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  1. This looks amazing! I always had a soft spot for the 91! It's such a pretty plane!
  2. Thanks! Surprisingly little work to make them look nice...bar the decals which were stressful haha! I'm sure yours looked great - but thank you! Thanks! I'm really happy with how they turned out in the end!
  3. I was tempted to make something like this with a display team theme and you've really convinced me it's the right thing to do! Firstly - the model is f ing stunning. You weathering is so brutally real. It provides a real contrast against the backdrop - especially with the display/tiger scheme present. The 'diy' mountain picture mounting iis superb. How did you get it to mount without any large holes? It looks like it was *made* that way!
  4. So although I've bought a few model kits over the last few months, I've been very conscious of getting through the small selection that I had managed to smuggle out of my old home to where I am now. Among these was a Matchbox Hunter - but the Blue Diamond's boxing. Whilst clearing out another cupboard, I found another one! I'd always wanted to build more and more display teams and these seemed like a perfect opportunity . As usual, a full review can be find by clicking here for my site. There's also a video of it here too.
  5. Thanks! I was going to do a WIP for my next one...but I've inadvertently completed it before posting! But I learnt a lot from these. It's amazing how much you remember eh? Thanks though!¬
  6. This kit was one that I had built as a kid that was ruined by my mediocre skills and bizarre paint choices. Seeing it on a certain auction site for £12 I just had to. As usual for my stuff, I did a full review on my website here and you can see the WIP here I'm happy with the end result though, I won't lie. I'm just sad the decals for the Hawk all died. But I'm getting a new-old kit to re-attempt it! Sorry in advance that I'm not writing much here - it's my birthday today so I'm gaming with friends and spent the morning editing the below and writing my article/editing the bui
  7. Soooooooo I just did a quick stream and finally got this finished. This was a pic before finishing it (clear nose part was the last part missing in this pic). I have to use decals from a new Airfix Gnat to finish this one. It looks OK though....I think! I'll do the rfi later! But I'm away for my birthday this weekend (the day is Monday, where I'll spend it streaming and model making!)
  8. Definitely! This is a great example of showing how different they are!
  9. Bad news I'm affraid! So I'm super happy with the Yellowjacks Gnat, and I should be able to finish the Red Arrows Gnat in the future when the extra decals arrive. However, the Hawk is no longer with us! Unfortunately the Decals for this just kept disintegrating. I had it on the Red Arrows Gnat a little, but nothing too bad....but on the Hawk it was just awful. Sol after some effort I ultimately decided it wasn't worth it. If I was going to do a Red Arrow of this era, I would buy a more recent boxing and buy additional decals or just buy the Itlaeri boxing of the same era (which fr
  10. That's a hell of a lot of words for "I'm never going to do rigging" hehe. I agree though, rigging is crazy. I used to do wiring on my ww2 stuff and I hated that enough. Right now I just seem to he slipping back into my display team roots!
  11. Wow, you guys are so kind! Nice to meet you all! @Corsairfoxfouruncle you and I sound like we build the same. I always try and force myself to fo some WW1 stuff buttttttt I just can't do it. @OutcastJoel thanks for the kind words. It legit brought a smile to my face. @ArnoldAmbrose it has improved immeasurably so thank you so much!
  12. Final update for the day. The decals have been...bad. Just like I had one canopy, I had one set of decals between 2 aircraft. Luckily I got a partially complete newer Gnat set on eBay today so I have some decals to finish the Red Arrows one. I wonder if the new canopy will fit on the old model set too - as I will have oe of those too? Either way, calling the Yellowjack done (might do some washes but the panel lines are....eh). I'll do some pictures of it when I do the final completed RFI. This will include the Hawk that, as you can see, is assembled but not yet painted
  13. Count me in - I've ordered a Matchbox F-16, so as long as it arrives I'm sorted!
  14. I'd love to join this - I'm not sure of my subject yet, but I'm aiming to build all of the aircraft used by Patrouille de France anyway, so I could just do one of these as part of the build! As part of that I've got 3 of the "100 years of Dassault" set by Heller sat in a box doing sweet FA so, I guess I'm building something for this! I'll decide a topic later but I'm def in for this!
  15. Well, to be honest you'd be ok with the Red Arrows re-issue too! Anything from this tooling onwards is fine. There's the Red Arrows, standard, and Yellowjacks one. There's also a few other manufacturers who do them (such as special hobby) but my understanding is they're pretty good? But I've never touched them. I have a rather big leap forward in what I've done today! Streamed here for anyone interested
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