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  1. Excellent job mate. Superb rigging and PE work.
  2. Oh boy, that was a while ago. I would say it was it was either Model Master Medium Grey or Vallejo Medium Sea Grey but I'm just guessing.
  3. If my first in 60 years looked like that the last thing I'd think is to give up! No sir. Looks good Frank.
  4. That's a cracking piece of work mate. Very nice "backdrop" for your USN planes.
  5. Nice job Chris. That antenna must have been a chore. I can't even imagine how one would start that.
  6. You did "Old Ironsides" proud Moarein. The USS Constitution and HMS Victory are my favorite square riggers. You don't happen to have the Victory lying around somewhere do you?
  7. That is just incredible work! The hull looks like wood.! It's hard to believe it's plastic without the pictures.
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