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  1. Simple. Easy question: 428145 picture copyright GPArt
  2. Please do. Shipping from US is a killer and it would be wonderful to have a chance to get these books somewhere in Europe. They are a must have for me for sure!
  3. There is no riddle here. On the colour pic You have Autumn 1943 and the toothpick blade. 16 kills on the board would put the bird into March 1944 and symmetrical CE paddleblade fixed on the nose, as it is seen on the black & white picture. I mean the pics on the second side if the thread.
  4. Well, as a matter of fact I've been talking about ignition items on the reduction case of the R-2800. Still, enjoy Your built anyway You like. Good luck!
  5. You need no magneto between distributors. Turtle Backs had integrated magnetos and there was only covering plate there. They should be black too, by the way.
  6. Navy aircraft used a braided antenna wire sometimes made of a phosphor bronze and could also have a steel cord inside for additional strength. Copper in colour then.
  7. There are not many among us who could say they gathered some information from people who witnessed those days. In my opinion it is always better to encourage those guys to share then the opposite way round. When it comes to model building everyone can take from them whatever he finds worthy, or throw away everything. No problem there, but the stories are priceless just for being there. For me they surely are. It is possible to find a proof for disobeying any of aircraft maintenance rules. There is a lot of pics showing such situations. But they show nothing but these situations only. Of course there where heavily weathered, dirty Spitfires. Of course they were cleaned. Well, even I wash my car once in a while. Imagine being a person obliged to work with an aircraft every day. Wouldn't you rather clean the surface, or put your fingers in still growing layer of greasy, dirty mud? Even without staff chief over you. And let's not forget all those stories where caring about the aircraft went far over the regulations and orders. Mr Safford and Shacki needed some three months to find polishing and waxing job on Gabreski's Razorback completed. What's wiping some oil compared to this ,
  8. I did not mean to make my post personal. I apologise if I made You feel unease. I just don't agree with nobody can prove you wrong idea, as it can be replaced with nobody can prove you right with no loss to the meaning of sentence. I was not talking about OD and applying it on the model anyway. The paint can fade up to brownish red colour, but that surely doesn't mean it is all right to mix red and brown and spray it on any model. I am also aware there is no problem to start, let's say, with any yellow and end with splendid Olive Drab finish. But painting models was not what I was talking about.
  9. Still, is it really the shining price of our efforts? Let's remember it would be just to paste this sentence in most every thread on modellers forum. I read it very often and find it rather discouraging. In my opinion it is much more worthy to research the subject and find the clues making you believe your choice would be the most probable one. Remembering this doesn't mean one have reached the truth, the position one would have found himself in seems really comfortable to me. Well, at least much more comfortable then 'nobody can prove you wrong' situation.
  10. I wouldn't see an 'M' here even if I wanted to . This one? I'm in no mood to go downstairs for the book http://img.photobucket.com/albums/1003/lasermonkey/92-sqn-spits.jpg Code letters shape. Summer 1940 too. I should say the last Spitfire in the pic above is the very same craft. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v634/Mark12/Album%204/1-N3249QJ-P001a.jpg
  11. I don't know what the decals look like. Be careful to produce the remnants of old Temperate Land (Dark Earth) on the boarders of markings. Good luck! Kołaczkowski's MkIIA was my last built, so I am with You here.
  12. It was the case for Kołaczkowski's Krysia (X4828). 303 left it's MkIIs at Northolt base at the time and collected MkIs in Temperate Land for lighter duties out of 11th. The overpainting is clearly shown on this aircraft picture.
  13. Look for P-47Ms of 61st FS: http://www.littlefriends.co.uk/gallery.php?Group=56 Check the 56th FG page too. There is an album with good quality bw pics of "Lanny' Łanowski posing with Gładych's P-47D-28. It was Gładych btw, who was responsible for dinner jacket story/joke. Possibly he was not the only one... .
