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  1. Will be a great build. Looking forward to progress. Sorry, I haven't built one yet, so can't offer any advice...
  2. Oh I've been here before! Overspraying when touching up Overspraying, sometimes builds fight you!
  3. Excellent build so far, it's looking really sharp with all of your detailing and additions. Shame about the size of those decals...
  4. Looks amazing, it's sooo easy to pull the paint when making, and yes, it does l better with the unplanned white lines separating the flag!
  5. Really clean and tidy build, loving the progress!
  6. That paint work is excellent! Will you be decalling then clear coating, or the other way around?
  7. A lot of detail gone into this build John, it's looking great!
  8. Excellent progress on a British classic!
  9. Lovely build, don't see many of these built.
  10. This is a great build of a stunning car, thanks for sharing!
  11. It may well be too low, but it looks racey! Great build...
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