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  1. The Hitch Hiker's Guide has this to say about the Daleks. Stay away. Really, stay away. No, honestly, just stay away. They're horrible. Nice builds there though. And I'd never even thought there would be left plungers...
  2. There was a city in Russia that was named after the Beatles. It was called Lennongrad.
  3. THUD! That was the sound of my jaw dropping. You may have inspired me to start my Eagle now. At least I know where to look for references now, even with one of the original studio models residing a couple of streets away from me.
  4. Now I've mown my lawn, I'm going to water it with vodka. That way it should come up half cut.
  5. Oooh. Nice. I've still not built my first Eagle, but I now "need" one of these.
  6. It's looking good so far. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh at a show some time in the (not too near) future.
  7. The last episode was confusing. I was so glad I'd recorded it - it meant that I watched the majority of it at double speed, so at least I didn't have to suffer for a whole hour.
  8. My ex said she would dance on my grave when I'm gone. So I'm going to buried at sea.
  9. Looking good but.... WHERE'S THE RUM?!?!?!???
  10. I've decided that I need to make more friends. So I've bought a DIY home cloning kit.
  11. What's R2-D2 short for? He's only got little legs.
  12. I know a joke about roofing... but it'll go over your head.
  13. I knew a pirate once, had to give it up when his ship caught fire. Apparently it was aaaaarson.
  14. Wow!!! That is very, VERY impressive. And you're still the King of Cotton Wool modelling.
  15. Well done on the gold medal. I'm aiming to finally start mine as my 'Christmas Hols Project' although i suspect it will be waaay after Christmas by the time it's finished (based on my current rate of construction it's likely to be finished by New Year....2021).
  16. I really want to see this with Great Ctulhu alongside... but sadly I won't make it to Telford this year on account I'll be in Dublin cheering on a few friends.
  17. I picked up one of the 'Porsche'-turreted versions at the Southwell show recently. I'm looking forward to building it (maybe it'll be a Christmas project). I'm also thinking of getting a second one to do as a cutaway version.
  18. You could always display it with Great Cthulhu wading towards it...
  19. Very nice. I've got one somewhere waiting to be built (along with the Delta Integrale). And they still look and sound fantastic in the flesh - there were a few going round the circuit at Castle Combe Rally Day last Saturday.
  20. Nooooo.... I feel like I'm going to have to start mine now, and there's a few others that I should finish off before I start yet another kit.
  21. You've obviously not tired of girderwork after putting the Eagle together. Interesting model, but lighting it?
  22. Anyone fancy a day trip to Innsmouth?
  23. Live Long and Prosper - oh, hang on...
  24. Okay, after seeing this I no longer want one of these..... .... I NEED one! Cracking work, by the way. Will it be ready for Smallspace?
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