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  1. Next stages. Cockpit painted and aircraft assembled. Will prime, once Mr Postie delivers my grey primer. Not really worked at this scale and you appreciate just how small everything is! Going for just light armament, not sure if the display version would have any armament, but is seems a shame to leave it off altogether. Question - there appears to be a number of large holes on the sides and one on the top, which I can't see anything that is attached to them (see last picture). Is this correct or have I missed something? . . My
  2. HobbyPaul

    Bob's Buckles

    It's the Gloster Gladiator MkII from Lindberg. Then it's onto the new Fokker Dr1 from Meng.
  3. As it is my first effort, I thought a gentle approach to this would be best. So intending to just do an out of the box build, with the addition of a metal pitot tube (the plastic ones always seem to break) and some different decals. I've gone for the 1987 display scheme from RAF Brawdy XX159 - grey top and bottom with a yellow stripe. I expect that, thanks to the next lock-in, progress will be quick! And they're off! Primed and ready for painting
  4. HobbyPaul

    Bob's Buckles

    Placed my first order with Bob. Looking forward to my first rigging challenge.
  5. Thanks for the comment about the Junkers. I will pay close attention to the decals. Meanwhile I'm going practice the rigging challenge on the Gladiator.
  6. Thanks for the message, Jon.
  7. Thanks for your reply and kind comments. I would be interested, if this was next year.
  8. I have nearly finished the Gepard A2 version, so will have to miss this one. It's a great build and I went for the Takom kit. There is are excellent reviews of both the Takom & Meng kits on the forum, which helped me decide which one to go for. Pictures attached. (I'm new to the forum, so please remove post if this is the wrong place for it) https://imgur.com/a/cBD8vrL
  9. Mine's now arrived and I'm considering going for one of the schemes from the Test & Development BAe Hawks. (I take it that is allowed?)
  10. Kenny - I've been building WW2 planes and armour. About to embark on WW1 plan and tackle some rigging
  11. Having retired at the beginning of the year, and looking forward to playing some. golf, going racing and having a few holidays, covid then struck. Re-think in March and turned to jigsaws in the first couple of weeks. My wife then suggested that I take up model making again, as I've always been a very practical person and, according to her, have lots of patience. She was right - now hooked again and gosh, how the hobby has changed since my school days. The quality of the moulds, the variation of paints, the weathering effects, add-on parts, photo-etched accessories all make for a great hobby. Y
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