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  1. Very cool build! You have your work cut out for you, but progress seems great. Nice to see these lesser-known Royal Navy BB's getting some love. And as the previous comments said, she is very a formidable looking ship.
  2. My electrician uncle happened to have this material, and it seems to work wonders! The one he had is just a tad thick for my tastes, but I'd imagine there is thinner ones available. Thank you for the tip! I started the detailing process. Added ignition wires made from the aforementioned wrapping wire. Also raided my uncle's component storage for some Zenier diodes which I used to mimic the fuel lines with fuel filters. Also built an ignition coil from another one of those. Added an oil dipstick too, but that's pretty invisible in these photos. I'll be adding some wiring for the brake cylinder and battery, and heater hoses as well. I think that will do for engine bay detailing. Also prepped the undercarriage bits for painting. Bit of a chore, lots of flash in hard to reach places. Hope to start painting these next, but even though I have two restoration guides for E-bodies at hand, they aren't massively helpful concerning these parts. Internet is also a bit divided on what colours to use. Oh well, I won't be losing sleep even if I paint the front stabilizer in steel when it's really supposed to be black. I also have trouble sourcing a paint for the body. Many shops around here used to have a good selection of Maston or Motip -spray paints, but now shelves look pretty empty. That's how the world is right now, I guess. -Till next time
  3. XJ-S has always been my favourite Jag, that body is just gorgeous! Your model is also looking very nice indeed, I like your colour choice, and all in all it just looks like a very tidy build. I kinda want to build this kit as well, but it's a tad hard to get hold of here in Finland. I built the Bandai 1:16 offering many years ago, but that kit was a bit of a hassle, to say the least.
  4. Not a straightforward build, but your progress looks great! I like how you made that gradient paint. Very cool and unique subject too!
  5. Nice. I like what you did with the exhaust, looks excellent!
  6. I've tried posting a reply/update a few times last week, "Submit Reply" -button turns to "Saving...", and then nothing happens. Apparently I'm not the only one with this issue... This is something I must look into now that I got an airbrush. Is Alclad still the way to go? I haven't built cars in years, and all the big kids were using that for their chrome back in the day. I was surprised by the problems with the Shaker too, I had no similar problems with the ancient Monogram '71 'Cuda I built ages ago. Thanks for the tips! Started the sanding/rescribing/priming -process with the body shell. Still needs lots of work. Not perfectly happy with the way the body is molded, panel lines were partially pretty light, and some of the trim seems pretty undefined. Some slight progress on the engine. Some clearance issues between the Shaker and the distributor which now sits at an awkward angle. Hopefully it won't be too noticeable. I need to source some material for the ignition wires, I used thin solder in the past, but looking at it now it looks too bulky. Fills the engine bay nicely. -Till next time.
  7. Greetings! What little activity I have here on Britmodeller is usually targeted to the naval section of the forum, but after a couple of 1:700 battleships with too many too small parts I figured it is time for something completely different. My first plan was to start recreating my 1:1 Camaro using the Revell kit I recently got for just that purpose, but since the car itself is will be going through some changes soon, I decided to wait some more. Would be silly to go through the process of building a precise model of something that is going to look different soon, methinks. Then I came across this kit that has been sitting in the stash since it was released nearly ten years ago: My father has a 1:1 scale E-body, so I raided his library to find some inspiration for the build. There I found my platonic ideal of a Cuda: 'Ivy Green' metallic colour, black 'Hockey Stick' -stripes, silver/gray Shaker -scoop. Green interior as well. Simple. Pretty similar car I found online: Not sure I like the body colored Elastometric bumper on this one, or the chromed wing mirrors. I don't think I'll be building an exact replica of either car, but they'll serve as a general guideline. On to the kit itself: The body shell. Looks nice in my opinion. E-body is a hard one to get right. Lot nicer than couple of Revell Challengers I've built. Nice detail all around. Two sets of front suspensions for different ride heights. Kit also comes with two sets of bumpers, one set in chrome , and one in white plastic, modeled after the optional elastometric bumpers which had a slightly different shape. Very nice addition to a kit! Two sets of rear leafs as well. Interior detail is nice, I appreciate the separately molded centre console, as well as the higher-trim 'Rally dash' which I think is appropriate for a Hemi car. All E-body kits I've had before had the basic dash with no tachometre, which I think is just weird for high-spec cars. Sadly the steering wheel is the basic one, would've liked to see a higher-end one, they look nicer in my opinion. The stock twin scoop hood is also included along with the Shaker hood, unfortunately there are holes in the scoops, which is just wrong. Real ones were completely non-functional. Chrome bits. Not very impressed, finish is thick and kind of uneven. Bit worried how the tail lights will turn out, going to be a pain to get them painted in a tidy manner. Wish I had photo-etch parts for these or something. Set of custom wheels