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  1. Wonderful Phantom! I have that one in my stash as well.. how did you like the build?
  2. Very neat and clean build, really nice job!
  3. Thanks! The Hasegawa is in my stash as well, but I doubt whether it will be as much fun..
  4. Thanx! I never rescribe kits.. instead I use a black primer. After spraying the final colors I apply a nail polishing stick and polish the panel lines so that the black primer becomes visible.
  5. I think you're right, it's one of the Monogram kits errors. Pretty hard to correct, so I Just left it as is.. thans for the kind comments!
  6. I was lucky enough to see just a few operational French Crusaders in the beginning of the nineties. Especially a display of two of these ancient birds on the airshow of Brustem in 1994 made a lasting impression. The Revell rebox of the Monogram Crusader is a very enjoyable build.. Fit is very good and there's a lot of detail, especially considering the age of the kit. I used a Berna decalset, which was unimpresive: decals are very thick and not in register. I used mainly Vallejo and MiG acrylics for the finishing. Anyway, here are some pictures, hope you like them. Kind regards, Gerben
  7. Excellent Chipmunk! Especially admire your canopy masking/painting Skiles!
  8. Thanx! And true, I couldn't find any pictures of Danish F-100's carrying the Bullpup..
  9. Very nice build of one of the most unattractive fighters ever made!
  10. Always nice to see a Starfighter! And that lizard scheme looks wonderfull!
  11. This is my ESCI Super Sabre in 1/48th scale. It's not the best model kit ever produced.. In fact, there are lots of inaccuracies, but still I enjoyed this build, especially finishing in the colours of the Danisch Airforce, which gives a lot of chances for weathering. I used an ejection seat from the spares box, since the original seat from ESCI is a joke. Also I made a new pitot tube from brass tubing. The ladder is from a Monogram kit, as well as the Bullpup missile. I read that Danish Huns were Bullpup compatible, so I decided to use one. The wing fences were cut out of evergreen, and only yesterday did I read that Danish aircraft didn't have them.. Well, here are the pictures: Kind regards, Gerben
  12. Lovely jaguar and looking cool in that wraparound camo!
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