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  1. greatgonzo

    Republic P47 D Thunderbolt Razorback

    And it seems it is meant for a late one. There is no such thing as a difference between razor and bubble except those obvious considering the shape. There was just a development of the construction. The Aires kit is not right for Mahurin's bird when it comes to oil tank, hydraulics reservoir and it's area and (AFAIR what's in the box) ignition system. At least ;). And there are some elements missing too, like constant speed propeller governor. If You care for such a thing... . Be careful to use right markings for toothpick prop. This P-47, like others got a replacement paddle blade screw as soon as it was available. I mean it may be good idea to check if the decals fit the time frame. Hope the built will go swell.
  2. greatgonzo

    Couple of questions on AVG P-40Bs

    Thank You Nick. The Cockpit Light Green idea makes sense to me, which does not mean its a proven thing, of course. It was known (does not mean common) practice in the field to correct the antenna wiring following different problems with maintenance, or making things more comfortable. The radio would work not only with one wire configuration. It is always a bag of warms to try to pin exact wiring for the single aircraft. I know it doesn't help much here :(. But if somebody wanted to avoid mounting the antennas it is good to remember, they could have been taken off on the ground to allow easier access to the plane. Erks would have done it with Spitfire - no reason why should it be different with P-40.
  3. greatgonzo

    Couple of questions on AVG P-40Bs

    Nick, is it possible that being built for RAF, the AVG Hawks would have been painted in the cockpit area with a paint based on DuPont 71-036?
  4. I've had a feeling I've got another photo of Bette too.
  5. greatgonzo

    Half and half P-47 in the Pacific

    Ooops. double post.
  6. greatgonzo

    Half and half P-47 in the Pacific

    When I was writing an quite large article about Neel Kearby and his Thunderbolts for our Polish periodic AeroPlan, I had to mention Tom Moore too, as a member of Kearby's flight on famous MoH dogfight. I always wondered about wives and girlfriends personified on the aircraft noses. Here is Capt. Moore and his wife - 'Daring Dottie'.
  7. greatgonzo

    Half and half P-47 in the Pacific

    It was Yellow. Capt. Moore's 341st squadron colour. No mystery here.
  8. greatgonzo

    F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair VMF-214 markings

    C'mon, I've seen many grey framed US insignias on b&w pics. I was hoping for red... .
  9. greatgonzo

    F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair VMF-214 markings

    Where? It would be a real treasure, so I'd love to see it too.
  10. greatgonzo

    F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair VMF-214 markings

    No red borders on Pacific area. It was official. Well, semi official really, but fully official from the point of view of people responsible for painting the birds. The restriction coordinated and issued by Army and Navy. With thousands of aircraft there it is easy to assume there had to be an exception. There even are strong candidates to stand as such an exception, sure. Still, the day is yet to come when the hard proof for red bordered insignia on the operational aircraft in the theatre will show up.
  11. greatgonzo

    P-47C, flat keel,200gal ferry tank.

    I missed the grande finale. Very interesting presentation of a bit less known period in 56th history. And Zamke's bird seems a rare view on modellers sites. Well done!
  12. greatgonzo

    Ken Walsh F4U-4...markings?

    It is Okinawa U-4 all right. The occasional photo was taken after the 21st kill achieved by Walsh. I am not fond of accusing authors wrong with no evidence to support it, and that's how it stands in the books.
  13. greatgonzo

    Ken Walsh F4U-4...markings?

  14. greatgonzo

    56th Fighter Group M Colour

    Thank You very much for Your effort Nige!
  15. greatgonzo

    PR Spitfire wingtip vents

    Hello! Anybody copied the pictures presented here by Edgar? I didn't do it before and, sadly, I can't just mail him and ask for help, as I used to not so long ago.