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  1. Strictly the Chieftain ought to be followed by a FV434 REME recovery track with a spare engine, just like they were in real life. (I once went as a passenger in a SS11 Scout stalking them on the north german plain. They were very easy to find by the smoke when they were running.)
  2. "Best tank in the world, provided it's in a good firing position when it breaks down."
  3. And maybe four new destroyer-sized ships in 1/700. What is the problem with saying what they are? All the competition rushing to make them first? I don't think there is much danger of that, this is not 1/72 WW2 aircraft, and even there exclusivity is not much of a prize. The idea of a catalog is to get us excited. Not puzzled.
  4. The 20mm in a figure is 'boot to eye'. Five feet at 1:76 is about right, although figure scales meet this standard ..well..approximately. It's because of helmets, I suppose.
  5. Ju-88A1 for the anniversary. Obvious, necessary. I'm not sure relatively obscure types from the war and early post-war are going to sell in large numbers to the rest of the world. However, look at Corgi for ideas of where the wind blows.
  6. A few strokes of the file..and you'll wish you never tried.
  7. Thanks, that was useful despite my Polish not being what it might be. My two are on the way and Hannants also have them now (I found a Polish source cheaper). I was interested to see what parts are in each kit. If we wait for the full six we'll get every kind of G-H-I but these two are quite specific and there seems to be no spare parts. Of course you can build any with a few bits from the spares box.
  8. Plastic is the wrong medium for this, it should be made out of beer cans. And sold only on market stalls.
  9. Well I remember buying Hasegawa's attempt at going the other way, PFM into F. Yes, I wrote canopy when I meant screen, but surely the cockpit has to change to fit the extension of the overall canopy length and AIUI that means the fuselage halves. If I'm wrong, maybe it's kinda possible. Anyhow, it did not work out well with the Hase.
  10. The PF needs more than just a new intake, the fuselage halves would need changing, and the cockpit interior and the canopy.
  11. If Airfix occupied their time by producing 1/48 models of everything they've only done in 1/72 and vice versa, especially cold war jets, they wouldn't need suggestions for a year or two.
  12. How about a set to convert the Airfix one into a Scout?
  13. Here's a listing which attempts to reconcile US losses and Vietnamese claims using multiple sources. https://web.archive.org/web/20120331182753/http://mysite.verizon.net/anneled/usloss.html It's air combat, sometimes things are uncertain. Neither side has the monopoly on truth.
  14. Rather this is a change in incidence so the inner wing stalls before the tip?
  15. Looks like it may be Takom plastic, it is displayed at Nuernburg with a Takom transporter.
  16. http://kampfgruppe144.blogspot.com/ I picked up the F.1. Lovely.
  17. "If it is going to have 4 Rolls Royce engine and a delta wing..." Spey B-58?
  18. No longer being an IPMS member I expect to be outside in the queue at 11am like every other year unless the organizers can speed up the ticket buying process.
  19. The F-toys Oscar has already been announced. This one from Platz will be the kit variant. I really wouldn't expect it to be fantastic.
  20. Both versions turned up on ebay today at 36 USD. Each, of course.
  21. Yeah but..if they had a photo back in April, why a CAD image now? There's speculation further up that the photo is an Airfix Vulcan. I don't know why they even put the CAD in the latest news update if they haven't got anything better. I normally expect box art to denote imminence. Don't hold your breath on this one. (The pit-road alternative might appeal though).
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