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  1. Seeing that makes me want a Black Sheep - such a shame it doesn't travel as I've yet to have a decent pint of it down here As for the pick-up, it's looking really good. The wheels in particular look spot on.
  2. "....and certainly looks the part when it's done." Can't argue with that statement. Not just a superb build and paint, but great photography too have given a very realistic set of pics which are difficult to distinguish from the real thing.
  3. Looks like a very nice build which belies both the age of the kit and the small scale. As for making collectors weep, let them. It's not like kits were made to sit forever on a sprue until the box accidentally gets chucked in the bin when the owner dies - they were made to be built, whether to a high quality like this one or lost in a giant ball of glue as a young kid tried to make their first kit.
  4. Oddly I'm the other way around - there's something in my modelling DNA which thinks I'll mess up a good finish if I try and weather it!
  5. Nicely built, but I have to say that I don't know what Honda were thinking of when they built that. Even allowing for early '80's boxiness, that is one ugly bike. Which I guess is part of the attraction... Anyway, good build here.
  6. Mopre exemplary building going on here. Absolutely top quality job taking what looks a great kit in the first place to another level.
  7. All out of the box so far, someone (I'm pretty certain it was Matt) said that this is a great kit despite its age, and I would have to agree. Matt did send me some in-progress shots from his build (which I'll be pleased if I can get near the standard of) so I will have a look at adding a little bit to the engine bay, particularly with it being visible on this car. Shows how good Tamiya are that the engine compares favourably with a brand new kit.
  8. A work trip into London today yielded the usual exotica (this time some sort of McLaren in grey parked up at the side of the road next to a porsche Macan in a matte bronze wrap). Also a couple of E30 BMW 3 series, a nice cabrio on an H-Plate and a rough saloon on a D. Also saw a 928, again a bit rough though but a while since I saw one of those. And for real rarity value nowadays, I really can't remember when I last saw one of these: Come to think of it, I can't even remember when I last saw the Kia Pride which it turned into. The Mazda might be boring, but is probably
  9. Revell really did a good job with their Trabant kits, and you've done a done it justice. Very nice build and good weathering too, as said above not overdone and looks right. Particularly good job masking to get that door too. Well done.
  10. It may not seem like a bit step, but applying to colour is always a big step visually, and is where you know if your choice of colour was good or you've just dropped a massive clanger. I'd say you've chosen well looking the pics above.
  11. Got to admit I've really not looking forward to trying to install leads. Good job on yours, and a good idea with the masking tape. This one is starting to come together pretty well by the looks of it.
  12. Finally got a little bit of modelling time this weekend. The end result is that I've made a little progress, but not much so I'll pad this post out with photos instead First up was the easy job of finishing step 1 of the instructions, only one month into the build to get this far! Not much to do to reach there, just had to get the second belt assembly stuck on since that was completed a couple of weeks ago, just didn't have time for the paint to dry. Next job was to get the turbos on and the engine base. Neither was a particular hardship, apart from some
  13. Glad to have helped you get hold of one, although it does sound as though we're going to be building brother cars in the Group Build I know that's the way we're meant to feel, but my take on it is that I will spend as much again on tools, paint, glue etc. which does come from dedicated sites so money will be going to people who care about the hobby in the end. Although as this one will be finished in Halfords paint this is probably a bad example
  14. Can't disagree with any of the above, two very nicely painted MGBs which dovetail with each other superbly when put together. Well done.
  15. Glad it helped - I've received quite a bit of good advice on here so it's always a nice feeling to be able to pass it forward. As you say, the learning is never ending, but the hobby wouldn't be as satisfying if it did end.
  16. That's looking good, making rapid and quality progress. I'm sure I'll speak for everyone who has either bought or is eyeing up this kit when I say thanks for the warning about getting the engine in. I'll try and remember that in the probably 5 or so years time when I get around to building one!
  17. How long did you leave the bumpers in Mr. Muscle and/or bleach? As it seems to have started to shift the chrome it obviously does seem to have been working, it may be worth leaving it overnight or even for a couple of days to give it plenty of time to dissolve the chrome.
  18. Go for it (so long as it doesn't get lost in all those other kits you've added to your stash ). First impressions are that it looks a pretty nice kit with little flash - got it for £18 as the box was slightly squashed but everything inside is fine. Amazon still have a couple in the warehouse deals for under £20 so not a pricey kit either.
  19. Looks a nice build, especially given the small scale. And judging by the pics I took of the real thing I'd agree that you've got pretty close with the colour of it.
  20. Still a good one to get your hands on - that's one I hope Tamiya will rerelease now that the Loti are on the way. As for me, a bit of a stars aligning for this one which was sitting around #5 in the want list. But the Mustang Group Build came along just after starting the XJ220 freed up a space in the stash, then Amazon had this one reduced in their warehouse: It'll be done in the black-and-gold livery on the box to go with the 2006 version I did which was the first car I did on returning to the hobby.
  21. I'd second keeping them as a guide to how far you have progressed when you look at them in a couple of years time. Equally, they're nothing to be ashamed of. First of all, everyone starts somewhere, and I can guarantee that they will be better some of the kits I did when I was young. Secondly, and something which is always worth bearing in mind, the kit will always look worse to you than to someone else looking at it because you have spent a good amount of time looking very closely at it and are aware of every single defect - it's the same principle as the "20 foot car" in real lif
  22. That's such a shame - is there no hope for rescue? I hate to see so much hard, good work go to waste. Next time let the cat take the fall - it'll still have 8 lives left
  23. Coincidentally I followed one of these in gold on a B-plate down the A41 through Hendon this morning - this one looks in better condition though. Nice set of photos (and cars) - and is that a Rover 213/6 I can see lurking in the background? Can't remember when I last saw one of those.
  24. To be fair, "I know better, I'll do it this way instead" is often the prelude to some epic cockups!
  25. Recalling how that paint looked the first time you posted it, that's a very good recovery. Not much wrong with the rest of the model either - keep up the good work.
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