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  1. Beautiful job! Love the weathering and rust effects. I have a friend that uses the same techniques you used on the sonar dome but for the life of me I can't achieve the same effects.
  2. I live in Meridian, next to Boise and we may have met. The reason I didn't enter it in Carriers instead of Dioramas is because I'm portraying a scene which encompasses everything, ship, crew, planes and water. If I was to show it in carriers, the judges would have looked at the ship itself and all the other stuff would be superfluous. It did win third in Dios and considering the competition, I was pleased. The judges had over 6000 entries in the all and had a lot to look at. I'm sure they didn't have the time to put a magnifying glass to it. My next ship (the 350th IJN Takao) will be in ships in Omaha. Are you going to the Boise contest this Oct? It will be there, and after that it will be donated to the Warhawk Museum in Nampa ID. for their Pearl Harbor display. Thank you and everyone for the complements
  3. I can't see them without signing in. I don't have a Flickr account.
  4. Very nice, especially for a 1/700. It's tough to build them where they don't look toy like. You did a cracking job on the PE. Are the radars and mast girders from the kit of were those after market? I just bought my first set from Akan and was wondering how they were. Being from the States I haven't heard anything about them and bought a set for my MiG-27. Bitzer
  5. Yes, the base is 91 cm so it takes a lot pf space. I slapped together a plastic cover to protect it from dust and the occasional accident
  6. Thanks mate! Oddly enough, most of my planes, tanks and such are 1/72, then I typically go and build 1/350 ships
  7. Thank you Will. Yes, it was all a labor of love. It will be a while before I build another carrier although I have the Hornet and have my eye on the Kaga
  8. Thank you Toryu, I have been interested in the PAO and specifically the Japanese since I was a teen. The Akagi, being my favorite carrier, with all her girders and overhangs just makes her look mean in my opinion. I read and watched what I could for research but "Shattered Sword" was an invaluable source of information regarding the IJN's carrier operation procedures. That and the few old photos available.
  9. Thanks David, The props were taken from the Infini IJN Carrier Aircraft "A" PE set as well as the AM Model Works IJN Carrier Aircraft Dynamic Propellers set. I'm not keen on PE prop spin and rather have nothing to demonstrate a spinning prop but in this instance, I wanted to show different speeds and the fact that all of them were running. Cheers Mate
  10. It's been a long time since I posted here other than comments. I recently completed the 1/350 Hasegawa Akagi and depicted the scene just before the launching of the first wave of the Pearl Harbor attack. The Akagi was the flagship of the Kido Butai which consisted of 6 carriers. The engines have been warmed up and mag checks done, the aircrew are getting the last details of the briefing and are about to head to their planes, the maintenance crew are standing by to release the tie downs and remove wheel chocks and some crew are lined along the flight deck to cheer the aircrews on. The ship was painted using Lifelike and Vallejo paints. The Hasegawa PE sets "A", "B", "C", Super Detail Set and the General Jack Stay set were used along with several general PE stets including Infini's IJN Type 96 25mm twin AA guns. The additional aircraft are the Hasegawa Carrier Based aircraft sets and Infini IJN Carrier Aircraft Detail set "A" was used to install the aircraft interiors and detailing. The crew were from Northstar and Tori Factory. The project took over 1100 hours over 13 months. This kit, along with the 1/96 scale HMS Victory which I will complete someday, has been the most time consuming, labor intensive and expensive project in my 55 years of modeling. I only wish I had better photography equipment and software to do it justice. thank you for looking.
  11. Good job on the rarely modeled more powerful sis of the Yamato. I prefer the Musashi of the two. Nice paint job as well mate.
  12. Well done. Just one thing. The US Navy never let their ships get that rusty.
  13. I build that kit as a wee lad back in the early 60's. You did a wonderful job on them!
  14. Excellent job mate. Superb rigging and PE work.
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