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  1. I think that would work with pretty much any living creature...! And yes, Avatar was terrible. It made precious little sense, looked awful, had a plot thinner than 1997 Naomi Campbell, was too long and just sucked, in the original (nautical) sense. Very poor.
  2. Dave, the presentation on that is just superb. The weathering is sublime.... I'm in awe.
  3. @AliGauld and @Winded Penguin, I can second what you both say about Colourcoats paints; they're superb and their colour matching is very accurate. I've also found their customer service to be second to none.
  4. Queen at their best. I know this leaves my punk credibility in tatters, but so what?
  5. I seem to have several of these, too... I bought them when new to kit-ruining and found them on Ebay for what seemed like very low prices. I now know why that was!
  6. Right, I've ordered a kit. It's an Eduard which I got from Kingkit for sixteen quid, post included. I am committed.
  7. Me also; somehow this slipped under my GBdar, but hey, sign me up, James!
  8. I've got a few that would do for this, including an idea that I've always wanted to realise since I saw a sketch of it as a cadet in about 1995. Sign me up, Marklo!
  9. I didn't know he was from Leighton - I shall do some digging.
  10. I've had experience of ICM's slightly lacklustre bomb racks (on the beer delivery Spit, if you remember that) and eventually gave up and made them out of solder instead, as they were thoroughly unsuitable for the job. It's good to see you're making such good progress - those leading edges are superb.
  11. Excellent - just what il dottore ordered! Blimey Andre, I hope you're not too badly hurt and that you get back to normal quickly.
  12. I'm glad you enjoyed the kit; it's probably the Airfix kit that I've enjoyed building the most. Your scheme looks superb, and I reckon you've knocked it out of the park.
  13. Thar she blows! I think it looks grand, Edward, and I can't wait to see what you build next.
  14. Glad to know you've made it over the line with only the odd diversion, Edward.
  15. Hmm, that's exactly the right answer! I'll do some investigating, as I much prefer the look of sprayed markings to decals. Thanks for the info, Mark.
  16. Bearing in mind that my ICT technical expertise extends to pressing ctrl, alt and delete when I don't know what's happening, how easy are they to get what you want out of in terms of roundels, balkenzreutzen, codes etc?
  17. I reckon you'd have no bother with it now, Ray. It doesn't have the lovely engineering of a Tamiya or Eduard kit but if you've got a decent hammer in your hand you'll find it can be thrashed into shape pretty well. Of course, I say this in the full knowledge that the next job is to make the nosewheel door fit, which, if test-fittings are to be believed, will require a steam-driven trip hammer at the very least.
  18. I'm going to try rotting aluminium foil with hydrochloric acid, if that counts? I know this works because I do it at work with the kids; the hard bit will be getting it to rot a bit and then stop!
  19. If the three GB's I'll be building in didn't overlap, Sam, I'd be building one of these myself. I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with yours.
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