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  1. It's been a long time since I first started this model. Sometimes I find I have way too many hobbies... Anyway, I'm still having airbrush problems but now I have a few ideas of what it might be. The paint is uneven due to the airbrush problems. I've done some more painting with the orange and cut a hole in the hood for the engine. I still need to do a couple more coats of paint. I'll keep yall posted on whatever happens next!
  2. I love the KV-2! I'll be here with lots of interest. Your current one is going great!
  3. After modeling 6 airplanes(and 1/4 too), I decided to do something different. So, naturally I chose this car. I set out researching and came up with a color scheme from the wonderful world of the internet. I went with this 2 color scheme with black and orange which I think will do nicely for this drag racer. Originally they have the car pictured yellow with optional stripes for the side. But I thought that was too boring and I wanted to make it complicated for some reason. Here is everything straight out of the box(sort of). As you can see, I got ahead of myself and painted already. More on that later. Most of these decals I plan on not using, as the red color is the wrong color and probably would not look very good with the orange top. Maybe I'll use the white or something. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. These are the parts I painted so far. I finished the engine bay, hood, radiator panel thing, back wall of the engine bay, and hood hinges. I started to paint the body but only got so far since my airbrush started to act weird. Guess I got to deep clean it again. Till next time!
  4. Looking Great! I might have to put this in the list of models to buy and build. I've always loved rally!
  5. Just what i was looking for! thanks so much!
  6. Thanks! I'll be sure to check that out. I mix a lot of my colors too.
  7. Greetings from Pennsylvania! I'm sorta new here, joined in January.
  8. I like that! Its funny how someone can search the internet high and low and not find anything with those decals! Thanks! I'll try it out when i figure out what's wrong with my airbrush...
  9. Hello, I've been working with enamels for a while but they can be expensive and come in very small containers. I've read a little about acrylics and would like to give them a try. I looked around on other posts but couldn't seem to find an answer about how to get started. Can someone tell me what brands are cheap, reliable, and airbrush friendly to use? I also was wondering if you couldn't just use big jars of normal canvas painting acrylics? Does plastic modelling require special types of acrylic? Any input on brands, techniques, etc. is appreciated! Also, recommendations of clear coats to use would be nice. Thanks in advance!
  10. This is the second 87g-1 model I've built. I am planning to paint a tan and/or green camouflage with my new airbrush. I'm going to try weathering on this model since I've gotten pretty good at the painting part. I finished airbrushing the base tan on the wings and small pieces and finished all of the blue. I plan to make the canopies open and no pilots in it, and gear are always down anyway. I'm planning to paint one of these designs but I'm not sure which one yet. Input with this is appreciated! I'm not sure if I should put the under wing guns on yet either. Here are the top of the wings and a couple miscellaneous pieces including the rear gun, the unfinished gear, etc. This is the bottom and top of the tail. Here is the canopy glass which I will hand paint and the finished wheels. I have yet to finish the fuselage but the taped parts are blue and the pilots and gunner is installed. These are the decals I plan to use, and of course they are the only decals I have.
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