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  1. Got some paint on the insides. Not having Zinc Chromate I used my Light Olive spray, dry brushed some Humbrol 90 Sky over it and then some Tamiya Aluminium. I used some spare bits of seat belt etch on an old fret as the Sutton harness I brought with me would be wrong for a US aircraft. Please so far, should pass muster through the canopy. I have ordered some Zinc Chromate for the wheel bays etc when I get home. That ejector pin mark is annoying, I have since moved a lap belt to cover it.
  2. So I've made a start! Last couple of weeks I built an Eduard Spitfire Mk.1 and had some bits left over. So I added some ephemera to the Mustang cockpit and used some spare fuselage framing to give the internal structure some detail. Will look okay through the 'glass' I reckon. The dark grey plastic is Eduard's.
  3. I just realised I missed a de-icing stripe on the barn door. There should be 3 chevrons. Easy to add as they were only masked and the dusted over with some Citadel Corax White.
  4. When I am away at sea I often bring a modelling project with me to work on, The last few spitfires I have shown are the fruits of this. I am however rather restricted to the amount of kit I have available and things like air-brushing etc are just not happening, so I usually build the aircraft up to the point where it is an assembled fuselage & wings and then finish the rest at home. This is my 'tool box'. Humbrol aerosol Light Olive as my generic 'cockpit colour'. This trip my project is a P-51. I initially wanted to build AG345 as I always though the Allison Mustangs looked very smart in the green & brown RAF scheme. However I have the wrong P-51 for this as AG345 has the under nose mounted guns. Then opening the box I found this: And being a sentimental kind of guy figured that as AM don't exist anymore, and it's a 'First Edition' I should build it in it's intended scheme. Not being a 'heavy weatherer' I will build it as a 'clean' build but will try some new techniques when I get home as the SEA conditions were very hard on aircraft. It still won't be the full 'Burma campaign look'. I may even leave off the kill markings and keep it cleanly delivered. Looking forward to this as have never built an AM kit but heard good things, also have looked as some of the stunning work produced by others on here on the AM Mustangs and Apaches and their ICM descendants.
  5. As I had both in the stash it seemed and easy workaround. Plus as my 'Not MH434' shows the other bits didn't go entirely to waste!
  6. Bugger.. That's £20 gone on a digital camp decal sheet then!
  7. Looks great! Watching with interest as I have one of these although I do declare I have no idea where I am going to put it once done! LOL
  8. Only in my head I’m afraid. Would look amazing in the Digital Camo 2017 F-4EJ scheme.
  9. Nice job! What scale is this, I have a spare 1/48 Watts prop.
  10. Not proposing I build one, but surely the Me 323 Gigant deserves and honourable mention!
  11. Very sorely tempted to build a Luftwaffe Mig 29 to bridge the divide. Either that or another RAFG Phantom!
  12. I need to build a Lakenheath Eagle at some point, this seems like the best time! Sign me up!
  13. But you can't turn a saucepan into a Tempest... (You couldn't turn a saucepan into a Spitfire either)
  14. Yes please! 1/48 6 Squadron FGR.2 built to match the old Matchbox box top art.
  15. I'm in please... I have a 1/48 Lynx HMA/8 with the conversion set to make a HAS.2/3. I also have 1/48 Sea Harriers and will probably own a Kinetic GR.3 by then as well, plus Airfix's new tool Vulcan will be out just to annoy Cdr. Ward. Lots of possibilities!
  16. Yes you can than Eduard for that... Not ideal, no idea why it couldn't have been one piece but was a fine line between obliterating the rest of the detail and loosing the line.
  17. I remember why I kit bashed a IX and a VIII! the VII has the short carburettor intake a’la early IX. The VIII kit has the longer one.
  18. Stainless is only used as a facing. Never as structure. Fairleads on tugs are stainless faced.
  19. I’m in! With a stash full of interceptor types I’m going to throw my hat in with at least a Tornado F.3, a Phantom FG.1 and a Sea Harrier FRS.1. Should be fun & a good way to clear the stash!!!
  20. Thanks for clearing that up. My phrase ‘mild steel’ is based on the fact that it’s essentially just ‘steel’ as opposed to stainless etc. Full disclosure: I’m currently on a ship, as Master. So not an engineer and certainly not a ship builder! We do however do rather more than ‘just drive them’ regardless of what the oily chaps downstairs think. Interaction with surveyors and Class os a big part of it.
  21. Dammit. Now I need one of these for the stash! Great work & an inspirational build.
  22. That's lovely looking, am lucky enough to see these frequently engaging in air to air combat practice off the Norfolk coast. Will be sadly missed when they go.
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