is also included, like usual. Wish they'd include something more period correct. Tyres included are bland non-branded ones, which I disliked immediately. All-black tyres in a muscle car of this era just look silly to my eye. Found a set of white-letter Goodyears in my stash. Would prefer Firestones myself, but they'll do. Decals are very nice. Hemi -Hockeystick-stripes in four colours, and many small texts and labels, even an owners manual! Started the build with the engine, as is usual. I had a hunch I will be having trouble with the shaker scoop's fitment with the hood at some point, so I decided to start test fitting it as early as possible. So I glued the carbs on with a tad of super glue at this point. Also put the shaker scoop together, assembled it all, and et voila: Yeah, seems about right, it only needs to go down like 8mm or so... Luckily it was easy to adjust by filing these posts under the scoop down. A lot better. Took off the carbs again. Noticed that cylinder heads needed a bit of filling, some of the inside cavity was visible from the corner after the valve cover was put on. Plugged that with some sprue. That's better, wont leak now : ) Also drilled out the spots for the spark plug wires. Got some primer on, naturally the seam between engine halves needed more attention. Some silver for the transmission, mask that off. And then some orange for the engine block. Some black for valve covers and exhaust manifolds. I've seen Hemi's with steel, black and orange manifolds, went for black because that's how I've done them in the past. Main components of the engine glued together, some details painted on. Don't know how much detail I'll be adding, at least spark plug wires and some fuel lines. The huge Shaker scoop will hide most of it anyway. American car models often suffer from the floating alternator syndrome, and this kit is no exception. Added a bit of plastic to work as a bracket. Some normal mold lines on the body, marked those out for sanding. That's a lot of pictures and text for very little actual progress. -Till next time
  8. Sounds like this is your Magnum Opus, and rightfully so. Not only great building and painting on the model it self, but that seascape and figures really bring a sense of action rarely seen on models, especially ships. Great model of a beatiful ship, you should be really proud!
  9. Many thanks for your kind words! Yep, It'll be a while before I start on the Yahagi, I want to build something simpler and faster next. I've been looking at this model for a while, and decided two points I want to improve on my next ship: -Secondary guns. Those just look way too unrefined and blocky. Maybe I need to get aftermarket ones if plastic ones turn out like this. -There's a lot of visible wooden deck, and it looks way too uniform. This can probably be made better in the weathering stages with some oil paints.
  10. Greetings! WIP of this build can be found in the appropriate forum, if someone's interested. Finally finished this piece by Trumpeter. It's my second battleship in this small scale, so very much still a learning experience. The kit was reasonable, I guess. Cheap, and OK detail, some moulding errors though. Some PE was included, but no railings, so I used some generic ones by Lionroar. Torpedo net booms were also replaced with scratch-built ones. Overall, not as nice kit as the Fujimi's Nagato which I did last time, but manageable. The building process was a bit rocky. Still have trouble figuring out in which order to build and paint things. Overall this build took around six months, although I only have access to my modeling workshop during weekends. I used Tamiya acrylics for painting and clearing. Weathering is Tamiya liners and oil paints. Rigging is Uschi's stuff. I should mention I didn't really look at any references all that much, so historical errors are certainly present. Overall, I'm just happy that she's finally finished. I had some trouble staying motivated with this build, and I think I'll need to take a short break from ship models to maintain my sanity. I'll probably make a short return to my comfort zone of american car models for now, but don't worry, recently bought Hasegawa's 1:350 Yahagi is already waiting in the stash as well. Any comments, criticism or tips are very much welcome! Oh and yes, proper base is in the works. I had Trumpeter display case planned for this, but the bugger is so tall with that mast it won't fit.
  11. Thanks David! Railings are done as complete sections, if that's what you meant. Not cut into small bits. I used Lionroars generic IJN railing. By the way, SHE'S FINISHED! Pictures will be coming to the 'ready for inspection' -forum shortly. Many thanks to everyone who followed this build!
  12. Greetings again! This thing is actually close to being finished, who would have believed! Railings are done, deck and superstructure weathering is mostly done. Next up is rigging. I have this week off, I'm reasonably positive I'll have finished pictures of this this weekend. -Till next time.
  13. Definitely, but only to help lining them up during gluing!
  14. Greetings again! Thanks for the info on the forward guns, I'll snag them off before I start on the railings. Can't say I've been too concerned with historical accuracy with my builds on the past, I usually just do what the kit's instructions tell me. All the parts are finally painted, and first coat of clear is on: Next on the agenda is the deck weathering, after that I can finally start the with the dreaded railings... -Until next time.
  15. Very small update, got the rear superstructure glued on, plus some small parts on the deck. Still needs a couple of 4-inch guns plus all those booms for handling the boats. -Till next time
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