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  1. Alan, thanks for the reply, for the first time ever I did apply a clear gloss coat before the decals, and this is the problem I got. I was wondering if that was the problem. I’ll try your suggestions, last option is the remove them altogether and do without.
  2. Help, I’ve just finished this model but the decals have silvered as they were applied. This happened straight away, some of them you could see the silvering before I even laid them down. I’ve never encountered this before and it really spoils the model. is there anything I can do? It was a new model so the decals shouldn’t have aged.
  3. I’m thinking off weathering it, but not 100% sure on how to do it
  4. I’ve never done one of these before so this was new territory for me. I hated the decals on this as they didn’t hold very well, and the red ones on the wing fronts fell off, so I painted them on.
  5. My wife bought me this a long while ago, but only just got around to building it.
  6. I originally built one of these over 30 years ago, but by now the model is falling apart so I bought a new one. This is the result.
  7. Hi, I originally built one of these about 30 years or so ago, and actually still have the model, although it’s falling apart, so I bought another kit a little while ago and gave it another go. Here is the results,
  8. Nearly there, just some decals and light blocking to do.
  9. Cockpit back wall, first time I’ve ever worked with fibre optics, rather pleased with how it looks.
  10. Hi This was my Xmas pressie from my daughter. I’ve tried to make it as dirty as the original, and I’ve lit it as well. underside of the ship, Lighting rig so far top of ship cockpit, still need to add the fibre optics to bring it to life.
  11. Ohhh, just looked again, your right. I’ll turn em around. Thanks.
  12. Stuart, first time ever building a ship. And the flags? Are they, that’s what the instructions tell me to do??
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you the Black Pearl. I’ve gotta admit to finding the rigging very tricky, especially the more sails I fitted. There was no room for my hands to get in to attach them. Also not too happy that after nearly minty quid, the flags are a few bits of poxy paper than I had to cut out, but overall happy with the final result. What do you all think?
  14. Latest update, now got three sails attached. I can honestly say now that I hate rigging these. Revel instructions make it sound so easy but as you fit more sails, the less room you have to get your fingers in. Much swearing and knashing of teeth ensured putting these in. Still got seven of these buggers to do!
  15. Managed to get the masts rigged. Wow it’s fiddly to do with my sausage fingers! also got the first sail attached to the mask. If I thought rigging the masts were tricky then it’s nothing compared to the sails. Not sure if I’m going to be able to attach all of them, there is just not enough room to get your fingers in and tie the knots! Picture of the sail tomorrow.
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