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  1. Not a word I use often...but somehow 'spiffy' just popped into my head the instant I saw your build. Really a little jewel! Cheers
  2. Superb work on the vehicle...and those Poilus really look like they mean business! Great project!
  3. Love them all...but especially that super-tasty chopped and channeled '28 Ford! Great stuff!
  4. Superbly impressive, Dave. All the little extra additions and great paintwork really sell the illusion. Great fun to examine closely!
  5. What he said. Freakin' gorgeous! This is one of the most effective all-over weathering jobs I've seen...much the more, considering it's on NMF. Truly stellar work.
  6. You can tell it's a left-handed kajiger, 'cause the whatsit is in metric.
  7. As a great admirer of the nation and her people, it's always great to see anything Finnish being modeled...and this is a hum-dinger! Beautiful work and a lovely Finnish...er, finish. Cheers
  8. Warm welcome aboard from, as it were, an 'ex-colonial'...you'll have a marvelous time here, it's almost like being down at the virtual version of the 'local'...(almost always) minus the innebriated remarks. Cheers
  9. One of my favorites -- ever -- was a great late-'70s British spy series called The Sandbaggers. It was one of the first to show the gritty and bare-knuckles side of that dirty business...complete with sometimes-duplicitous (and often harried) political masters, budget restraints, and the day-to-day reality of hard choices...instead of the gizmos-and-glamor take of James Bond, Man From U.N.C.L.E., etc. As grim as all that sounds...and it frequently is...the excellent writing is intelligent and witty, with frequent doses of black humor. Superb cast headed by Roy Marsden and Ray Lonnen. Not to be missed!
  10. It's funny...my first thought was '1950's comic-book Batmobile.' Superb project, artistically achieved!
  11. Very fine work, indeed! Just a punter's suggestion, particularly for armor models -- more 'ground level' shots, to get the full effect. Cheers
  12. That is just (you should pardon the expression) effing gorgeous. Really beautiful work!
  13. Great job (and a livery I'd not seen before). Really delightful!
  14. Mate, that is drop-dead gorgeous! Superb rendering of one of the most eye-catching camouflage schemes out there. Cheers
  15. Really like what you've done with that fondly-remembered classic kit! Beautiful finish.
  16. I always thought the D.XXI was one of the more elegant designs of the between-the-wars era, and you've really done it justice. Great result, superb finish, and enjoyed your build log as well. Cheers
  17. That is smashing! Really beautiful work on one of my favorite kits.
  18. Truly awesome job on one of the most singular aircraft of that conflict. A real eye-catching stunner!
  19. Couldn't agree more! She's a lethal-looking beauty. (And the low-angle shots really capture the raptor-like appearance it never quite lived up to in real life. Great photography!)
  20. Nothing better looking than a good-looking Sea King! Well done.
  21. That's as fine a finish on that old bird as I've seen. Well done! I love it when old kits get a whopping dose of TLC! Cheers
  22. I concur wholeheartedly with my colleague. Excellent result!
  23. I missed this on the first go-round. Beautiful work on the model...and your airport scenery really sells the image! Well done!
  24. Exquisite job on the camouflage, and a beautiful build all the way 'round!
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