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  1. @Das Abteilung You were absolutely right with those BESA boxes. I found one at this address https://www.gunboards.com/threads/british-7-92-ap-besa-machine-gun-ammo-crate.1170157/ Then I started zooming in on the photo just like Harrison Ford in the Blade Runner movie. And I saw this. I wonder what this "M7" stands for? Does anybody know the dimensions of this crate? Or dimensions of a single BESA ammo can? I think I'll make them myself. As for the box number 3, it seems to me that this is the truncated box number 2. It has the same height but box number 2 is on the louvre doors so it is why it looks taller. Marek/Mark
  2. I'm currently working on a Valentine from NZ army. There are nice pictures in Jeffrey Plowman's book "Camouflage & Marking of the Valentines in New Zealand Service". I like these heavily loaded tanks, but I can't recognize some of the boxes. I think that number 1 is a wooden box for 0,303 ammo (Lee-Enfield). Number 2 is an another british box, but for what kind of ammo? And number 3 is, according to the book, an ammunition box converted to hold infantry-tank telephone. But it looks like box number two shortened to half its original length. Can anyone tell me if I'm right? Here are my types from the PanzerArt offer. Number one Number two (and three) Regards Marek/Mark
  3. Introduction Eleven years ago, I was cleaning a neglected part of the garden. Shallow underground I came across heavily corroded oval objects. Years of watching war movies and gluing models made me sure that these were duds. I called the police. They arrived quickly. "How did you know what it is?" "I watched Four Tank-Men and a Dog when I was a child, so I know things". The policemen called the bomb squad. They also arrived in the blink of an eye. They searched the entire plot and found four projectiles and two unknown tracks. They picked up the duds and drove away. They left the caterpillars. After a very short examination I already knew that these were track links from the Valentine. Imagine a British or Canadian tank that came to Murmansk by ship. And she and her Russian crew traveled a long way to lose this piece of tracks in the middle of Poland. This is how I started to like this tank. Previously I considered her as ugly and with randomly chosen wheels of all sizes. And this year in cleanup, I found this This is my plan for the near future. One tank from MiniArt, one from Bronco and two from AFV Club.There is also their cripple cousin from RPM (ex.Maquette, ex.VM). But I won't show him because I don't want you to have nightmares. I have already started working on models. I do them all at once because I want to swap parts between them. I will not describe the work on the Canadian version here because I do it on the track-link. This is the Canadian forum and I am counting on their help there over their vehicle. But I will be happy to describe the rest of the work here. I will start with the New Zealand Valentine CS. So, stay tuned Marek/Mark
  4. @73north It's an ordinary Tamiya's Matilda (35300) in 1:35 scale with few parts from Firestorm Models and tracks from Bronco. @TheyJammedKenny! Yes, Mirage's shop is still working, but they aim rather at the entry-level folks. There is nothing there for such perverts like me. Personally I prefer Martola (https://www.martola.com.pl/en) and Jadar (https://www.jadarhobby.pl/index.php?language=en). But Jadar went totally on-line during the pandemic. And speaking about on-line shops there is a bunch of good shops like https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/ , https://exito.site/en_GB/index etc. Honestly, I don't remember the last time I was in a "normal" store. I usually buy on-line, it is the easiest way to get rid of your money.
  5. Well done. Only a Pole can appreciate the amount of work you have put in this old model. For some period of time it was the only available model of a tank in 1:35 scale in our country. So almost every adult modeller in Poland had a contact with this “thing”. I see all those added rivets, net screens over the engine, open hatch etc. So much work... Luckily for humanity there is a brand new 7TP from IBG.
  6. Greetings from Poland. It's finally time for me to reveal myself. I have been modeling since ages. I call myself a rivet counter and procrastinator. Painting is another phobia of mine. I am afraid of this process and put it off for as long as possible. It's a terrible mix. And since I've been living for half a century, now I know that I have to hurry with finishing them. Otherwise I'll go to modeller's hell for all the unfinished works. I have been visiting this forum for several years and I like it because of its classic look. Here is my one of the last projects - a Lend-Lease Matilda. Of course, she needs to be painted. Regards Marek/Mark
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