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  1. Thank you so much Silenoz, Vaoinas and Werner. Still Thank you.
  2. First ever built? Are you sure? I like it. Well done.
  3. Hi guys, I'm going to start with new project, the Tractor Case Vai from Thunder Model. Now I'm looking for ww2 photos about the tractor and walk around. Do you suggest me info about this vehicle? Thank you so much. Mike
  4. Thank you so much guys!! Your comments are support for my hobby time. I'm satisfied about this little scene. After an another pause I think to restart with a new little work. I have interest about a kit from Thunder Model, the Tractor Vai. Now I'm searching photo to inspiring me. I hope to start soon with new project. Bye.
  5. Hi guys, the little scene is complete, "Eyes of the tiger". I hopo you like it.
  6. Hi guys, I think that the kubel is done. Now I'm going to add some accessories.
  7. Hi guys, The canvas painted with acrylic colours, 80% done . Bye
  8. Hi Southpier It's a overflow tube. I found this picture on web and was useful for reproduced the detail. Bye
  9. Hi combat, some time ago I had the same problem, probably is the thinner, I solve the problem with a mask with air filter, open window (also in winter) and airbrush session no more an hour. I like the Vallejo paints , I use them for to paint the details on the kit and for the figures. I'm going to built a little base for the Kubel and I think to add one or two figures from Alpine Miniatures. I will put the photos in progress. This kit it's very easy to build and with an pe set becomes very interesting. I found a bit of photos, if you think are useful I send through wetransfer. Have a nice weekend. Mike
  10. Thanks Southpier. After many months without modeling it is not easy to start, so I decided to built a easy kit.
  11. Thanks Carius and clive_t. Today only decals on site. bye
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