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  1. I've just bought the Tamiya 1/48 Panther G, and I'm looking into go-faster bits. Question: Does anyone make a replacement brass grille set for this kit? (Note: Just the grilles; my Jurassic eyes couldn't cope with 1/48 tool clamps, Schürzen etc.) Panda Commander
  2. Thanks for that. lt appears to have the early, small idler, so it’s correct for the tank l want to build: “Black 302” of 3./Pz. Regt.3, abandoned outside Hosingen during the Ardennes Offensive. Excellent! Panda Commander
  3. Just a quickie: Does the Tamiya 1/48th Panther G: - come with the large or small idler wheel? Panda Commander
  4. Hello, Ash; welcome to the asylum. A couple of acknowledged masters of the art of weathering, and who produce excellent, detailed, videos on their techniques, are Night Shift and Plasmo. I have often sought inspiration, and gained knowledge, from their presentations. Have fun! Panda Commander
  5. An excellent job. It could easily be mistaken for one a couple of scales larger. Well done! Panda Commander
  6. Inching ahead despite poor fit, ambiguous part location etc. I had to lop off these two "Polos" to get the side plates into some sort of fit: As she looks now (except that I had to remove and replace the spud box, as it would have interfered with the tracks): (Much filler required around the "cupola"). Exhaust shortened & end angle modified to match photos of Deborah. I'm starting to come up with odds & sods to be paced in the spud box to give the appearance of stores: Aluminium foil from
  7. A payslip made from a sheet of papyrus shows a Roman soldier was left penniless 1,900 years ago after the military took out fees for certain items. The document was made out to a Gaius Messius, who participated in the Siege of Masada, one of the last battles during the First Jewish-Roman War. The receipt shows Messius received 50 denarii as his stipend, but fees for barley money, food and military equipment were taken out that totaled to the amount of his full pay. Because part of the deductions taken were for fodder, food for livestock, experts
  8. Wonderfully precise use of PE there: exemplary! Panda Commander
  9. A wee bit more millimetric (literally!) progress: 0.5mm holes drilled into the Lewis mounts; MGs superglued into the mounts, then dry-fitted into the sponsons. The photo of D51 Deborah about to be interred shows that she had asbestos wrapping around her exhaust, but only one section of it: White sewing thread wrapped around the pipe, then "tacked" into place with superglue. An issue I foresee is the track grousers: JK Resin supply 30 and only 30 grousers, i.e. 15 per track. It's unclear how many grousers should have been
  10. Painstaking research and excellent graphics: Thank you. Panda Commander
  11. l’ve never tried it, but l’ve heard some people recommend running cotton through PVA glue on one’s fingers. lt’s supposed to slick down the loose fibres. Panda Commander
  12. The resin tracks comprise three lengths of track for each side, total 86 links per side (IIRC); and a total of 30 grousers, 15 per side. That’s all you get in the box. I’ll be using transfers from Fox Transfers for the lettering. Panda Commander
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