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  1. Hi GTX, I’ve asked Alan and this is his direct answer The carrier is CVA-01, 1/700 scale. I use to sell it to scratch builders who would do everything else. It only comes with the hull and island, nothing else. You can now get 3d printed aircraft from Shapeways for the ship Cheers, WV908
  2. Posted with kind permission from Alan, a photo he sent me of the Buccaneer (with the Vulcan just poking in) - look at the Gannet for scale! Alan reckons he may have the Bucc and Vulcan ready around November time and has put a minimum three month timescale on the Gannet reissue. That Brabazon look tasty, but the Buccaneer... wow!! Cheers, WV908
  3. Do you have any photos of the masters on display? Cheers, WV908
  4. 1/32 Buccaneer....... I’ve just died and gone to heaven.... That 1/32 HHA lineup just became feasible! Cheers, WV908
  5. WV908

    Sea Vixen FAW.2

    Absolutely horrible, terrible kit. Worst of the worst - what were Airfix thinking?!? Wait, no that’s the Trumpeter kit.... As others have said, the Airfix Vixen is one of the best kits they have ever done, and probably vies for the position of best 1:48 British Jet kit done by anyone ever, so there you go. Regarding the wing fold, it is rare you see these built ‘full spread’ (ooh err), but if you have the space then have her unfolded. A WIP is still recommended though as you’ll come across different details depending on which jet you build (please build a D3, they are beautiful). I have both the Airfix and Dynavector kits in the stash - now Dyanvetor is pretty much legendary for producing some now very sought after vacforms (looks at the scimitar in the corner) and I for one cannot decide between the two which one I want to build first as the Airfix kit looks just as stunning as the dynavector example So yes, Horrible, terrible kit. I’ll happily ‘dispose’ of it for you Happy modelling!
  6. Hopefully this may help a bit; A bit bittersweet using my last photo of an operational Tornado, but it’s the best side-on-ish reference I have. Cheers, WV908 Edit: I know i’ll have to alter details on one of the tails, but I may wait until I have them mounted to the fuselages until I actually alter them. There’s no point changing the height if they end up being ‘off’ when built up.
  7. Hi again, I’ve done a photo comparison of the two, using the base of the fin and the top of the intake as my reference points, throwing up this. I’ve also included a third photo to show the incorrect ‘ellipse’ profile of the Revell fin cap - both manufactures have it wrong as it should be somewhere between the two; Regardless of the issues, I hated building the Revell tail - short shot on the intake and the top fairings, well.... Cheers, WV908
  8. Ah no worries then It is indeed odd. I’d expect there to be a slight difference in profile, but it’s a huge difference. I’m not having much luck trying to scale from photos unfortunately Cheers, WV908
  9. @exdraken I don’t understand what’s confusing about my question. The Italeri 1/48 Tornado tail fin is taller than that on the Revell 1/48 kit. I’d like to know which one is correct. Cheers, WV908
  10. Hi all, I’ve tried to find the answer to this myself with no luck, as I can only find reference to how the Italeri tail is wrong at the front and the Revell tail is wrong in top down profile, so... Having multiples of each kit on the bench, I’d like to know which kit has the correct tail height - the Italeri tail is significantly taller than the Revell tail and i’d like to know if I need to make one taller or the other shorter. It’s way too much of a difference to leave it. Cheers, WV908
  11. Very nice result This build has been a massive inspiration, and i’ve managed to pick up the old airwaves conversion to build the RAFM example Cheers, WV908
  12. A dive into my stash would show that i’m Obsessed firstly with Lancasters, followed by Tornados, Phantoms, Vulcans, Spitfires, Buccaneers and then Hurricanes and Victors. These types make up about half of my stash, ranging from 12 Lancs down to four Victors and everything else somewhere in between But, that doesn’t wholly reflect my favourite types.... My single favourite aircraft bar none is Hawker Sea Hawk WV908. Following that is Lancaster PA474 and Vulcan XH558. My favourite types are the Lancaster, Tornado and Buccaneer Favourite variant of any aircraft is the Spitfire Mk.IX and my favourite single engine fighter is the Hurricane. Which leads into my final oddball obsession, nothing to do with anything else - the RAFM Cosford axis collection, specifically the German aircraft. Pretty much the reason for these obsessions is seeing the aircraft fly. The German stuff at Cosford? Apart from being fascinated by the simple fact the stuff survives (ME-410 in particular) I have no clue why I like them. I never got to see a Buccaneer fly, but watching them come down the runway at Brunty in a trio, lights on in a storm.... wow! Cheers, WV908
  13. So they do I always thought that the S&M kit was 1/144 - looks like not. Cheers, WV908
  14. Hi Tommo, I’m wanting to build Cosford’s E3A, so I have a lot of work ahead. I didn’t know about the change to the main gear and engines so i’ll have to look into that. Cheers, WV908
  15. Hi Seahawk, thanks - that’s great! It certainly clears up the the JF-L confusion, with that code belonging to EJ710. Why the prefix would change to J without a squadron change or it being a replacement for a KIA aircraft is beyond me, so where the basis for that comes from is beyond me. If if I can find suitable decals to do the doodlebug tally, I’m inclined to model her at the end of her operational career as JF-N. I’m guessing that as a series one airframe she’d have retained the five spoke rims and the other arbitrary series one features, although it looks as if she had a pure Tempest cockpit, not a Typhoon one. This is in the aim of having something to sit next to RB396 (again, decals - please? ) Cheers, WV908
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