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  1. Reading your write-ups is as much fun as building my own models - and despite your protestations, this looks great. I've got the circa 1475 tooling of the Hurricane to attempt at some point; it looks decidedly agricultural.
  2. I'm a bit unsure; I'm very much still learning the basics, and do you guys really need to see a ham-fisted attempt at a 109?! I've also decided to go for a different set of markings (6/JG52, October 1940) so that I can practise my battle-scarring. The Spit's coming well, sir.
  3. I've always been interested in aircraft that were captured after landing in the wrong place. The story behind this one's quite remarkable. Imagine how gutted you'd be, when landing in enemy territory after being convinced you'd made it home. I'll watch this build with interest.
  4. Don't play the NMA one if you're of a sensitive nature.... That'll do for now - plenty more where they came from.
  5. Did some more today, in between working. Got the airscrew on (this feels like a milestone, for some reason) and it even turns, so I'm doing better than the last time I attempted this! I also carefully tried some weathering. It's not perfect but I think when I get the washes on it'll settle a bit. Seeing these pictures I think that maybe the turret weathering needs toning down a bit.
  6. Think of it this way; on a non-offset guitar the "pinch" in the body is at the same point on both sides and is broadly the same shape, as seen here - On an offset guitar, they are not at the same point; usually the upper (the side closest to the player's chin) half of the "pinch" will be further towards the neck than the lower -
  7. It's just a guitar where the bouts aren't opposite each other. So a Strat / Tele / PB isn't offset, but Jags, Jazzmasters etc are.
  8. @lasermonkey, wow, that's some kind of gear you've got there! I particularly like the basses (people who don't dribble over 4001's just don't know what they're missing!. I've cut down a lot on what I used to have, and have a few pieces out on long-term loan to friends and family. My bandmate Al has my '58 LP Junior re-issue (that's one of the best guitars I've ever played), one of my brothers has my Strat, the other has my 1984 JCM800, that sort of thing. My Orange is a 50w mk2 Rockerverb and I love it. I'd played (and owned!) so many amps over the years and never found one that gave such basic power but also had subtlety and control. I stumbled on the Orange in our local music shop for £700 for the head, cabinet and footswitch. Once I plugged a guitar in and fired it up there was no stopping me, and I sold some stage monitors to buy it - best amp-based decision I've ever made. I tend to run my guitar straight in, but have recently put together a basic pedal board (two home made fuzz pedals, a Bad Stone phaser and a Tr2 trem) for use with my new band. Guitar-wise, that Tele in my avatar which has been used, abused and modded into the middle of next week is my main one, and is backed up by a Squier Custom Tele that I stripped completely, refinished and relic'd and put some better pickups and electronics in (Catswhisker Fat Moggy P90 and a Bareknuckle Piledriver at the bridge). I also have a couple of Les Pauls, a '66 SG Junior (an absolute killer guitar, it just won't handle being tuned down to C with a set of 12's on it or I'd use it in the band), a Sheraton and some other bits and pieces. I used to have a big collection of vintage and boutique pedals but I had to get over being made redundant in 2008 and the pedal collection kept the family fed for a few months, I had an original Boss CE1 (that I used to gig!), an original MXR 117 flanger, all sorts of stuff. My once-huge amp collection is down to the JCM800, the Orange and two Fenders, a 40w Hot Rod Deluxe and a 60w Hot Rod Deville now. The Marshall stacks of yore are long gone, thank god, although maybe I should have hung onto the 100w Mark Two head that was signed by Jim... Anyway, let's face it, this could go on for hours - thanks for sharing your collection! I'll see if I can dig out pics of some of mine.
  9. Some cracking guitars there - just beautiful. Finding the Jag to match the Jazzmaster was an extraordinary stroke of luck, especially if you got it at a reasonable price. I've only regretted letting go three items of musical gear (all Fenders, as it turns out) out of the hundreds that have passed through my hands. One was a Silverface 135w MV Twin, which I kick myself daily for swapping for an Epiphone Explorer (I was younger and stupider). Another was my pink paisley Tele, which I have no recollection of a reason for selling, and the last was my beautiful CAR Jazzmaster which was one of the best guitars I've ever owned. I think it would have been an awesome tool for use in my current band and I really miss playing it. Replacing them all with similar items is going to cost me a fortune but I'm determined to do it. Thanks for sharing your collection - they're truly beautiful JRK
  10. @lasermonkey, those are some beautiful Jazzmasters in your avatar, if I may indulge in a little thread hijackerry!
  11. Such great looking models. Absolutely fantastic work!
  12. Steve, these are brilliant. You've done the old girl proud. I just wish mine was anywhere near as good...!
  13. This is so cool; I'm in awe of you guys who can just build your way around a kit's shortcomings.
  14. I really like the Whirlwind, especially as I believe they were used for some weird and wonderful armament trials (two-pounder guns rings a bell, for some reason!) and you've done a really grand job with this one. Also, sorry for the slight digression, but as a newbie, I've got my eye on a Tamiya Spit mk1 - would you recommend it?
  15. Looking really good there, Steve. Those turrets look excellent.
  16. Hi all, I'm after some advice regarding a pin vise. These aren't something I have any experience of so I was wondering what you would recommend as a good-ish one to start with. I'm budget-conscious but not averse to paying for something of good quality etc. Thanks in advance, JRK
  17. I've only just found this thread but have read it with much enjoyment. It's a shame you struggled with some parts of it but really good to see that you're overcoming them. As a newbie all this is a revelation to me, as I didn't know it was possible to get rid of dried enamel so effectively, for example. I shall really enjoy watching as the project develops. Thanks, JRK
  18. When it comes to decal detail, how much is too much?! Some of these decals are ridiculously small. Not just small - they're miniscule. These little things on the tailplane are maybe 1.5 x 1.5mm and I've got loads more decals to do, both on the wings and the underside. I've been away from this game for a hell of a long time but never imagined that the detail would have improved this much (to the point where I can't see or feel what happening to the decals). Even decal fixative isn't much help when they're this size - they just float around on the surface tension and wick onto the kitchen towel much more easily than they say in position. I suppose my question is this - is it cheating not to apply every decal that comes with the kit, even if that cheating is in the name of preserving one's sanity? Can I get away without these tiny tiny tiny little details (specifically those little number 9s? Thanks, JRK
  19. Hmmm, you're making my Defiant efforts look very humble indeed - you didn't even screw up the identification code decal on UP*S like somebody did... These are looking brilliant.
  20. That's a type I'd never knowingly heard of, but what a little beauty! It's like the love-child of a Defiant and a Chipmunk.
  21. It reminds me of when I first saw the internet in 1996! Still, it might save my bacon yet.
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