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  1. Can anyone indicate if one of the two new spinners is the pointy Rotol type please? I'm wanting to build the Loch Doon Spitfire that's all and she has the later Mk.V type Rotol spinner. Cheers, WV908
  2. Please let the words 'Two Stage Mosquito' follow that dash Cheers, WV908 EDIT: Well it definitely wasn't that
  3. I find it a shame that out of the three Retirement schemes they picked the jet which went tech the most. ZD716 would have been a better choice as it was the only one which didn't go tech (apart from one day maybe)and therefore was the one that most people saw. Odd to do ZA542 twice as well. Cheers, WV908
  4. Hi @Turbofan Thankyou for the extra information and links - it's good to have more evidence to back up and show the merits of the conversion. I have a Zvedza -8 kit on the way now and will either build G-CIVB in Negus 100 livery or G-CIVL in her 'One World' livery. Cheers, WV908
  5. Hi @Cyberduck It's the set that Hannants doesn't have that I need. It's the Negus 436 decals that I need and 26 decals will have it back in stock in four weeks, but thanks anyway Cheers, WV908
  6. @71chally The winglets and flap fairings are spares from Abandoned project, who is kindly supplying some RB-211's for my build in exchange for the -8 kit's engines I'm not too bothered by different wheels in 1/144 so I'll not worry about those, but thanks for the heads up. Cheers, WV908
  7. Hi 71chally, Reading up on the old -400 kit the wings are too fat as well as sitting at the wrong angle, so I'd be better off with a -8 wing shapewise anyway Cheers, WV908
  8. Hi @skippiebg Thanks for the info - I've been offered a set of -400 flap tracks too so all is good it seems Cheers, WV908
  9. Hi @tomprobert Thanks for your input on the kit - your rendition certainly looks very accurate and was what initially swayed me to consider the 1/72 kit - the line that kills the idea is that you had to scribe it yourself. I'm more than happy scribing the odd replacement panel line here and there and I'm happy building vacforms, but there is no way I'm going to scribe an entire 747. Abandoned project has kindly offered me the engines I need along with -400 wingtips in 1/144 so that's the way I'm going. As @71chally mentioned, the wing of a -8 is a massive grey area, so I'm not sure
  10. Hi @modelldoc The nose shape certainly looks better than the Anigrand kit. Cheers, WV908
  11. I note that the wing of the 747-8 is thicker and wider than that of a 400 - is there a noticeable difference between the wings in 1/144? Cheers, WV908
  12. Hi @Abandoned Project Message sent Cheers, WV908
  13. @Skodadriver Thankyou - that thread will be really helpful as my knowledge of 747's is well, lacking to say the least. Cheers, WV908
  14. Hi @Pin Sadly the Anigrand kit (like their C-5) is ok until you get to the nose which is quite frankly a disaster. The nose is way too stout and although you get a lot of resin for your money it is a lot of money. I could look at printing my own decals but scaling is always the issue. Cheers, WV908
  15. Does anyone have a list of the innacuracies of the AIM kit? A major put off is the only decals I can find for a BA bird in 1/72 are from Draw Decal and are £50! Cheers, WV908
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