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    Macchi MB-326 G

    This link may help... http://motty.hobbyvista.com/Macchis/Details/index.html
  2. Nicely done, I look forward to building mine after seeing this. great work Darius
  3. Thanks. I used tamiya XF-25 Light sea Grey , which is a dead match to the anti corrosion paint DH used. Its not a million miles off the reccommended Humbrol 87 Steel Grey in the Sea Vixen instructions. @ Davec_24 Thanks, it took a little over three weeks start to finish. I picked it up at Telford. It will appear with full build review in next months Scale Aircraft Modelling.
  4. Nope, you can't... And I DIDN'T use US interior green either.
  5. Nicely done! Photographed on the right background and with the right lighting that could easily pass for the real thing, the weathering is spot on.
  6. mikeew

    ICM Kits

    Can't vouch for the Su's but the Mig-29 is a superb kit, might need some detailing up in the 'pit but otherwise its great. Just don't try and use the ICM decals, by and large they're rubbish!
  7. Hi All, I'm after some photos showing what's inside the recess where the IFR probe pops on the starboard side just in front of the canopy on the F/A-18E SuperBug. Please help! Mike
  8. Nice one Tony. I'm sure he'll love it, What a great surprise prezzie! as others have said, its nice to see a model nicely presented on a stand.
  9. I wondered who'd be the first to mention the Snow Scale
  10. He's on the slippery slope now! My Boy Ethan has just made his first model, at 4 yrs old. My parents bought Ethan his first model this Christmas, a wooden build-it-yourself model with acrylic paint pots and PVA glue. I helped him build it as it was a bit tricky in places, but he did the glueing. Once the glue was dry, I let him loose with the paints and the stickers ... and here he is with the finished result, looking very proud of himself. He hasn't left it alone since finishing it. We had a great time and he kept asking my advice and opinion throughout the painting and stickering bits. I asked him what he wanted to call it and he said its the "Mighty Mighty" and is part of the "Beautiful Air Force". Great fun!!
  11. A rare foray into Sci-Fi for me Finemolds 1/48 Rebel Alliance Snowspeeder, Incom modified T-47 Airspeeder. Weekend build, was an absolute breeze, almost snap-tite fit all round. The details are superb and a weathering dream. Overall paint Gunze H338 FS36495 Light Grey over a pre-shading of Tamiya XF-63 Weathering was... Panel wash using Paynes Grey oil paint with Humbrol thinners. Tamiya XF-25 Light Sea Grey Gunze H77 Tire Black Photos taken in the back garden as the diorama potential was too good to miss!
  12. Many thanks guys, glad you all like it @Joachim - the trailing edge dissipators are moulded in on the kit, but rather thick, so i did replace them with fine wire this also enabled me to add the drooped shape to them
  13. Just about wrapped this one up, the NEW Kinetic kit of the ubiquitous Hawkeye in 1:48 scale. Built straight-from-the-box Its a really nice kit, full review build will be in the March 2010 Scale Aircraft Modelling Mike
  14. Hi All, Can anyone recommend any good modelling reference books for the F/A-18E? I want detail shots and weathering ref's especially. Thanks in advance! Mike
  15. I have now got the wheels and decals on and added a Paynes Grey oil wash to dirty it up (its till wet as you can see on the wheels!), i'll add some more weathering and wear and tear too, chipping etc.
  16. This assembled in a matter of minutes and required only minimal clean up along the seams, in fact it is very well thought out in terms of where the seams are. I sprayed the white using in Gunze H21 Off White flattened with Tamiya flat Base as its a Gloss paint, I then masked off the upper parts that would be black and sprayed this Gunze H12 Flat Black, the wheels are Off White and Tire Black. I have modified the drivers arms so they reach the steering wheel which I also modified by adding a length of copper wire replacing the kit shaft which allows the driver to actually REACH the steering wheel!. The arms needed some filler and look better positioned too, the head I will leave off and paint separately. It has been lightly Klear'd in readiness for decals. I'll weather it and chip it in situ after decalling.
