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  1. Mondas42

    Enterprise D refit!

    well I finished it!
  2. My latest build, the USS Voyager, it’s the Revell kit. I didn’t use a lighting kit, but some spare LEDs I had hanging around. What do you all think? And without the lights on.....
  3. Mondas42

    Ikea Coffee Table!

    I’m just imagining my wife’s face if I suggested getting one and putting one of models in it...........ah that will be a no then love!
  4. Mondas42

    Enterprise D refit!

    Soooo many escape pods......soooo many decals! Arrrggghhhhh!
  5. This is not a total WIP but more of a refit of an old model. Many years ago, at least 25, I built a kit of the Enterprise D. It was the fibre optic model and in those days I knew nothing about Aztec decals. It has been through two house moves and a few bangs and scrapes along the way. This is what it looked like up until a few days ago. as you can see I didn’t paint the model from the base colour of the plastic and hand painted (badly) the aztecing. So I decieded to revamp it. I removed the old decals, and sprayed the body a more accurate colour. I cracked open the model by leaving it in the freezer overnight to make the glue brittle so I could replace the old incandescent bulbs the model came with, with modern LEDS. I just received a new set of decals and I’ve got all the life pods to decal up! Over 400 of em! this is what it looks before the new decals are applied.
  6. Can I assume you are using a airbrush? I sadly don’t have access to one so it’s either hand paint or rattle cans for me.
  7. Wow, sooooo much better than mine. I bow to your skill.
  8. Mondas42

    1/350 Enterprise refit

    Thank you sir for your kind words.
  9. This is my build of the Polar Lights 1/350 Enterprise refit. I complete this before the Reliant that I have already posted. This build was the first model I have built for about 25 years and I made a few mistakes along the way. Most obvious is the poor light blocking in the main hull. Other errors are less visable on photos but are too me. I bought a lighting kit for it but added the option to switch the deflector dish from blur for warp to amber for impulse using a duel coloured LED. Also on impulse the blue of the warp nacelles is off. I also have the navigation lights blinking but set the speed too fast and now cannot get to the unit to slow them down. Overall I would rate it a 6 out of 10. Now the pictures.
  10. Mondas42

    USS Reliant

    Didn’t come with them, found a web site that had free to download images that I printed onto decal paper.
  11. Mondas42

    USS Reliant

    Thanks for the nice words, scale is 1/537. thanks
  12. Mondas42

    Led flashers

    Please forgive me if this is in the wrong place, but does anyone know a supplier of variable Led flash circuit boards in the UK. I like to add flashing LEDS to my Star Trek models, but struggle to find a supplier of the boards needed to allow slow flashing LEDs? thanks martin
  13. Very nice, like it. I have one of these to build.
  14. Mondas42

    USS Reliant

    Would love it if they made a 1/350 version to go with my refit Enterprise.
  15. This is my first post, I have just finished this model of the USS Reliant, I added all the lights myself. What do you all think?