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  1. Unfortunately I only have a build segment for one of these. This was sort of a group project. I stream building them so I do have the build vlogs for them all. I'll put the link to the article at the bottom so you can check them out if you want to. Article: Click here I made this little airfield to try and display it. It's not super great, but I wanted to show the history of Patrouille de France as one set. I built them all during the group build period but I forgot to post for most as I tended to build it one day in a stream, then stream finishing it the next.
  2. Double post, but mainly because I have an update! I've essentially finished the model. So I'll be posting the RFI soon. I'm getting some wood today to make a nice base for the models so I can have the whole team together! First time I will have ever done anything like this so excited! I did, somehow, manage to drop the entire model. Here's a screen grab of it from the building stream as I've not done finished pics yet, this was after I glossed it and t hen dropped it:
  3. I opened the window after and had a headache ALL day. I am fine today though, thankfully. It was a nightmare! Yes though, I was going to put them all in for the RFI Funny you should mention this, but I looked for this and just couldn't find it anywhere. It was a real shame as I remember when it was on offer but alas that was in my former home where I retain almost none of the models. So I had to look for alternatives. There have been a few boxings that popped up but they were really expensive compared to the £50 or so I spent on everything separately. As money is super tight I had to be really conscious of it - what is a girl to do! But judging by my last Heller multi-set they're really quite impressive! I've been looking at which display teams to do next and I have the Hasegawa Thunderbirds set....so that's exciting! And that one was actually really cheap for some reason!
  4. As soon as I saw this group I decided I was going to fulfil a project that I was starting as a kid; build every aircraft of Patrouille de France. Why? Well, let me tell you a small story... When I was a kid we went to France. Every time we went to the beach my parents would walk into town to either get money or food or drinks (it was about a 5 to 10 minute walk). Each time I'd go with my dad to go to the toy store. Inside there was a Heller boxset of Patrouille de France. The first day I saw it I begged my dad for it but he declined, saying that I didn't need it as I would never build it (he was sort of right for that). The next day we were driving to a museum and I spotted a sign on the roundabout, and low and behold the Patrouille de France were performing at the beach where we were staying. We saw them two days in a row and I met some old pilots, I got posters (that sadly got damp damaged and had to be disposed of)...I was so excited. On the last day of our trip my dad bought me the set. I was overwhelmed and so happy. Below is a picture of the set I got. Ever since then I've wanted to build the entire set, and this group build gave me the motivation and inspiration to do so. I meant to post for each model that I was doing, but often many of them were done so quickly that I just didn't think to post them. I've now completed every aircraft in the series so far. The only one not complete is the Alpha Jet, and so that will be my subject here. For reference, if you'd like to see all the other models I've done I'll link the Playlist below: As for the Alpha Jet in question, here is what I have so far: I streamed building the whole thing, and construction was nice. As expected the landing gear has been weak as all hell, which I know having completed about 5 Alpha Jets in my time. They're always the worst and I hate them. However, it was snapped entirely whilst painting and now I have this... (ignore the line between the paint, it'll be cleaned up by the white decals). Sorry for now posting all the other builds, but I just completely forgot. To top it off, whilst building this I spilt the glue ALL OVER my desk, thank god I had this protective matt down! Safe to say I felt kinda ill after!
  5. Yeah the Finnish and Red Arrows ones are always quite available...but sadly the Saudi variant has become a diamond in the rough! Thank you though!
  6. Thank you! I'm sad I'll never see the Fujimi kit - but maybe I'll find it at a show one day! Thanks! I was really nervous about choosing a colour I hadn't seen about online at all, so I'm glad that it turned out, imo, the perfect colour! I think their shows are great! I love how much of Saudi symbolism they manage to include! It's inspiring honestly.