  17. I thought i'd start the ball rolling with my modelling output for the year. I have been quite prolific this year after never normally managing to reach double figures! First one finished for this year for me was the Revell 1/72 F-22 Raptor... Next one I build was the Revell 1/72 Junkers Ju290A-5 "Seeadler". Bit of a baptism of fire this one, as it was built to a deadline for Southern Expo and my first real go at freehand mottling. Third build was a quickie, just a bit of fun really to get more practice on this Luftwaffe lottling lark. revell 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109G-10 OOB Number four was a Tamiya 1/48 Douglas F4D Skyray which I built for the World Naval Forces GB over on BM. Next was a Blitzbau, built within a 24hr period for the GB over on UAMF forum AMT Speeder Bike Had fun n games with masking tape and blue paint for the sixth of the year. ICM 1/72 Heinkel He70 Nice short run build for SAM makes up number seven. Valom 1/72 Handley Page Hereford. The 8th build of the year was the Hasegawa 1/72 Bristol Beaufighter "Green Ghost" again review for SAM. Another review build for SAM was the ICM 1/72 Messerschmitt Bf109E-4 Nightfighter was No.9 Xtrakit's 1/72 Meteor T.Mk.7 fought me along the way for build number 10 I had a fun build with No.11 with a complete resin kit from Silver Cloud in the form of the 1/72 Avro 720 mixed power interceptor, a true "What if?" Anigrands Craftworks 1/72 resin kit of the ill-fated Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne helicopter was No.12 of the year, this build was featured in the Dec issue of SAM magazine. I had a nother Blitzbau on the UAMF again with this Fujimi 1/72 F7U Cutlass, I managed to build it OOB in a little over 20hrs all in. Very impressive kit and an easy build too.Making #13 Number 14 for this year was the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire mk.22. A true gem of a kit. I added the Quickboost engine cowl and exhausts correction set to it, otherwsie its box stock with decals from Eduard's release of the same kit. This was built for a GB on the UAMF too. Had a brand new kit to reviw for SAM next. Number 15 is the Airfix 1/72 BAe Hawk 120, built OOB including the rather complex decals! Next up I had a KUTA with the Revell release of the Hasegawa Phantom FGR.2. This kit had languished half finished for 2+yrs in my loft before I got my finger out and made (IMHO) a good job of it after I made a hash of some of the building. A golden oldie for my last build so far of the year. The FROG 1/96 Bristol Britannia, with Eastern Express decals. This was built for the Classic British Kits SIG display at Telford this year. (photo gratuitously pinched from Beany's thread)
  18. Hello Everyone! I've just procured this little beauty from Luckymodel.com (great service BTW ) Never heard of the company before, Skunkmodels Workshop, but it looks good and excellent value for money too. It cost me all of £10.15 inc P+P from Hong Kong. In the box you get TWO deck tractor kits and three figures. One figure is seated to be driver and the others are animated, one walking and the other holding a wheel chock(two supplied) also included are a hydraulic hose which is probably best put in the waste bin, and a couple of tow bars. All in all a very complete package with a superbly printed decal sheet. Box shot: Two of these sprues are included: The figures, in full deck handling gear: And the decals sheet, two of which are supplied: It looks as though it should throw together in a matter of minutes after I had a dry fit of the parts. I'll update on progress as and when .
  19. Thanks Keith. All done now...
  20. Hi All. This is my build for the Splash SIG at Telford, bit of a late comer I know, but I wanted to give a token gesture atleast on the debut of the SIG. Its the basic but sound Frog kit of the S.6B, an aircraft I am sure needs no introduction on these forums. Its better in shape and accuracy than the Airfix offering which is hideous in comparison. The cross horizontal braces on the floats are purely ficticious and I only added them to help me align everything else. The rear float to fuselage struts affix to the fuselage centreline if built box-stock, again, this is wrong. I drilled holes further out from the centreline to accommodate the struts and filled the resultant gap in the lower fuselage with plasticard. Once it was all set , i sawed off the cross braces and replaced with steel wire for better scale effect and to give some rigidity to the whole thing. Once i'd filled and sanded all the joints and seams I sprayed some Tamiya X-3 Royal Blue lightened about 20% with flat white on the areas that needed that colour before maasking it off... I then added some Light Aircraft Grey as a base for some Aluminium Alclad. Once unmasked I had something resembling a Supermarine S.6B on the bench... Now I have to see if the Eastern Express decals, who's boxing this is, will behave using klear as decal set.
  21. mikeew

    Made my day!

    Nice one Oz! I wondered where you'd bugged out to for a bit
  22. Superb Shaun!! Will it be appearing at Yeovilton show?
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