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  1. Excellent work indeed! There are things for me to learn in every step. Thanks a lot! Christof
  2. …. so puting he fuselage together. the fit is just great. i´ve also pimed the wings with Tamiya gloss White. A bit of preshading. I,ve masked the ribs wit 1mm tape, then applied a light preshading with Tamiya smoke. And now the thrilling bit: applying the Aviattic lozenghe decals! never done this before!! I´m using Micro Setfirst, then decals tihtly cut and soaked in warm water - just following the instructions. Mico Sol on top. And even use an old hairdryer to smoothen it down: These decals ar
  3. There is one more issue with this build: for i just have got the Wingnut Wings kit for the D.VII (Fok.) "Early" and i want to make the OAW built "Seven Swabians" i miss the whole "J" sprue with the adequate cowling panels. As the wonderful Melvyn Hiscock heared about this issue - and he is just building some Fokker D.VII himself - he offerd me the missing parts. Melvin tried sending them indeed - but the customs sent it back saying it was refused entry What the heck could be the reason not to pass a few modelling parts through customs????? Soooo sad!
  4. So next i made the Cockpit and interior Framing. I´ve been using the excellent HGW seatbelts and the first bits of Aviattic´s decals set for the "Seven Swabians" and the tester bit of Wood decal from the HGW set for the floor and Instrument panel, which i sanded flat, decalled and put on the Instruments fron HGW as well as Taurus Models Starting Magneto and Magneto Selector Switch. I decalled the dials with a mix of the kits gauges and the ones from Aviattic, simulating the glazing with Micro Crystal Clear. Forr the internal rigging i used EZ Line and Prym Elastic for control cables. Painting
  5. Thanks Mike, have just looked up their Website - great stuff! I envy you a bit for having this Roland Kit - i wanted to do all the WnW single Seaters (did the Fokker E.II and now the D.VII) and have most of them in my stash exept the Sopwith Triplane and the Roland.... Christof
  6. Thanks John! And yes youre right with WnW - luckily i have most of the single seat fighters in my stash ... still miss the Sopwith Triplane and the Roland D.Vb And I've really been looking forward to the Lancaster. All the best, Christof
  7. So here for the start of my second Wingnut Wings kit, actually my second WWI build all together, the beautiful Fokker D.VII. I´ve obtained the kit just two years ago when i decided to start this hobby again after some 30 years of absence. But after doing the Fokker D.II i was on fire again. I decided to do the engine first. I,ve got the HGW super detail set and Taurus spark plugs, timing gear, primer cups as well as the intake manifold nuts... all in for my first WWI inline engine . I tried copper line from a cable for the spark plugs but was not completedly happy. So fiddly and a bit too thi
  8. Very nice Start Mike! The exhaust Looks amazing - such a thin wall at the opening and the weathering is just beautiful!
  9. So here are a few pics of my littele Wingnut Wings Fokker E.III. I´ve built this just before i joined Bitmodell, so i thought i´d Show it as my very first topic in this forum. I is actually my very first WWI plane, my first Wingnut Wings and one of my very first builds after amodelling- pause of some 30 years - so please be lenient with me. It´s a fantastic kit and i had shiploads of fun doing it. Thanks to the Internet i had lots of tuturials, especially the YouTube channel of Scale-a-ton has a comprehensive build video i took a lot of hints and tips from. I´ve also used a few af
  10. It works! Thanks a lot alt-92.... heres a pic of my Fokker D.VII build. I will start a work in Progress thread soon. !
  11. Xtof P


    Which one of the Jasta Boelke are yo doing? Cant wait to see a few pics of your build - are you planning to show some of the building process? Very interesting topic.
  12. 1drv.ms/u/s!Atzu9n3fBr5wfT_At2t4rk2JxEQ I'm trying....
  13. I've got Windows OneDrive, did copy the url,but when i tried to do the "Insert image from URL" business (https://1drv.ms/u/s!Atzu9n3fBr5wfT_At2t4rk2JxEQ) the text field only rurned redish and nothing else happens. What is it i'm doing wrong?
  14. Hi Melvin, hope youre settled in already and things aint too busy these days! Did you have a chance to see if you can help me with my fokker j sprue thing already? Best wishes, Christof 

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    2. Xtof P

      Xtof P

      ...i´ve mastered "the Insert Image from URL" Business now, so heres the Picture from above embedded:



    3. Xtof P

      Xtof P

      By the way, are you still looking for some crosses on your WnW Fokker DVII? I´ve got the ones of the (Fok) "Early" Kit - just need the ones for the swabians, but if the others are of use for you i´ll send them.

    4. Xtof P

      Xtof P

      Hi Melvin, i´ve made a work in progress thread on this build - Maybe you´d like to have a look: 

      Also wrote about you sending me those parts that were rejected by customs! I´d like to tell you that i´ve been really touched by your generousity and helpfulness!! Sincerely yours, Christof

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