in place. I think that can be a bit fiddly. I've tried dry fitting it, and there is some resistance, so I won't press down on it until it's ready for the final assembly. And some stuff that's supp
  10. So this is my new project. My plan is to make it a bit battered and neglected, though still in use. Full of graffiti in several layers, so weathering, graffiti decals, weathering and more decals, and finally the last weathering. Let’s see if I can stay the course or jump on another project prematurely. Here’s the progress so far. I primed the under carriage with track primer, then added some rust colours from Vallejos rust set. Next step was some hairspray followed by an off black mix based on Tamiya’s flat black. Tamiya’s paints are the only ones I’ve used that behave the way
  11. A great kit, very fun to build, and makes a nice show piece. Be careful when you put the wheels together. I obviously made some mistake so there is a small gap between the spokes and the hub.
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