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  1. I was listening to Al Murray's and James Holland's podcast earlier this week and they were aboard HMS Belfast and I was quite surprised their tour guide from the Imperial War Museum was quite adamant that her current camouflage is accurate.
  2. Here are some random photos at different angles of the turrets when I was aboard her. They might come in handy for you.
  3. Thanks for that, I've had a closer look at the model and your thread and I think I'll be going down the way you've suggested. It must be quite an old model because there is quite a lot of tidying up to do on the plastic. I've been spoilt with newer molds on other kits recently.
  4. So this is gonna be my build of the Scania 143M. My father drove the same truck with the impressive sounding V8. So the idea is to build this for him and gift it to him once it's done. This is my start so far, I've put together the V8 and scratch built a few bits and pieces to it. It's hard getting decent reference photos of the engine but I'm happy with it so far, if I find better pictures then I'll more details to it in the future. I'll be modifying the cabin so it can be levered opened to access the engine compartment, just like how it is like on the real thing for maintenance. Dry fitting parts of the chassis, I'll be painting each part separately so thought it would be best to see how it fits together. Don't think they'll be too many problems here. Same with the cabin, dryfitted. I think this cabin is going to be a nightmare to put together, quite a big gap between the doors. I'm not sure how to tackle that. I think maybe paint the cabin inside first and finish that off first. Then somehow try and reduce the size of the gap with a bit of brute force and elastic bands. I'm open to ideas.
  5. Thanks for that, I'll be giving that a shot with my next ship model.
  6. That's really good so far! I'm really impressed with your hull plating. Any chance you could go into more detail in how you done it please?
  7. Fantastic job mate. Personally I think it's one of the best looking vessels of WW2.
  8. Each bag of pebbles is over 50kg each, got over 10 bags filled but I'm not even halfway in removing them. I'll be giving them away to a friend for free for timber and railway sleepers. So that will save me a small fortune. Half the decking can be saved I think, so I'll just half the size of it as it's quite big already and lay some grass where I'll be removing it. As for growing plants, my girlfriend already told me she wants to grow plants to eat so I'll be making some raised beds out of railway sleepers so that will keep her happy. I'll give that link you shared a read too.
  9. Trust me, I've only taken up gardening as it's essential just now. It's quite a big garden but the previous owners decided to replace all the lawn with pebbles. So I'm lifting what must be tons of these pebbles and putting them into heavy duty gravel bags. I want to put grass down so my partner and the baby have a nice private place in the sun. But the best time to lay the grass is in Spring or Autumn so that's why I've got into gardening. Don't get me started on the rest of the garden though, decking - rotten, shed - rotten, pond - needs repairs. Also thanks Jeff, got my fingers and toes crossed everything goes fine.
  10. The plan was to have this model finished before the birth of my child. But I have failed miserably at this as the baby is only a matter of weeks away and I haven't touched the model since February. The house I've bought past year is old and every room is needing done. Luckily I've completed downstairs but I didn't realize how much work I've taken on decorating upstairs for the nursery and our master bedroom between days off and work. Now I've started the garden and that's a whole different level of project. But I haven't gave up on the model, upstairs I've just got a new carpet to install, build a few bits of furniture and a few wee electrical jobs in the master bedroom and then fingers crossed, I can restart King George. I've bought a few extra details for her and I'll be working on a case to keep the dust off.
  11. Thank you for the nice comment, yes I'll post some close ups tomorrow. Just been busy with DIY with the better weather.
  12. Looking great though @Rich75. You've managed to get them straight which you were worried about. Maybe just add a few more towards the stern? Mine isn't 100% on the dot either.
  13. Honestly mate I think it looks fine, you've kept excess glue to a minimum. I always imagine the average person who visits my house and sees my models on display won't have a clue of the differences. So I just make the model to however I want it. I'm not the type of person to enter a contest. Just do what you're comfortable with, it's a hobby after all. The placement of the rectangular scuttles aren't 100% accurate on my King George. But if you're wanting to do them too I actually did it the same way @robgizlu suggested, the only difference is I use VMS slow drying CA glue.
  14. More deals in Aldi this week, different design for a drawer organizer for a £10 and a magnifying lamp for £20.
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