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  1. Utmost congratulations to you and your partner, sir. When is the baby due? The MiG is looking cool - I’ve the same kit in my stash and hope it ends up looking as smart as yours.
  2. This happened to me so depressingly often I've had to change my approach to decalling. I now attach upper wing surface ones first, and then let them dry. Following that I do the under surfaces, and let them dry. Next I do the main markings on one side of the fuselage, go for a cry in the dark for a while, and when they are fully dry I do the other fuselage side. The next day I have a go at the stencilling, assuming I haven't thrown myself from a tall building.
  3. I've had (too?) many Teles over the years and the one that has remained is a beaten-up 2003 Mexican Standard; it's not posh but it does what a Tele should do as well as any I've played, and better than some that cost a kidney's worth more. A good Tele will see you covered for pretty much any job. Enjoy yours, sir.
  4. It's good to see the drive train taking shape, Jamie.
  5. Nice one, Jamie. I shall watch with interest.
  6. That does sound very nice indeed. Is this one you've created yourself? At the moment I'm using three fuzz pedals - an MXR Sub Machine, a Zander American Geek and a FuzzDog Sunny T Extreme. They go straight into the front end of my Orange Rockerverb and sound great. That said, can a man ever have too many fuzz pedals? I think a Flower Of Evil would fit nicely in there!
  7. I'm a C standard man myself, and I love letting the fuzz flow. The version of Mr Crowley on the Live And Loud album was just superb. A young Zakk Wylde letting rip on some of Randy's greatest riffs; just perfect.
  8. I don't care that it probably won't be very realistic, or that such-and-such wouldn't have happened, or this, or that, or the other. I've been waiting for this since I was a kid and I'm bloomin' well going to enjoy it!
  9. Same here; who cares if there are paints and tools on a work bench? My workbench is also my desk, so I have to keep it reasonably tidy (or at least sweep an area big enough for my laptop clear of debris) but WIP photographs are taken as the work progresses, surely? Work involves tools, paints, etc, so let's have them in the picture.
  10. She's coming on very nicely indeed, John. I like the use of several different aluminium shades a lot.
  11. Tune in next week to watch as @Procopius carves a 1/24 Sunderland flying boat out of rock salt whilst completing his second symphony and battling a nasty case of St. Vitus' dance! Seriously though, Edward, you've done a belter on this kit despite the dreaded second red line and taking care of a young family. Well done, sir.
  12. Very nice job on the butcher bird. I've not built a 1/72 version but have built an Eduard 1/48 A-3 which was a nice build.
  13. Okay, first off, that's me too, so I feel your pain and Winston's. If it's any consolation he'll probably not turn out like me - in early middle-age, bitter, grumpy, cynical, sour, suspicious, irascible, worn down by life, sick of other people etc etc. Hopefully and much more likely, there's every chance he'll just be a normal human being who does normal human being things and laughs with you about when he was a kid and loves you for all the fun that you gave him. Secondly, the builds are looking sound, and who cares a tiny toss about all of the stencilling? I'm a firm proponent of the "late-war overspray" school of Luftwaffe models.
  14. Wow, John, this is coming along brilliantly. Glad you're beating the kit into submission now, and those finishes are superb.
  15. Very nice, Werdna, as always. There's a good crop of Doras and Ta-152s around on the forum at present, and this makes me very happy indeed! I didn't know about the issues this kit has, but, having two in my stash, I'm glad to have been forewarned. How did you rectify the scoop?
  16. Well, you may be down but are clearly not out; the humour is still evident in your storytelling! Covid was a pain in the ar.... chest for me, but nothing worse, and it meant that I had ten days to wreck plastic without having to be anywhere else, do any work or attend to any of my usual responsibilities, so I'm hoping you can extract similar benefits. Oh, and that weird-feeling penises don't interrupt your flow too much.
  17. Hi, and enjoy the forum. Most of the inmates are unstable but friendly!
  18. Light My Fire is about how hard it is to get warm in the continuous sideways rain of a Welsh August.
  19. What a cruddy day; I'll bet you were glad to finally get to bed in the end. We've got three kids, all grown up now, and I only ever laid a hand on one once. I felt worse about it than he did, so I didn't revisit that method of parenting.
  20. That's a lovely presentation of a great little aircraft - the cowling and engine look great.
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