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  1. Ah so that would necessitate the extra cooling. Thanks Cheers, WV908
  2. Thanks @Graham Boak It's true what they say about one question leading to another haha as I'd now like to know why the Seafire XV and XVII have the twin radiator arrangement despite being single stage also? Cheers, WV908
  3. Dumb question time. Why does the XII have the early underwing fit of single radiator plus oil cooler and not the later twin radiator fit? Cheers, WV908
  4. The problem is that even BR601 (as the 6th IX off the production line) was modified to the later standard, similar to how MH415 and MH434 are presented now. Unless anyone has modified their early IX back to original condition as BR601 has been, then there just won't be any. The IX in this early configuration is the kit mentioned at the bottom of the previous page and *looks* to be right for BR601. I'm now scratching my head thinking if I caught her in the UK before she departed to the US, but I don't think I did, sadly. Cheers, WV908
  5. Unless Troy or anyone else has any other examples they know of then it looks like the only surviving early Mk.IX with the small chin intake and large cannon bulge *C* wing is BR601, a beautifully turned out warbird living in the US that has quite an incredible history. Cheers, WV908
  6. Hi Troy, preferably a warbird but I'd be happy with any survivor. Yeah with the PR.XI, I have all the conversion bits to do one from a VIII or IX already, so since the VIII has the wing I need for the IX build, I could just swap the wings and file off and fill the bits I don't want. I probably have other options looking at my spares, but it would be nice to know if any survivors still have them. Yeah this is the boxing I've just bought I should have looked for one of the older boxings though. Cheers, WV908
  7. Back to the original header topic quickly - does anyone know if there are any surviving Mk.IX's with the original twin cannon bulge? Stupidly I've just picked up the Eduard 1/48 Early IX without thinking which wings it had. If there are no suitable IX's then I guess I can just pick up another HF.VIII and modify the early IX wings to use on that as a PR.XI conversion. Cheers, WV908
  8. A strong follow up to this would be a 1/32 Hawker Typhoon or a Sea Fury - maybe Kotare will get around to them before Special Hobby do? Cheers, WV908
  9. I love how we're always moaning 'Oh not another Spitfire/109/Mustang' But when something like this comes along we're begging for more. If they follow up with the rest of the baby Spits, early 109's and maybe, just maybe an early Mustang - we're gonna go nuts. Cheers, WV908 Majorly wishlisting here but... Defiant plz.
  10. Shall we play price tag bingo? I imagine this will sit somewhere around the £130 mark? I really want one of these but I'm also tempted to hold out and see if they do any later marks. A late mark F.XIVe would be a dream come true (says he who has five Griffon conversions in the stash) Cheers, WV908
  11. Drat! I missed this. Email sent in hope. Cheers, WV908
  12. Still no aftermarket paddle blade props for this. Seems very odd. Cheers, WV908
  13. Someone over on LSP said the current order numbers include the Learjet (I think) pre-orders - so collectively between the two they appear to have half-sold each. Either that or the Viggen is nearly sold out again but I decided not to chance it. I did secure a pre-order for the first run but had to cancel as the payment just hit at a bad time. Well, this time I've already paid so it's only a matter of time Cheers, WV908
  14. Just got my order in (11058) These things are selling fast. Sadly never seen a JA-37, but I am lucky enough to have seen both SWAFHF Viggens fly and live very close to the one on display at Newark. I can't wait for it to arrive - it looks fantastic.
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