  7. The Saudi Hawks are a display team that I've been fascinated with for the longest time. With their vibrant green aircraft decorated with swooping white curves, and trained by former RAF Red Arrow Pilots, I was lucky enough to see them in 2017 (the video below has some of that and links to the footage I had from then). When I saw them it was at Malta's International Airshow 2017 (their 25th in their series of airshows). The show was performed at 'Smart City' which is a business centre on the coast outside of the main cities. Performed entirely over the water against the beautiful blues of the sky and the sea their Green aircraft looked perfectly at home. The air show was on the first holiday I'd had with my parents 'as myself' and so has always held a particularly special place in my heart (for every team involved). I had previously obtained a kit on the subject by Fujimi, who made a 1/72 BAe Hawk with Saudi Hawk (now Saudi Falcon) markings. However, many of you know that I unfortunately had to leave my home in rather a hurry due to having a less than lovely housemate. I lost most of my models, equipment, and supplies. I promised myself I wouldn't be upset, but every now and again I find myself sad that someone forced me to lose so much. So, when the trusted DEKL'S showed they had Saudi Hawk decals....well, I instantly ordered them. I could finally build a display team that meant so much to me. I used the BAE Hawk NHS kit as the basis; I really enjoyed the construction. It was far simpler, and I assume this is the same 'simpler' version from the Best of British? Either way, it seems perfect for newcomers, or those who want a quick and easy build. On that subject, I still managed to mess it up slightly with the cockpit section as my cockpit no longer is flush to the fuselage. For the sake of me being sort of lazy, I have accepted that this is the way my model was destined to be and left it as is, as in it's current state it still brings me joy on my shelf. As usual DEKL's provide a singular sheet filled with all the pieces for you to cut out. They are not pre-cut like most kit decals would be, so you do need to trim them down a lot once on the model. the plus side is lots of pieces to help fix mistakes They are a lot more malleable than normal style decals in my opinion. Much resilient to the mistakes of an average model maker like myself. You have 2 sets of decals (standard with Dekl's) to allow you to layer the duplicates to get vibrancy. On coloured sections this really makes colours pop. For white sections it creates a rich solid white - something that can be harder to achieve for stick acrylic painters. I genuinely found myself enjoying these decals...compared to certain other manufacturers who will remain nameless. which cause rage and upset. l For a full review visit my review: here For a build video see the video below:
  8. OMG I did not know that existed! I might order a few sets of these to have in the 'spares' box and a convenient excuse to make another one! I was super happy to see this scheme around. They're often overlooekd but they're so impressive and cool!
  9. The BAE Hawk is most commonly associated with the Red Arrows. I guess now-a-days many are also familiar with the Saudi Falcons (previously Saudi Hawks) who have had a longstnading relationship with the Red Arrows. Quietly, in the north of Europe, another team uses the Hawk to beautiful effect in a 4-aircraft flight. The Midnight Hawks used to have a standard grey scheme, with identifying numbers on the tails in order to identify the aircraft of the display team. In 2017, however, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence, they display team received a lovely new scheme showing their Finnish colours, and bringing some colour to their standard grey scheme. 2017 was also the 20th year of attending RIAT with my father, where this scheme was debuted - giving it a double-meaning for me. As usual I've written a full review of the decals here - I didn't touch much on the kit as I've got loads of these to build - but it was a joy! Below you'll find the build video and a photo. I haven't taken many of it it seems, and the one below shows it the best!.
  10. Thought I'd put my name down for this - just want to confirm I'll take part?
  11. The Breitling team always had a rather smart paint scheme in my opinion. It was also the first display team I saw using the L-39 (if memory serves right). I loved the look of the L-39. It's somehow both aggressive yet rather handsome. I bought these decals a month or so ago. As many of you know, I've lost most of my stuff so I'm starting from scratch (and given the long break, seemingly my skills too). I'm trying to avoid 'stashing' - so I sourced an L-39 which I got for £6 including postage. Little did I know how....eccentric this old kit can feel. I had some issues with the decals not fitting under the engine intake. A few little rips and tears along the way, but the important thing? I had fun. It was a quick, easy, and enjoyable model to build! I think it looks way better than my Fouga did! As usual, full review is on my site, and the video below shows full construction (but not painting...as it's just blue).
  12. Thanks guys. This is definitely the worst finish I've hard on any kit I've made since getting "back into it." Just an FYI, in person it's gloss. But the paint was not a gloss paint, only the red paint was. It's got gloss varnish after. I've been thinning with aqua color mix now, but at the time of making this cost meant I could not afford a new bottle and mine was tainted red. I did thin with water however. I think my newer kit looks better - I've nearly finished it but it looks better anyway.
  13. Normally if something goes wrong with a model I give up. If a decal breaks, I'll try and buy new parts. But int this instance it just wasn't viable for me to do so right now...so I decided to finish it. This is the first time I've done a paint scheme like this (tricolor) and I was really proud with how the wings turned out. In fact, before the decals I was really proud of the entire model. Sadly, however, the decals all broke...and my shaky inexperianced hands are awful for doing a straight line and I just ended up with a mess. The photo you'll see below has me filling in the gap with the same colour on Paint.net but I haven't edited anything else on the model bar bluring the background. Ultimately I'm still happy with what I made, just a bit saddened by the results. As usual with any of mine more information and images can be found in the article here.
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