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  1. Very nicely weathered, subtle and effective
  2. Great job with the colour scheme, excellent execution
  3. Nice outcome, i enjoy looking at some of the rarer subjects that crop up from time to time, you're braver than me!
  4. Liking that, definitely on my wish list, thanks for sharing
  5. Thanks for all the positive feedback, the Hobby Boss kit was actually really easy to put together and i did very little scratch building to bring everything together (the undercarriage hydraulics is probably where i spent most time enhancing the basic kit). I bought the kit second hand on Ebay for something like £20, so considering the time and enjoyment i had building the kit i would say its excellent value for money. regards Gavin
  6. I think this may be my first completed aircraft of 2019! 1/48th Grumman Avenger from Hobby Boss and markings courtesy of Montex Masks
  7. Very nicely done, toned down colours, moderate weathering, very effective
  8. hello Chris, yes the model is 100% out of the box with vinyl tyres regards Gavin
  9. Thanks Badder, here are some more photos. I chopped and changed the figures in the kit a little to fit them to the layout of the truck. I used a mixture of copper wire, solder, Albion alloys tubing and plastic card for detailing. For the wooden plank by the spare wheel i scored a piece of plastic card to get the wood grain and then used a punch and die set to make the fastening studs.
  10. I took a break from aircraft after receiving this kit as a present, i never knew it took so long painting all the accessories and figures! Quite enjoyed the build, kept weathering to a minimum as all the photos i have seen online showed that the vehicles looked in pretty good order save for a bit of dust.
  11. Very nice work, i have a 1/48th on the workbench so this is inspiring!
  12. Great job, i have to confess my one ended up in the bin
  13. highly effective artwork, i like the faded colours you used, the finished plane looks very convincing
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