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  1. Call off the dogs and wee on the fire: I've just discovered that JK do a set specially for the Mk. IV. Available from Hannants here. Thanks to all. Panda commander
  2. I am looking to build D51 Deborah in 1/72 from the Emhar "Female" kit (Part No. 5002) The rubber band tracks don't look inspiring, and I'd like to upgrade them to a set with the extra-wide grousers fitted, as was the case with Deborah. My question: Would these replacement tracks from J.K. Models be appropriate? I don't want to spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar. Panda commander
  3. "Behind the scenes - the PlasTiger is being assembled. The "Technologist base deceiving and camouflaging" in Storkow made a great copy of a tiger for the Deutsches Panzer Museum - the PlasTiger. In this time-lapse video you can see the object arriving in Munster in April 2017 and being put together by the builders." Panda commander
  4. As someone who regualrly goes out deer stalking, camo is a subject of great interest to me. People will spend a fortune on the latest scheme for their kit - Realtree, Mossy Oak, etc. - yet as you rightly say, most complicated schemes "blob out" beyond a few yards. The best I've seen advertised (I've never found it in the UK) is ASAT: Large, simple shapes in bold, contrasting colours; and colours which "pick up" whatever environment they're in, from woodland to grassland to even snow. I'd like to see a Chally in ASAT, with the wheels painted a so
  5. Outstanding! Thanks for the fast help. Panda commander
  6. My only clues are that it was available to Air France around 1936, and was used in the Middle East. Panda commander
  7. I have this saved as a Word document, source unknown: "World War II German AFV Camouflage Painting Datasheet and Timeline 1. December 1, 1927 – Nr. 17 Erdgelb-matt, Nr. 28 Gruen-matt, Nr. 18 Braun-matt. 2. November 7, 1938 – Nr. 46 Dunkelgrau covering 2/3, Nr. 45 Dunkelbraun covering 1/3. 3. July 31, 1940 – Dunkelgrau RAL 7021. 4. February 18, 1943 – Dunkelgelb RAL 7028 basecoat, Olivgrun RAL 6003, Rotbraun RAL 8017. 5. August 19, 1944 – Dunkelgelb RAL 7028 basecoat, Olivgrun RAL 6003, Rotbraun RAL 8017 in Hinterhalt – Tarnung (the “Ambush” sche
  8. One - hopefully - final question before I get out of everybody's hair: It's unclear to me how to connect the H&S airbrush to the hose. H&S mention a "2.7mm quick release connector" on the Infinity; all third-party hoses seem to come with 1/8" connectors at both ends. Do I need a "1/8" to quick release" adaptor, or could I use this Fengda 3m hose out of the box? Sorry for the lengthy interrogation, but I want to end up with a setup that I can be using on Boxing Day, not having to wait 2 weeks for a part to arrive from Shanghai! Panda commander
  9. Thanks to one and all for the very helpful information; I can see that this forum is going to be an excellent resource. Based on my research, and you gents' help, I think I am going to go with the Infinity, the Fengda compressor and the following extras: a) A Reasejoy filter booth (thanks Colin!), and; b) An ABEST cleaning pot & tools. @ckw, where did you source your extended airbrush-to-compressor hose, please? Panda commander
  10. I'm planning to get back into modelling after a decades-long absence from the hobby. I have a basic supply of tools, and a lot of reference material, from my "good old days". I do not, however, have an airbrush or compressor, nor any experience with either. My lovely wife has offered to outfit me for Christmas, and I've done some research. I have a setup in mind, and I'd like the advice of more experienced airbrushers (i.e. everybody!) as to whether my planned purchases are a good idea. Money is always an object, but let's say that I'm not "on my uppers", and I'd always
  11. I’m a long-retired U.K. bobby, hoping to return to the hobby of AFV modelling which l enjoyed decades ago. l was no half-hearted modeller back then, and paid visits to Bovington Camp, Meppen and Saumur with fellow enthusiasts. l still have lots of my reference material, bought in the days when an AFV Profile cost 20p! My plan is to seek advice, buy lots of kit ( ), then start with 1/72 scale tanks. My other hobbies include shooting, cycling, gym sessions and reading. Panda commander
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