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  1. Cool build, agree with the comments on the window trim decals, it's a million times better than trying to paint them by hand...
  2. Looking forward to your colour scheme, great start!
  3. Pat, it's another great build, and the paint work is inventive!
  4. I like this car too! Love the colour...
  5. I can see why you liked the livery, really cool build. Curbside are fine when you have a window to the engine bay, looks great!
  6. Super cool, it's great to see these challenging kits built!
  7. I cannot believe how cool that printed engine is! The rest of it too. Amazing skills, thanks fue sharing!
  8. Great masking work, looks like a neat kit!
  9. It's a cool build, looks like it needs a wash tho
  10. Looks like a tricky one to mask and paint, but looks great in the piccies!
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