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  1. Probably those might be interesting: https://www.whiteensignmodels.com/p/WEM+1200+Porthole+Eyebrows+PE+2009/18894/#.YoO0KFVCRxA
  2. Looks really cool! Which colours did you use for those pieces? It is quite difficult to find proper references for the colours of those smaller arms of Rodney. Oerlikons and pompom directors too. Where the tones from the Royal Navy colour schemes used here as well or are those completedly different? I've got the Rodney on my stack as well - so any information will be appreciated.
  3. Thanks a lot, Ned. Seems plausible to me that it had the Mk I still, for it was one of the first to be equipped with HACS, as far as i know. And this must have been some really expensive piece of kit. So it would also be plausible it was not exchanged in 1942.
  4. Hi there, i'm doing some research on the HMS Rodney at the time when she wore her fancy camo scheme in 1942. And there's one thing i just can't find: which type of fire control did she have then? It looks like a HACS MKIII to me. But was it the MK III or the MKIII G ..... or even something completedly different? The Radar on top of it was a type 285, right? Please, if there is someone out there who knows, leave a comment! Thanks a lot in advance.
  5. Very nice work Warren, congrats! May i ask one question regarding the fire control? Is this a HACS MKIII or MKIII G on top of the superstructure? The radar is a Type 285, right? Best regards, Christof
  6. Here i am back again ..... way too little time, shiploads of work in the office and some health issues slowed down the build considerably but finally i´ve put the whole thing together. I still have to do some touchup and weathering, but alltogether i´m quite happy with my first WWI biplane. Of corse there are a heap of thing to make better still next time. The rigging was done with prym-elastic which was quite nice to handle. Turnbuckles will be tackled in a future build .... I´ve used some oil washes and soft pastels for dust and smoke effects. Still want to do some oil stains and splatters of dirt on the underside of the lower wings above the wheels. I´ll try to make some decent fotos when it´s completedly finished and post them in the "finished" section sometimes. Thanks a lot for watching and all your reactions and comments! The next project is already on my bench
  7. So i´ve cleaned and primed the cowling parts using Alclad aluninium on the inside and a mix of Tamiya acrylics for the brownish red and lilac tones. A little wash and drybrushing added. The small triangular and round lilac hatches were taken from the aviattic parts which have been sanded down so only the hatches were left. The paint of radub´s etch parts of the radiator has been scratched with a cocktail stick after getting a wash with Tamiay black panel liner, which gave a really nice effect... ..... and i managed to tone down the overdone shading on the fuselage, especially at the top behind the pilot ....sorry for the rather dark pics
  8. Hurray, i´m back: the cowling parts by aviattic are here! And they are beautiful. Just the customs fees were a real rip off! I´ve ordered These parts plus some decals for my Meng Dr.I (which are just exquisit too) worth some £65,- incl. shipping and they charged about £20,- Seems like buing from China is cheaper now post brexit… Whatever, i´m looking forward to go on with the build now. For i´ve already used the kits parts for these triangular fabric panels on the fuselage sides i will only use aviattic´s hatches here - a bit of cautious sanding down the resin will be required. And the fun goes on!
  9. Thank you very much! By the way: i really dig your Sopwith Triplane - excellent build.
  10. Thanks a lot Pete! Thats a bit of a blow for me..... how to take those out completedly ? No idea how to achieve that yet....
  11. Still no progress on this build.... Aviattic posted the conversion set i'd need a fourtnight ago and now it's stuck in customs. I think I'll start my Tamiya 32nd scale Zero now and post it in WIP soon.
  12. Thanks a lot Rob! I had a look at your builds and they're just amazing. The bases you're made are pretty damn cool too. And yes, its quite ambitious, especially as i've been exclusevly into large scale sportscars and 32nd scale planes before. There shiploads of techniques i will have to learn, research i'll have to do and collecting bits and pieces before i start. And a few other projects are in the pipeline still.... But those ships are just fascinating. So, dont now when i'll start but i will, and it may take a long time to build - and i'll make a thread on here. Xtof
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