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  1. Thanks @JOCKNEY and @Rabbit Leader for a well run GB. To cover every Matchbox tooling is truly remarkable so well done everyone for the contributions. As an Airfix diehard, I doubt that every original Airfix tooling would have been covered, and whilst there are fewer Matchbox tools, there are still quite a few rarities. I enjoyed my couple of builds, they brought back happy memories.
  2. Thanks Pete, just around 3 hours work for each of the two days I've been on them. Nothing tomorrow, I'm bowling. Another shift on Friday
  3. Work has started on the Warhammer figures.
  4. Thanks @Valkyrie, good piece of local history there
  5. Thanks very much David - oh no, my carpet monster can be cruel and unforgiving
  6. Something like one million men served in the armed forces of the Confederacy during its short life, and one third of them were killed or wounded, or died of disease or neglect. The Confederate army wore grey and blue, even companies in the same regiment varied. 4th Georgia Infantry Regiment 1863 Memphis Zouave Cadets Lebanon Grays – Co H, 7th Tennessee Infantry Poplar Springs Grays Co K 24th North Carolina Troops/14th North Carolina Volunteers Moore’s Creek Rifle Guards – Co E, 18th North Carolina Troops/8th North Carolina Volunteers Columbus Guards No1 Columbus Vigilantes – Co H 18th North Carolina Troops/8th North Carolina Volunteers Unidentified Confederate Infantry
  7. Put the final touches to the Rebels this morning
  8. I put my paint pallet under the magnifier too so everything is relative
  9. Did that, but I can still see their posts
  10. I don't want to waste my time getting notifications of their posts
  11. A variation of the Airfix Life Guard.
  12. A Dutch Red Lancer. They fought alongside the Polish Lancers at Waterloo.
  13. I utilised the horse from my first 54mm build and used it with a figure I was given. The horse was painted using oils and the figure with acrylics. This was a fresh build but using the Life Guard's horse. The horse was airbrushed and the figure had painted, all in acrylics.
  14. The decals had gone missing, so I gave it a heavily weathered finish. I chose Rugby Cement because Rugby was my home Depot when I worked freight.
  15. Bluey has been completed.
  16. I've put the finishing touches to Lance.
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