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  1. I certainly will - I'm following this closely now!
  2. I've just read through this whole thread: what I know about MTB's could be written on a postage stamp and there would be enough space left to include my full knowledge of scratchbuilding. I'm in awe of what you're doing here.
  3. Cracking job there, Alistair. She looks superb, and as said above that camo is spot on.
  4. You were absolutely correct, Kais, so thanks very much. I've added the stencil to the model and hope to start the weathering later today.
  5. Thanks Mark; I decided that it was fine as it was (partly due to the reason you gave and partly due to not wanting to paint it again!) and went ahead. I'm glad I did because I think the results look pretty fair. Thanks Kais, I'll check that possibility out. For some reason there's no mention of it on HB's scheme, which is pretty darned helpful!
  6. Who would be silly enough to do that?! Oh, me....!
  7. Okay folks, this is getting there now. I've rescued the paintwork and got the decals on. I ended up painting the Reichsverteidigung bands on as the decal was the wrong size and shape and then fell apart when I tried to beat it into shape. I have to be honest in saying that although it cost me two days it looks pretty good, so I'll take that. I might make this a regular thing as I like the result. The decals otherwise went on well, but of the major decals I only used the Yellow 11 markings, as the various kreuzen were sprayed using Montex masks, and again I'm happy with the results. The stencils all went on pretty well other than the red trim tabs, which are a bit too big, so following the matt coat I might have to razor the carrier film down to size. Also, if anyone knows where the hell stencil number 25 is supposed to go, I'm all ears! The guns are now in, which is good; I used some Eduard barrels on the wing guns as they had pre-drilled bores (and I couldn't be bothered to build up the HB ones, which for all their faffing would remain hidden by the wing spar...). I managed to get the bores drilled on the fuselage gun barrels too, so even though they're not very accurately represented they do at least look like pipes rather than billets. Next job is weathering. I'm not going to go wild as there's not much likelihood that this airframe variant ever actually got into combat. Cheers, JRK
  8. @Rabbit Leader as a Welsh bloke I’m pretty ambivalent about the cricket but would remind my friends from across the dyke that even if Australia win the Ashes their Autumn Internationals haven’t been particularly successful. The only thing worse than a whining Pom etc etc!
  9. Thanks @Rabbit Leader, @Ratch and @PhantomBigStu. Every day's a school day!
  10. Thanks @Rabbit Leader - just one question; how are those categories allocated?! I'm building an aircraft but it's green, dark grey and light grey. I assume this makes it category two?
  11. Bless you, Freddie. Can't believe it's been thirty years.... I was on the bus to school when I heard that he'd died.
  12. Thanks Dave, that's very useful to know. I was planning to build it as an NF14, so you've saved me a boo-boo there.
  13. These two landed today; the Meteor will be my Matchbox Classic GB entry next year and the P-40 will keep me going for a while once I finish my current Ta152 build. Cheers, JRK
  14. My wee Matchbox kit arrived today! I can't remember if this was the first model kit I built or the second, but I suspect it was the first. I was given it by my school in 1988 and built it in the obligatory single session, complete with thumbprints, huge gaps etc. The box was sealed in its cellophane wrapper but I broke it open for a look at what I'm dealing with. I have to say that for a kit that's older than dirt it's pretty nice. There's no flash, for a start, and the decals look useable. Roll on January!
  15. Mark, that's superb. What a cracker of a job - I'd be very proud of that.
  16. Well, I've failed to fail or something. However you look at it, I've just ordered a Matchbox Meteor NF11/12/14, so you'd better sign me up for the GB... Kingkit, you have a lot to answer for!
  17. No, I decided to take a punt on one and leave it at that - I've learned the hard way to avoid buying something at all costs. And this way I get to watch you wrangle the beggar into submission!
  18. That's a lovely-looking model, sir. How did you find masking and spraying the wing walk markings? I've been thinking of trying this as decals can look a bit too.... decalish? I've got a hankering to build a very early Mk1 from my Eduard dual combo and sprayed walk lines might well be a feature if I can pull them off convincingly.
  19. I could well be interested in this kit (or, as is heavily speculated, an Airfix equivalent). I'm in awe of the courage displayed by the crews of such wildly outclassed machines in pressing home their attacks. A 12 Squadron machine as used in the suicidal attacks on the Vroenhoven bridge on May 12th 1940 would be of particular interest to me.
  20. I think you'll find that a good choice.
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