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  1. Thanks! I just got a delivery with four more kits from Miniart. Am I getting addicted?
  2. Thanks, Jeroen. I'll definitely will build more of those little workhorses. Pristine tractors are seldomly seen. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! And yes, makes you wonder how their backs and bums felt after a few hours driving that one around. Thank you! 'Twas great fun!
  4. A really fun build. I'm very fond of Miniarts kits; odd subjects and easy to build, though they are highly detailed. This is also a test bed for my next project, which is this one: https://miniart-models.com/new-photos-of-kit-37028-sla-apc-t-54-w-dozer-blade-interior-kit/
  5. Well, I aim to please, so here you go! Enjoy! /Torbjörn
  6. Thanks! The scheme is what made me take it out of the stash. /Torbjörn
  7. This girl is ready for inspection. Pix from the process dan be found here: In the photos it looks a tad bit grainy, but it's partly a trick of the light, partly that I finished it with Mission Models gloss varnish. I won't do that again on NMF. Till next time! Keep safe and healthyy! /Torbjörn
  8. Thanks! The tarpaulin really makes a differense.
  9. Some more pics. I really love Tamiya's Spits. This is the second one I've built, and it just comes together without effort. At times I wonder if you could cut all the parts from the sprues, put them back in the box with a little glue, and give it a shake and all the parts would come together as a finished model. Primed with Ultimate gloss primer (i just love it!) to the left, and sprayed with Alclad Chrome to the right. Masked and ready for the red stripes and roundels. Getting there. Ready for a few coats of gloss. Finished result in a co
  10. Thanks, I will probably build more of these. Thanks!
  11. Brilliant, Steve! Must be nice to come so close to a Spit. I've always wanted one in my garden, but well ... And yes, it's the XVIe. /T
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