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  1. Nearly there, just some decals and light blocking to do.
  2. Cockpit back wall, first time I’ve ever worked with fibre optics, rather pleased with how it looks.
  3. Hi This was my Xmas pressie from my daughter. I’ve tried to make it as dirty as the original, and I’ve lit it as well. underside of the ship, Lighting rig so far top of ship cockpit, still need to add the fibre optics to bring it to life.
  4. Ohhh, just looked again, your right. I’ll turn em around. Thanks.
  5. Stuart, first time ever building a ship. And the flags? Are they, that’s what the instructions tell me to do??
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you the Black Pearl. I’ve gotta admit to finding the rigging very tricky, especially the more sails I fitted. There was no room for my hands to get in to attach them. Also not too happy that after nearly minty quid, the flags are a few bits of poxy paper than I had to cut out, but overall happy with the final result. What do you all think?
  7. Latest update, now got three sails attached. I can honestly say now that I hate rigging these. Revel instructions make it sound so easy but as you fit more sails, the less room you have to get your fingers in. Much swearing and knashing of teeth ensured putting these in. Still got seven of these buggers to do!
  8. Managed to get the masts rigged. Wow it’s fiddly to do with my sausage fingers! also got the first sail attached to the mask. If I thought rigging the masts were tricky then it’s nothing compared to the sails. Not sure if I’m going to be able to attach all of them, there is just not enough room to get your fingers in and tie the knots! Picture of the sail tomorrow.
  9. So I’ve been doing a bit of work on this model, it’s very fiddly in places but I think I’m getting there. With the work I’ve done so far, there is still some painting to touch up. What do you all think?
  10. Hi I’ve never posted in this section before, as all my model are normally of the Sci Fi variety but another passion of mine is the Pirates of the Caribbean films, so when I saw the 1/72 scale Revell model of the Black Pearl, I had to have it. First impressions are that the box is huge and there are tons of individual pieces, all well moulded and crisp. Lots of thread for the rigging (not looking forward to that bit), so far so good, but the quality of the instructions are a let down. Black and white photocopied instruction not even stapled together doesn’t fill me with joy, considering the kit was nearly £90. Oh well on with the build. Airbrushed the big pieces the required Anthracite grey, and the sails a lighter grey. Will hand paint the smaller bits. I did a fair bit before I remembered to take some photos, also I’ve gone cannon crazy having made 32 of them. Each cannon has seven individual sections! p.s. I have never built a ship of any kind before so be gentle with me.
  11. The cable runs out of the base of the model and into the stand. Fitted a socket in the stand and it’s powered by a 12v supply.
  12. This is my own kitbash design for the NCC 2631, USS NIMOY, in honour of the man himself. Made from a number of different kits, printed my own decals as well.
  13. This is my 1/600 Revell Original series Enterpeise model. It’s fully lit but sadly not sure on how to upload the video. hope you all like.
  14. This is my Enterprise C model, no lighting kit used, just some LEDs I had lying around. It was a very old model that I got on eBay and the decals had all dissolved so I had to print my own. what do you all think?
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