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  1. A fun day out for all the family. Thanks for showing us these photos. lsn’t it great to see Health & Safety rules being ignored! Panda Commander
  2. Let's not forget what happened ~35 years ago, when the UK arms industry was given a clean sheet of paper to design a "bespoke" 5.56mm service rifle... Panda Commander
  3. The Part 1/48 Panther brass gives me parts for everything ringed below: My question: Is this correct? Would an individual Panther have had: a) The kampfraumheizung tower, AND; b) Sliding louvres over all the rectangular air vents, left and right? c) One pair of the sliding louvres (over the left or right hand side?) I am modelling "red 302" of 9 Pz. Div: - which is apparently an MNH Panther from early November 1944. Panda Commander
  4. Thanks for that, although it adds another question: The brass set l have includes parts for both the Kampfraumheizung and the sliding louvres, yet your source states that any given tank would have either one or the other, not both. Back to the books... Panda Commander
  5. No idea. I pinched the pic. Panda Commander
  6. Re the Kampfraumheizung on a late Panther G: Am I right in assuming that the crew could manually select how many "pie slices" (in geometry, "sectors") were fitted to the top of the tower to control the heat output, and that spare "pie slices" were clipped together by the side of the tower? In this image, have the crew fitted two sectors, and clipped the remaining four beside the tower for future use? (I have Panther: External Changes and the Canfora Panther book; neither seems to make this clear). Panda Commander
  7. Next-level modelling. Panda Commander
  8. Thanks for that, John. Now l’ve found that Aber do a set - 48 011 - which includes the fan covers for the fighting compartment heater: http://www.aber.net.pl/detal,503.html Finding it in the UK seems to be a problem, though. Panda Commander
  9. I've just bought the Tamiya 1/48 Panther G, and I'm looking into go-faster bits. Question: Does anyone make a replacement brass grille set for this kit? (Note: Just the grilles; my Jurassic eyes couldn't cope with 1/48 tool clamps, Schürzen etc.) Panda Commander
  10. Thanks for that. lt appears to have the early, small idler, so it’s correct for the tank l want to build: “Black 302” of 3./Pz. Regt.3, abandoned outside Hosingen during the Ardennes Offensive. Excellent! Panda Commander
  11. Just a quickie: Does the Tamiya 1/48th Panther G: - come with the large or small idler wheel? Panda Commander
  12. Hello, Ash; welcome to the asylum. A couple of acknowledged masters of the art of weathering, and who produce excellent, detailed, videos on their techniques, are Night Shift and Plasmo. I have often sought inspiration, and gained knowledge, from their presentations. Have fun! Panda Commander
  13. An excellent job. It could easily be mistaken for one a couple of scales larger. Well done! Panda Commander
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