  14. I don't think You'll get anything more definitive than a quote offered by Nige above. http://p47.kitmaker.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=152024&page=1 I also belive Nick meant the 'black is black... period' thing in his last post. Another matter about colour samples is what colour was accepted as matching the sample. But it is clear Nick is holding on to another subject. Being very interesting it is surely not nuances of modelling scale effect, which are by far less simple then adding a suitable bit of white to chosen paint. Here is where MkI Eyeball comes handy and works at its best. I belive it is Nick, who produced here a link to tone vision test once. It was a good one, showing quality of one's MkI. Still even with som eye imperfections you will see the colours the same. Maybe not as they really are, but as they are to you. Don't underestimate the possibilities coming with Eyeball computer.
  15. The one poor quality pic is just that - one. Other pics and background stories point in some direction. Certainty? For a single aircraft? Almost never happens.
  16. Of course You would. Yet Pengie III is a Razorback. Listen to Nigel. The pictures do not exclude nose art, but they are just not showing the place. There is one picture of Mike's D-28 of poor quality (I have only seen reprints though) where You can suspect two colours of camouflage. Probably that was a reason for the idea. Pengie IV was Night Black over NMF most probably.
  17. Alberto Vargas work seems to be inspiration for most nosearts of the time. You can also find other artists, whose pin-ups appeared on fuselages of mostly American planes though. Gil Elvgren, Billy De Vorss and Peter Driben would surely be among them. http://www.thepinupfiles.com/index.html#.UcRU-pxF2So Two examples of nose art on Polish Spits: http://modelwork.pl/viewtopic.php?p=576989 Scroll down the page here: http://pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=3&p=111499
  18. http://www.mojehobby.pl/products/U.S.-Serial-Code-Numbers.html Techmod makes these numbers. Jennigs is right of course. The numbers were 45 degree style US lettering, but the way of organising stencils differed even between series of the same craft of the same line. Not to mention repairs and camouflage changes.
  19. Miggers, I was very pleased to read Your comment here. For me it is always a pleasure to see somebody taking care to analyse the model he sees. I know, this needs the somebody to be a bit into the construction of the original, yet it still makes me glad to meet that kind of reaction produced by my work. Here I add a few details. It is a pity the hanging connection wire of the gun sight with the plug dangling at the end has optically coalesced with the control stick. It also very hard to make a pic of dimming screen cassette (You may spot its operating handle though) or gun sight mount. If You wanted to see the stuff in full resolution click me and scroll to the pictures.
  20. Well, I wouldn't be the one to put it in front of Your face, would I? An example would be an engine. I have started with ICM MkIX Merlin and fixed it only slightly before fitting it in the model's nose. The whole correction of supercharger section I had to correct through the bars of the cowlings and engine mounts - cutting, sawing and all. Then I had to add all of the detailing presenting engine fixture, like some gynaecologist... . But things are mostly fixed there. Anyway I had to lie here, and accept the truth there . Most of the weathering effect is a result of many layers. There are rough underlays, tonal corrections and final shaping. The latter ones are achieved with tiny brash long strokes. Lifecolor Tensochroms and clear lacquers were used here, mixed as needed. At least as long as we are talking about filler cap area. I have started the painting process late 2011, You know.
  21. I have written on Polish site about fellow Britmodeller's comments these were nice but of no great value. These words are taken out of longer post treating about internet presentations and out of context obviously. It was never my intention to offend nice guys like You. Still if anybody felt unease with the words quoted by Artur I do honestly apologise. I will be glad to explain any doubts if the apologies would appear to be unsatisfactory. Thank You again for Your kind comments and please feel free to point out possible mistakes if You care. Dave, if You want to get rid of Your kid, don't make me a reason please. Your prettier half could curse me .
  22. Thank You very much! The forum does not accept full scale pics. This connected with Photobucket settings do handicap the quality. Anybody interested in better version may take a look here: http://www.pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?f=180&t=35803
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