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  1. I find it annoying that they keep churning out the same markings for this. It couldn't have been that difficult to add something like 'Old Fred' - which is an actual surviving nose section Cheers, WV908
  2. @Simon V This is not the WNW kit - the most obvious item (bar the lack of stressed skin) being the horrible pilot's pedestal block. I'm halfway through correcting this on my first Lanc and I may be tempted to pick this up, what with having the spare clear fuselage - I could build one set of wings and one tail but have two fuselages and swap my model of PA474 between it's Leader and Phantom iterations! Cheers, WV908
  3. Farnborough is home to Night Bird. If it's a Buccaneer I think I just might cry. Yes, I have the IFA kit, but this would be an injection moulded Bucc in 1/32 and I think I just might want about twenty of them.... Cheers, WV908
  4. I would love a decent kit of all of these in 1/32. Isn't Eduard working on a Typhoon with Special Hobby or something? Cheers, WV908
  5. I'd like to throw the F7F Tigercat into the ring. Yes, HPH did it in resin but it's Two Hundred and Thirty smackeroonies for a WWII twin. If HKM can push one out for the same price as the Meteor then I think they could be on to a winner. Alternate suggestions; ME410 (Ooh HPH do this one too - 270 euros!) Hawker Sea Fury!....Yes please! Fairey Firefly.... Hmm.. Bristol Blenheim... Maybe... P-51H...Drool F-82 Twin Mustang....Mega Drool (could this be the one?) Cheers, WV908 EDIT: Sod it, I want a Defiant
  6. I am hoping for sub £200 for this one. With the exception of the Lanc which was a one-off as the real things hold a special place in my heart, £200 is my absolute limit for any kit. IFA Buccaneer was £180 and the Jetmads Viggen will just scratch in at £195 posted - but when Tamiya and Revell Phantoms can be bagged for around the £40 mark to be converted, my tolerance for the price of a new 1/32 Phantom is significantly lower. Saying all of this, the cost of the Italeri Tornado GR.4 is still unknown and I'd like a couple of those... I think for WW.2 that a B-26 is a good bet, even if others have said it's not that. A nice line of 1/32 Griffon Spitfires would go down a treat though! Cheers, WV908
  7. Italian Tonkas seem to be a rarity, but I fail to see why when there are beautiful builds like this! Not Tornado obsessed at all....... Cheers, WV908
  8. @fightersweep It would stop me in my tracks too - I already have the HK Lanc so I'd rather spend that money on a B-17 instead. Funnily enough that Varsity I sold you is funding the kit and aftermarket for my 1/32 Brit Phantom! Cheers, WV908
  9. I'll be very happy to see the 1/32 Brit Phantoms appear, but wasn't there a price of £325 waved about a while back? I've just bought a Tamiya 1/32 F-4J at a very good price to convert, so part of me is hoping that this announcement isn't the Phantom. Saying that though - there should be aftermarket decal sheets-a-plenty if this is the Phantom so I'll be more than happy either way! Cheers, WV908
  10. Hi @panzerlehr46 I'll send you a message Cheers, WV908
  11. Hi @Rob K. Thanks for the links About a week after the last post on this thread I managed to pick up a Kinetic F.5A for £20 which I was pretty pleased with. Despite the good price, imagine my dismay when after searching for one of these kits for so long Kinetic goes and announces a rebox... With Spanish decals too! Cheers, WV908
  12. @panzerlehr46 I have a Revell 1/72 F-4F that I'd happily shift on, and I also have decals for the two Hellenic Phantoms that attended RIAT 2017 that I drew up and had printed. I'd like to sell the kit and decals together if you are interested? Cheers, WV908
  13. Duly backordered with Hannants - couldn't be happier with the schemes shown. Does anyone know the differences between the early and late fuselages please? Cheers, WV908
  14. Whoever he is, he is talking out of his backside - there are multiple people out there who will do the design work for those decals and print them for around £40 max as a one off. Some insist you do the design work yourself and then they do all the tweaking and layer conversions for printing etc - the guy I go to does this for around £25. Cheers, WV908
  15. Hi @exdraken Yeah that's the patch - I was at RIAT last year but only went on the Sunday so I missed the boat with the Harrier Patches. I have finally been able to contact the people who made them so I'm hoping one can be winging my way soon enough. I know this scheme is being done in 1/72 and when I asked the guys doing the decals if they would scale it up to 1/48 I was told no as someone else was doing them. That was in October.... No sign yet sadly. Cheers, WV908
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