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  1. Quite pleased with the result of trying to recreate the crudely painted sides of the aircraft. Done in oils so as to be able to right any wrongs. A stiff brush and one a bit softer payed off. What do you think? Good enough? Now I'm patiently waiting for the oil paints to dry, then a coat of gloss varnish before putting the decals on. And the propeller, also drying, and only lacking a thin coat of lightly orange och yellow tinted varnish. Stay safe! /Torbjörn
  2. And this is the scheme I'm aiming at. Any suggestions for painting the brown/olive drab sides? I understand that they were painted quite crudely with a brush. /Torbjörn
  3. I really liked building the 1/32 Fokker Dr.1 Triplane, so why not give the 1/24 a go? So far I really like the kit. Excellent fit, good engineering and good mouldings. No flash, no sink marks. Here are some pictures for you. First, this is how I paint leather. Primed with a light tan base, then a dark oil colour applied with a sponge. The stark contrast will be toned down with the subsequent layer of, in this case, quite heavily thinned uniform brown. The final result. I wanted it to be pretty pristine and not worn. For a worn look you go easier on the last coat of paint. Here's the cockpit, as you can see. I read that the seat belts are very fiddly, and they are, but not that taxing. The glue on the back is a bit annoying, as it sticks to the tweezers more than it sticks to the places it should stick to. But the result is very convincing, me thinks. This is quite a fast build, so I got around to the engine as well. I like the colour of copper, and saw a picture on the internet where some parts (I have no idea whatsoever what they are called) were made of copper, so that's what I opted for. Here are some of the separate parts, with a light weathering with fresh motor oil. The wires to the spark plugs are made of copper wire. And put together, front ... ... and back. Just a little putty needed on the dorsal side of the fuselage. And as a preparation for the rigging I had to make some turnbuckles. I was sure I had some in my stash, but obviously not. I think these turned (pun not intended) out well. That's copper wire and heat stretched plastic tubes. You can do it with stretched Q tips, but the environmental friendly ones are now made of paper (and that's a good thing!). Here they are assembled on the tail fin and the struts. I also try a new way of doing the rigging. It's always very fiddly to attach the rigging when everything is in place, and I've never quite come to terms with EZ Line. If you make a mistake they are very unforgiving. When in contact with CA glue they often curl, and it's hard to get a good stretch. And when the glue doesn't set properly ... you have to start over. So for this project I use fishing line painted black with a permanent marker. This is the upper wing before painting. The line will probably get stuck in the paint, but I'll get to that hurdle soon enough. Hopefully I'll be able to do some serious airbrushing in the next couple of days. Stay healthy! Get the vaccine if you haven't already, so you can keep on modelling. /Torbjörn
  4. Wonderful work! This build got me started on one of these birds. Truly inspiring.
  5. Thanks. I've searched the internet but can't find the answer to what the cylinder is for. Some additive to the gasoline, but I don't know what exactly. My best guess is a gelling agent to turn the gasoline into napalm. Thanks! /Torbjörn
  6. Thanks! A lot of different layers of oils and washes and pigment. /Torbjörn Thanks! Yeah, wouldn't want to stand face to face with one of them. /Torbjörn
  7. A quick build (after a long haul with a Tomcat). Builds very well, a sheer joy to build ... and gives you the opportunity to go all in on the weathering. Built OOB, with just a few pipes added. I really recommend this little gem. /Torbjörn
  8. Thanks! Sometimes I find weathering a bit tedious, but it's a fun challenge to create som variation to a gray area. /Torbjörn
  9. Thanks! I agree about the instructions, not very clear. /Torbjörn
  10. Yes, all done with oils, except panel lines, I used watercolours for them (Payne's gray). On the bottom surfaces I used ochre. /Torbjörn Yeah, don't we!
  11. And when I was almost finished, Tamiya released a new version of the kit, a carrier launch set. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-61122-grumman-f-14a-tomcat-late-model--1364285 Should I build another one? The Iranian scheme is interesting. /Torbjörn
  12. Yeah, the wings ... The decals were on befor I realised it. The markings ... Well, only real aficionados will see it. I did them a late night, my attention was probably elsewhere. /Torbjörn
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