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  1. Another week with only one picture, and this picture will look very similar to last week's. After last week's first try and foiling around the rear windows, this week I did my first foiling on a car body. Not perfect by a long way, especially around the windscreen, but it is bordering on the acceptable. Hopefully next time I can do a little better, but I'll live with this for a first attempt. That took up pretty much all of Saturday's modelling time, and with only limited time today I barely got any more done. Just painted the headlining, and added decals to the wheels so fair to say today doesn't feel as though it's been too productive. But I am hopeful that next week I might get the chassis and body together. Thanks for looking. Three weeks to go and I think it's touch and go as to whether I'll finish in time.
  2. That's very fast progress to be so advanced after just 3 weeks. This one is coming together nicely.
  3. It's not every day that you get let out into traffic by the Bluesmobile Yes, I'm another one here who has been attending attending a car show, this one just down the road. Obviously, when a good photo opportunity presents itself, you just have to press the shutter Although personally, I think this orange Lamborghini is much nicer: Also, despite the rubbish picture, I think this one has the sublime and the ridiculous in one place. This one is just sublime though: While this one is tending more towards the ridiculous (and yet for some reason there is a sick and twisted part of my brain which likes it) - a Bentley Flying Spur converted to a pick-up Not all expensive stuff though And at the end and since we're talking Mexicos, this was in the car park: The full set of pictures is in this link (assuming I've done it right): https://photos.app.goo.gl/r5e9Wb5aXDKSVnn37
  4. I don't think that's just a Tamiya issue, as I have the same problem with Revell acrylic clear coats too (and Humbrol to a lesser extent). In fact, handle the Revell too much and it starts to get sticky and you need to repolish it to get it back to near normal. It's for precisely this reason that I bought some cheap cotton gloves for handling bodies.
  5. That's such a shame as this one was look very good (just like the others you're doing). Glad it appears to be an easy fix, but I think we'd all prefer to not have to do the fix in the first place. That base has come together very well too. Like you, I'm looking at the time remaining thinking it doesn't seem long. I think you should make the deadline though, but not so sure I will.
  6. Don't usually look in the chat section but was a bit bored tonight and saw this. They have a branch in Hertford too, unfortunately first time I noticed it there was a lampost in the way covering the S. In the meantime, here's a company I came across at work: https://www.fart-neon.com/en/about-us-pkv1/company-history/ Sadly they seem to have realised the English meaning and added a slash in there, but I like the old pictures of the factory with the company name in big neon lights (there was a picture of it at night but it seems to have disappeared now).
  7. I think a lot of today's tractors are like that, certainly looking at my cousin's tractors they look like as you say like something which could go off and do the job itself (and probably go off to refuel if needed too). A far cry from the old Ford 7710s I drove in a summer job many years ago. I will say that the build itself is lovely though.
  8. I'm going to incur the wrath of Lancia lovers everywhere by saying that I never really liked the Delta S4. But it's a different story with this model - absolutely excellent work, I have to say that I'm particularly impressed by that bonnet within a bonnet and the way it all fits together so neatly.
  9. It was tucked away behind a Range Rover in the car park as I drove past so didn't really get much of a shot on the dashcam, but totays 'highlight' was a T-reg Nissan Primera. Nothing exceptional in that, but someone had decided to give it a full urban camo wrap... And you all thought the chrome Evoque was bad.
  10. This was was of those weekend where you spend ages on something, and don't feel like you've moved on very far. Yes, this was the weekend where I had to polish the body shell, first of all with Novus 2 to try to get rid of the worst of the orange peel (not totally successful, but the worst has gone), and then Novus 1 for the final shine. For the first time ever, and by some miracle, I haven't burned though the paint anywhere, even more surprising given how many edges the are on this thing. I must have put the paint on too thickly! There will be some wax added once it's built, but this won't be far off the end result. The other job was the one I've been dreading, my first go at bare metal foiling. I only did the surrounds to the 3/4 windows, but did learn a few things: 1) Foiling isn't as bad as I thought it would be 2) Foiling takes a lot longer than I thought it would 3) Don't grab the foiled piece with your fingernails - I've left a couple of indents in one of them. They don't stand out in the pic below, but the windows are there, sitting near the '2' and '23' on the instructions. And this is how the body looks now: That's the only picture from me this week. The only other thing I got done was to finish the wheels, but for those just imagine four like in the post above.
  11. Looking forward to the photos, but I'm pleased that the washing suggestion worked well for your dials.
  12. I'll agree it's a good start. I am a little surprised though that you've had an issue with the shaker, it's a while since I built mine but I don't remember any issues there. Similarly with the tail lights, if you have thin enough clear red and a small brush (5/0 max) you can flow the paint into where you need it and build it up until the colour is there. I used clear for the reversing lights and it seemed to work pretty well. One thing to watch out for (the only thing I really remember being a pain on mine) is the rear valance - the fit isn't great, especially around the exhaust pipes. Keep up the good work.
