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  1. Way too much, since even removing it took so long it felt like a chore! Luckily I don't think I'll be needing to use any more during this build.
  2. Greetings! Couple of days off for Easter, actually managed to get something done. Finally got the deck masked all the way. On with the hull red: Mask lower hull: Paint black waterline, mask that: And finally some dark sea gray on the hull and some other parts: And off with the masks! Pretty happy with how this turned out, no major problems with masks or painting. Time to get cracking with rest of the parts! -Till next
  3. Very nice build of a interesting ship! Love the colours and those ornaments in the bow and aft. Such an interesting era for ship design, newer warships tend to be so.. gray.
  4. Thanks David, waterline seams seem to be surprisingly easy to get wrong, this one wasn't particularly ill-fitting, but still needed many layers of putty and primer to get right. Time for my awe-inspiring weekly update! Great progress! This thing is practically FLYING off the slipway! Aka. got about half of the deck masked this weekend and that's it. Super tedious, but it's progress, I guess. Not great job either, there will probably be some leakage, but had those same problems with the Nagato, and after some corrections and weathering they were pretty much invisible.
  5. Super impressive and clean looking scratch-building!
  6. Nice build of one of the most interesting submarine types ever! Looking forward to your Seiran -build as well, one of the best looking floatplanes ever, in my opinion!
  7. Of all the impressive model ship projects I've seen online, this is easily one of my favourites. Superb attention to detail and scratch building skills!
  8. Another rather minuscule update for this weekend. After some final touching up of the waterline seam and priming related to that, got the deck painted along with some decks for the boats. I'll probably paint the smaller boat decks by hand. Finally some actual paint on this build. Looking forward to masking all that deck next weekend! Also got the turrets primed and ready for painting: -Till next time
  9. Rather slow weekend considering modelling. Terrible snowstorm yesterday, so no spray painting once again, and a tree fell on to the power lines at some point, and power was out for quite a while. Gotta love living in the sticks! Kits own torpedo net booms seemed like a pain. Tiny parts with no detail and hard to clean molding lines. So decided to make my own ones from stretched sprue. They still have no detail, but at least there was less cleaning to do. Not very uniform and still kind of a hassle. Also finally got all the main 12 in. turrets a
  10. Impressive PE work, always glad to see pre-dreadnoughts getting built. Mikasa's a beauty, would love to go and see her one day!
  11. Greetings! Things looked a bit bad for this weekend, since I made absolutely no progress friday or saturday. Roaming thrift stores took my attention, but it wasn't all bad, since I picked up a Revell 1:48 bf-110 and Spit mk. IX for a couple of euros. Both new in box as well. Stash is starting to expand beyond it's allocated space: I woke up kinda early this morning and had no enthusiasm towards modelling what so ever, but still decided to haul myself to the workbench, thinking I need to glue on at least a couple of PE parts so that the build doesn't stall complete
  12. Always nice to see these older kits getting built, looking forward to see what you can do with it! Your old balsa Hood also looks interesting, shame it isn't all there anymore.
  13. Thanks for the tip, sounds like a good idea!
  14. Super clean work, and fast, too! Love how colorful many warships of this age were.
  15. Just put in the order for Hasegawa's 1:350 scale Yahagi plus two of their three photo-etch sets for the kit. There's also the third kit, which has a lot more detail plus turned barrels, but it's kinda expensive at around 50€, so I see if I can do without it. Pretty hyped, only built a single destroyer in 1:350 before, and that was a very simple kit with low detail and no PE.
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