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  1. Thanks. I've searched the internet but can't find the answer to what the cylinder is for. Some additive to the gasoline, but I don't know what exactly. My best guess is a gelling agent to turn the gasoline into napalm. Thanks! /Torbjörn
  2. Thanks! Thanks! /Torbjörn
  3. Thanks! A lot of different layers of oils and washes and pigment. /Torbjörn Thanks! Yeah, wouldn't want to stand face to face with one of them. /Torbjörn
  4. A quick build (after a long haul with a Tomcat). Builds very well, a sheer joy to build ... and gives you the opportunity to go all in on the weathering. Built OOB, with just a few pipes added. I really recommend this little gem. /Torbjörn
  5. Thanks! Sometimes I find weathering a bit tedious, but it's a fun challenge to create som variation to a gray area. /Torbjörn
  6. Thanks Djordje! /Torbjörn
  7. Thanks! I agree about the instructions, not very clear. /Torbjörn
  8. Yes, all done with oils, except panel lines, I used watercolours for them (Payne's gray). On the bottom surfaces I used ochre. /Torbjörn Yeah, don't we!
  9. And when I was almost finished, Tamiya released a new version of the kit, a carrier launch set. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-61122-grumman-f-14a-tomcat-late-model--1364285 Should I build another one? The Iranian scheme is interesting. /Torbjörn
  10. Yeah, the wings ... The decals were on befor I realised it. The markings ... Well, only real aficionados will see it. I did them a late night, my attention was probably elsewhere. /Torbjörn
  11. Yeah, you spotted the wings, well done. Stupid mistake, but I realised it after the decals already were on, so no chance to correct it. I'll fix the missing piece, thank you!
  12. What missing piece? /Torbjörn
  13. Ah, I didn't know that. Thank you! I'll replace one of them, since I painted and weathered thenother ones as well. My first jet since I was a teenager, so not as up to speed on these machines as I am on WWII aircraft.
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