  13. This was shaping up to be a good build, and the end result confirms it. Excellent job of the masking too.
  14. Lokks pretty amazing I'd say, if I hadn't read it I'd certainly not guess it was scratchbuilt.
  15. Spiny

    'Codger' R I P

    As others have said, truly terrible news. While I know Codger had dropped hints that he wasn't in the best of health, I didn't expect the end to come so soon. I can only hope he's enjoying life in a new place where Pocher have brought out a scale even larger than 1/8. While others knew him much better, it is something he wrote in the OP of this thread which sums him up most for me: I don't mean that Codger achieved nothing other than his Sedanca, it's the self-effacing nature of this statement which sums him up. Always played down his considerable skills, and I still wonder if he realised that his main achievement on this site wasn't the beautiful model, but the encouragement and enthusiasm he communicated and transferred to us mere mortals here. And I get the distinct impression that that is something which translated into the real world too and he achieved much more than he let on. RIP, and I hope his family are aware of how much his influence spread around the world.
  16. I will have a look at the gold stripe at the weekend, but I'm thinking there may be a headache on the horizon.. I'm beginning to have my doubts about whether the jag stripe will fit without cutting out for the door handle (which would look rubbish).
  17. Something of which I must plead guilty myself - one of my cars is a metallic copper colour which I would call brown (although the DVLA seem to think it's yellow???). And yes I did buy it new, so I did choose the colour... I have considered the gold stripe, you can see a few in Google images here and the strip actually sits above the chrome strip: https://www.google.com/search?q=russet+brown+mgb&client=firefox-b-d&sxsrf=AOaemvIWBpXmV_wndBUblOp7CW9RFOsw7w:1631047338562&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjZ7efp3O3yAhWXQUEAHTj7BfEQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1920&bih=927#imgrc=FOzocSeYk4JJhM I have been tempted to see how the gold stripe from the XJS would look cut to size to fit this, but it just seems a bit fussy so I'm leaning heavily towards just having the chrome strip. Still deciding on the seats, but doubt it will be the striped seats as I'm just not keen on them. They're likely to end up either black of tan. Plenty of time to decide on that yet.
  18. As has been said I've found the Molotow chrome to give a very good finish, and will be fine for your dashboard details (you can brush paint it too if you prefer, although that's best for fine details rather than large areas. The biggest issue is that it takes a looooong time to dry (allow a week or so) and have a decent finish, although it will never be the most robust finish. If you have gloves try using those to avoid leaving finger prints on the chrome finish.
  19. Been a while since I posted in this one, but decent weather and having got everything sprayed on the Mustang gave me a chance to add the colour coat onto this one. It covered pretty well with only slight orange peel (the camera angle makes it look much worse than it is), so only needs a light sand before i clear it. I am surprised by how much the colour changes with the light, varying from the rich brown it appears above to a sort of Dairy Milk colour under other lighting conditions. Annoyingly there has been a small bit of shrinkage of the filler in the original wiper hole, but I'm hoping that most of that will go once I've cleared and polished it. And even if it doesn't, with it being so close to the windscreen trim I would hope the chrome will distract attention.
  20. A bit more work this weekend, but unfortunately a good deal of it has been rectifying defects. First of all, I made a start on Micromeshing the body. And having finished that, I was just congratulating myself on not having burned through the paint (yet! - still the polishing compounds to go) when I noticed that a corner of one stripe decal appeared to have disappeared. I've touched it up with Revell Gold, which if you view it at the right angle is a perfect match for the gold stripe, and if you view it at the wrong angle looks nothing like it. After that, I've given it a couple of coats of Future over the topand hopefully when that's polished back it'll look ok. The good news is that because it's the stripe on the rear valance which has suffered it's not going to be too noticeable, and even less noticeable once it goes in the display cabinet. No pictures - it won't look much different to how it did last time but I will post up when the polishing is finished. The next bit of remedial work was to sort out that rev counter. fortunately it came off the dash relatively easily, but I had to sand it back to give a decent finish, then repaint the top of the dash before I could reattach the rev counter. Took most of the weekend what with paint drying and all, but that meant the seats were finished and are fitted too. And the last bit of rectifying was finally possible due to the decent weather - having had the run on the bonnet I'd sanded it back before bank holiday but it was only yesterday that I was able to get a further clear coat applied. You can still see the run, but it's much less obvious and I think it will look better once I've sanded back a bit further. The finish of the clear has come out pretty well so apart from the last bits where the run was sanding here should be minimal. Other news is that I've continued with the wheels, the first has had all the painting it's going to get and just needs the decal applying. The rest are coming along and should be done next week. I also got the rear lights painted (Tamiya Clear Red is much better that Revell, both in terms of depth of colour and how well it covers the silver). So here's the odds and sods all together. Thanks for looking, next week I'm going to test my patience with my first attempt at foiling...
  21. Did your recent buying lull cause him to go out of business?
  22. Best suggestion I can give is to give it a clear coat, which will probably not lay that smooth with the way that's turned out. But it will give you a bit more to sand back before you start digging into colour (it doesn't really matter if you burn through the clear so long as you don't go through the colour. Then once you have a reasonably smooth finish on the clear you can give it a final coat of clear which should get you pretty well on the way to a decent shine and should (hopefully) hide a good bit of that speckling.
  23. Received an Amazon voucher recently. And I also realised I'm in danger of doing something really sacreligious around here - namely to date this year I have completed more kits (2) than I've bought (1). So obviously I had to do some shopping, which turned up today... As this is one of those "cars which share a name and not much else with one I've owned" I really should have gone for the 1989 square headlight version which at least would be the right year, but I prefer the look of this one.
  24. Very nicely done, and glad to see it surviving its brush with the lamp - I can imagine there were a few choice words uttered at that point! As you say, the metal work has come out great.
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