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  1. DAVE V

    Alclad Chrome

    Hi Guys, thanks for the replies, my metod of obtaining the gloss surface, is to prime, coat with halfords satin black and then gloss coat with halfords clear laquer which i find gives a really glossy smooth finish, this is similar to the new chrome method that Steve at Hiroboy is offering. The chrome goes on great and really looks good. perhaps i should try wearing cotton gloves. I have noticed on other forums that people have had the same problem. Dave
  2. DAVE V

    Alclad Chrome

    Hi Guys, after many years of trying to get a good chrome finish with this product i have now got to the stage where i can get a finish that looks like its supposed to look like, the problem im haveing is that when you handel the finished item ( motorcycle exhausts) it readily gets finger marks no matter how careful you are. Im wondering if i should coat it with a clear lacquer coat to protect it or will this affect the chrome finish. Any help would be most welcome. Dave
  3. DAVE V

    Italeri Kifir

    Thanks Guys, i knew i was living in hope, Sean i will be at the July meeting so iwould love to have a look at nthe conversion and the kit. Dave
  4. DAVE V

    Italeri Kifir

    I noticed this on the Hannants web site as a future release, does anyone know if this will be a new tooling or a rehash of the old Esci kit with raised panel lines ect, a new tool would be nice as i havent seen a1/48 scale one anywhere. Dave
  5. DAVE V

    Kinetic Sufa

    Hi Ian, unfortunatly they dont come with the kit only the 370 gallon tanks, and all the references i can find show the Sufa with the 600 gallon tanks. if anyone has any additional info i would be very grateful, as at the moment the Skunkmodelworks are the only 1/48 scale detail sets to in clude the tanks. Dave
  6. DAVE V

    Kinetic Sufa

    Hi Jonathan, yes it will be at the Avon show, so hope to see you there. Dave
  7. DAVE V

    Kinetic Sufa

    Hi Guys, well haveing been a bit frustrated with these kits i have to say that after some time away from them, they arnt that bad, and after recieving the correct replacement tail part and an apology from Raymond for not getting the replacement right first time i am now a lot happier with the kits. My question is this im going to purchase the Sufa kit, and am wondering if it is really neccessary to purchase the Isracast replacement set, as haveing read the build by Yoav Efrati in SAM, although there are some issues i think i could cope with the work needed. What do you guys think, would i be better off with the upgrade or putting my money into buying the Skunkworkshops IDF Weapon set with the 600 gallon tanks as these are not supplied in the kit. I hope this will not start another argument as all i want to do is build a good represetation of the Sufa, and just need good honest sound advice. Many Thanks Dave PS As i cant get photobucket to work properly i cant post pics, but all my efforts will be on show at SMW on the IPMS Avon stand so please feel free to comment and all tips and advice will be warmly recieved.
  8. Hi Guys anyone know of a british stockist of these weapon sets, Hannants site doesnt list them, and they have the weapons i want for my Kinetic f16s. Dave
  9. Hi Guys, haveing asked about the Italeri/ revel 1/48 Apache, im wondering if i could use the Isracast Saraf set and possibly the Eduard Pre- Painted set on either of these two models. As the Hasagawa kit is in short supply i thought that rather than try to find one i might be ableto do the Saraf this way, What do you guys think, or should i go with the Has model. Dave
  10. Hi Guys, just a quick question, does anyone know if either of these two kits are reboxings of the Hasagawa kits, as i know this sometimes happens. As ihave plans fo a future build of an IDF Saraf, and the Has kits are few and far between at the moment. Many thanks Dave
  11. Must be honest it looks good, but after the problems iv had with the 1/48 scale versions, im just left wondering if they will still be there but in a smaller scale. Hope this will not be the case. Dave
  12. DAVE V

    Tomcat books

    The Modellers Data File, by Andy Evans, is the best book under twenty pounds, all atypes covered, good colour photos, great walkaround pics and best of all a comprehensive listing of all avaliable kits and acessories. And if thats not enough we have the 1/48 scale plans and cockpit detail. I have it and would recommed it to all. Buy One you wont be dissapointed. Dave
  13. Hi Guys, well i recently had to contact Lucky Model concerning a short moulded part, ( the tailplane section) today i recieved the replacement items, only took three days, but guess what! the fault is still on the replacement part, to say im annoyed is putting it mildly, i would have thought subject to my earlier post on the Kinetic kits that, i would have at least recieved a part that was fully moulded. Im now going to do what i should have done first off, and that is to remodell the offending part. Just seems a shame that Lucky model have gone to the trouble of sending a replacement, only for it to not have been rectified. Would i buy another kit, i have to be honest here i have two kits the Barak C and the D, both have led to what can only be described as frustrating builds, i have now put both these kits to one side while i calm down and think what to do next. Dave
  14. DAVE V

    F16C Barak

    Many thanks Bobski that is what i needed to know. Dave
  15. DAVE V

    F16C Barak

    Just a quick question, does this aircraft carry the Litning pod on the intake pylon, or if not do they carry any other targetting pod. As im in the middle of my Kinetic build and again the instructions are not good concerning the placement of the IDF items. Many thanks Dave
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