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  1. Many thanks for your kind words! Yep, It'll be a while before I start on the Yahagi, I want to build something simpler and faster next. I've been looking at this model for a while, and decided two points I want to improve on my next ship: -Secondary guns. Those just look way too unrefined and blocky. Maybe I need to get aftermarket ones if plastic ones turn out like this. -There's a lot of visible wooden deck, and it looks way too uniform. This can probably be made better in the weathering stages with some oil paints.
  2. Greetings! WIP of this build can be found in the appropriate forum, if someone's interested. Finally finished this piece by Trumpeter. It's my second battleship in this small scale, so very much still a learning experience. The kit was reasonable, I guess. Cheap, and OK detail, some moulding errors though. Some PE was included, but no railings, so I used some generic ones by Lionroar. Torpedo net booms were also replaced with scratch-built ones. Overall, not as nice kit as the Fujimi's Nagato which I did last time, but manageable. The building process was a bit rocky. Still have trouble figuring out in which order to build and paint things. Overall this build took around six months, although I only have access to my modeling workshop during weekends. I used Tamiya acrylics for painting and clearing. Weathering is Tamiya liners and oil paints. Rigging is Uschi's stuff. I should mention I didn't really look at any references all that much, so historical errors are certainly present. Overall, I'm just happy that she's finally finished. I had some trouble staying motivated with this build, and I think I'll need to take a short break from ship models to maintain my sanity. I'll probably make a short return to my comfort zone of american car models for now, but don't worry, recently bought Hasegawa's 1:350 Yahagi is already waiting in the stash as well. Any comments, criticism or tips are very much welcome! Oh and yes, proper base is in the works. I had Trumpeter display case planned for this, but the bugger is so tall with that mast it won't fit.
  3. Thanks David! Railings are done as complete sections, if that's what you meant. Not cut into small bits. I used Lionroars generic IJN railing. By the way, SHE'S FINISHED! Pictures will be coming to the 'ready for inspection' -forum shortly. Many thanks to everyone who followed this build!
  4. Greetings again! This thing is actually close to being finished, who would have believed! Railings are done, deck and superstructure weathering is mostly done. Next up is rigging. I have this week off, I'm reasonably positive I'll have finished pictures of this this weekend. -Till next time.
  5. Definitely, but only to help lining them up during gluing!
  6. Greetings again! Thanks for the info on the forward guns, I'll snag them off before I start on the railings. Can't say I've been too concerned with historical accuracy with my builds on the past, I usually just do what the kit's instructions tell me. All the parts are finally painted, and first coat of clear is on: Next on the agenda is the deck weathering, after that I can finally start the with the dreaded railings... -Until next time.
  7. Very small update, got the rear superstructure glued on, plus some small parts on the deck. Still needs a couple of 4-inch guns plus all those booms for handling the boats. -Till next time
  8. Very impressive work, plus your photography is superb!
  9. Greetings once more, and thanks for the comments! Didn't notice them before, since the thread moved on to it's second page. I'm also pretty happy with how the deck turned out, even though masking process was a pain. I picked up this style of masking from Youtube channel "Ebroin's Miniatures", who makes wonderful ship models, thoroughly recommended! Onto this weeks small update. Got the turrets' blast bags painted, and added the 3in. secondaries on top of them. Not super happy with the secondaries, kinda blocky. Some more boats, most of them are now done. Not too much to do before I can finally start clearing and weathering. -Till next time
  10. Greetings! Ridiculously slow progress for the last few weeks, bought an old Chevrolet which has been keeping me off the bench. Been slowly working my way through the ships boats: Decided to glue them on at this point, since I had some trouble during the Nagato -build with railings getting in their way. After I'm done with rest of the boats, I guess I finally have to start with rest of the secondary guns, which seems like a bit of a chore. -Till next time.
  11. Thanks! It's a very periodic thing, at least for me. And also very much depends on what phase the build is on. Ships are still a challenge for me, trying to figure out in what order I should do things in. I have more experience with cars and planes, and those tend to progress faster since I don't have to think so much! Slight progress today. Painted some of the smaller wooden deck parts by hand, and glued the bridge, funnels and that small platform between them on. Dry fitting the rear mast, doesn't want to sit on straight and flush with the deck. Also glued the hull on an old paint can with some PVA. Helps with the handling. -Till next time
  12. Way too much, since even removing it took so long it felt like a chore! Luckily I don't think I'll be needing to use any more during this build.
  13. Greetings! Couple of days off for Easter, actually managed to get something done. Finally got the deck masked all the way. On with the hull red: Mask lower hull: Paint black waterline, mask that: And finally some dark sea gray on the hull and some other parts: And off with the masks! Pretty happy with how this turned out, no major problems with masks or painting. Time to get cracking with rest of the parts! -Till next time
  14. Very nice build of a interesting ship! Love the colours and those ornaments in the bow and aft. Such an interesting era for ship design, newer warships tend to be so.. gray.
  15. Thanks David, waterline seams seem to be surprisingly easy to get wrong, this one wasn't particularly ill-fitting, but still needed many layers of putty and primer to get right. Time for my awe-inspiring weekly update! Great progress! This thing is practically FLYING off the slipway! Aka. got about half of the deck masked this weekend and that's it. Super tedious, but it's progress, I guess. Not great job either, there will probably be some leakage, but had those same problems with the Nagato, and after some corrections and weathering they were pretty much invisible. -Till next week
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