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  1. Nope, Eagle’s Call boxing that you mention was announced to be scheduled for August (in time for US IPMS Nationals), so they still have time.
  2. In Polish it means contest It was a guessing game - kits 48001, 002, 005, 006, 007, 008 have already been revealed, so the followers of the KFS page could guess the subject of kits 003 and 004. The authors of the first two correct answers will receive one of these kits once they are released (later this month). To add a little info - each kit will feature two marking options, inc. a Romanian a/c in the Eastern Front boxing.
  3. There's no need for rumours from Polish forum, this information is included in the topic's title....
  4. As usual with H2K reboxings, we get Cartograf-printed decals and masking foil made by PMask. Kit #72045 P-47M Thunderbolt '61st FS' - inc. decals for 2 marking options: - P-47M-1-RE, s/n 44-21108, Capt. Witold A. Łanowski, 61st FS / 56th FG, Boxted, UK, 1945 - P-47M-1-RE, s/n 44-21127, Maj. Bolesław 'Mike' Gładych, 61st FS / 56th FG, Boxted, UK, 1945 Kit #72046 P-47M Thunderbolt '62nd FS' - inc. decals for 2 marking options with female nose art: - P-47M-1-RE, s/n 44-21199, 'Josephine My Flying Machine', Lt. Leo F. Butiste, 62nd FS / 56th FG, Boxted, UK, 1945
  5. Exito Decals celebrates the New Year with the release of two news sets available both in 1/48 and 1/72 scale. The decal set no.11 is entitled “Pacific Warriors vol.1” and includes markings for three US fighter aircraft operating in the PTO during World War II: - P-51D-25-NA, s/n 44-72640, coded ‘501’, flown by Capt. Evelyn Neff of 457th FS / 506th FG, Iwo Jima, late spring / summer 1945. - P-40N, s/n unknown, coded ‘47’ and named ‘Mary Lou’, flown by Lt. David R. Winternitz of 8th FS / 49th FG, New Guinea, after February 14, 1944. - P-38L-5-LO, s/n 44-26490, coded ‘E’ and named ‘Jean Cre
  6. Yes, definitely. Inbox review of Kit #48008 MiG-15bis/Lim-2, prototype decal sheets shown (the real ones are being printed by Cartograf right now): https://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-48-mig-15bis-lim-2-hobby-2000/
  7. A bunch of reboxings coming out in late February 2021 from Hobby 2000: Kit #48005 MiG-15/Lim-1 (feat. marking options for 3 Polish & 1 Bulgarian a/c) Kit #48006 MiG-15/S-102 (feat. marking options for Soviet, Czechoslovak and Polish a/c) Kit #48007 MiG-15bis/S-103 (feat. marking options for Czechoslovak, East German, Romanian and Egyptian a/c) Kit #48008 MiG-15bis/Lim-2 (feat. marking options for Polish, East German & Hungarian a/c)
  8. First go and read what you have written about Eduard and Special Hobby's Bf 109E on this forum, and then accuse others of "garbage prose".
  9. Here you go then: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2021/vickers-wellington-mk-ii.html
  10. Poor Special Hobby, they've been working on 2-stage Mossie family for a while...
  11. Sorry, one 'I' too much - 'Du doch nicht' will include a D.VII. I believe that the 1/72 version will be based on this earlier 1/48 kit: https://www.eduard.com/eduard/du-doch-nicht!!-1-48.html Theoritically they have an Albatros D.V to include as well, but the profiles included in the December issue of Info show only a D.VII and Dr.I. About the Emil prototype included in the Zurich boxing, in December issue VS says Bf 109V14 and in January - V13. Perhaps he's undecided yet
  12. Here's a roundup of kits mentioned in this and previous Info: January: 8208 Bf 110G-4 - 1/48 Profipack (re-release with add-on parts) 2133 Fokker Fokker! - 1/72 Dual Combo Limited Edition 84169 Bf 109G-6/AS - 1/48 Weekend Edition 84172 P-51D-5 - 1/48 Weekend Edition 4469 P-47D Razorback - 1/144 (Platz plastic) February: 82153 Spitfire Mk.IIa - 1/48 Profipack 11147 Kampfstift Dornier Do 17Z - 1/48 Limited Edition (ICM plastic) 7404 Nieuport Ni-17 - 1/72 Weekend Edition March: Du doch nicht! Fokker D.VII + Dr.I – 1/72 Limited Edition April:
  13. Depends on the version, I guess. Here's an inbox review of H2K Kit #72035: https://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-72-tbm-3-3e-avenger-early-hobby-2000/
  14. This is their own mould design. Otherwise, speaking about two kits, I meant this one and Brengun's one which was also shown today and doesn't look promising either.
  15. Problem is that neither of the two kits shown today looks to be made up to modern standards...
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