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  1. According to the boss himself, Eduard intends to release the following kits in the 2020-2022 period: 1/48: Spitfire MkI/II, Camel, Zlin Trenérs in 12 variants (from Z-126 to Z-526), S-199, Bf 109K-4, Spitfire Mk.V, CS-199, Bf 109G-12, MiG-21F/F-13 1/72: Čmelak, MiG-21R/bis/SMT, Bf 109F/G/K various variants, S/CS-199 Source: https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?p=2325392#p2325392
  2. In the 2020-2022, you may expect the following 1/72 MiGs from Eduard: MiG-21R, bis, SMT. They are also going to release MiG-21F/F-13 in 1/48 during this period, so one may expect it in 1/72 sometime in 2024 or so Source: The Boss himself at: https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?p=2325392#p2325392
  3. This book was on the top of my wanted list since its announcement, and I must admit that it didn't disappoint me. Au contraire, Mr. Geust did a tremendous job, putting together a well-organized and very comprehensive resource on the air forces involved in the Winter War - most (i.e. more than 280 pages) of this 352 pages long book is devoted to the 'Red Wings', but a chapter dedicated to their Finnish opponents is also included. From the Soviet side, both the VVS (Red Army Air Force) and VVS VMF (Naval Air Forces) units are covered in great detail: from the air forces through the brigades and regiments, to the detached units and even liaison flights level, we learn about their organization, equipment, commanding officers, performed actions, claims/victories and losses. All of this is illustrated with dozens of rare archive photos showing the men and machines involved. The book ends with a nice colour profile section, which features side views of 36 Soviet and 11 Finnish aircraft. All this makes 'Red Wings in the Winter War 1939-1940' a very impressive publication, for the creation of which the author and editorial team must be congratulated.
  4. That's probably because the 1/48 scale Indian Service boxing was one of the longest selling out limited editions that Eduard has ever released. I also got one when it had hit the market in 2012, and I recall that when I decided to sell it around 2017 or 2018, it was still available in their webshop, so it certainly wasn't a killer...
  5. Simple. 497th BS had a talented nose art artist, 322nd and 323rd BG didn't.
  6. Bear in mind that the kit is already almost sold out at Eduard, so once they arrive to the resellers there will be one chance to get them as there won't be any restock.
  7. Build review of MB.152: https://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-48-bloch-mb-152-late-dora-wings-budowa/
  8. I recall that Mike Starmer once wrote that Vallejo 70975 Military Green is just slightly lighter than the BS.381 standard.
  9. The latest addition to the MMP/Stratus 'Yellow Series' is devoted to the Polish PZL P.11c fighter. On 152 pages, renowned historians Bartłomiej Belcarz and Tomasz J. Kopański describe its development, pre-war and wartime service in Poland, technical features and camouflage and markings - especially the latter chapter was of my interest and I must admit that I'm not disappointed, as it includes a lot of useful information supplemented with photos and an extensive colour profile section with 24 aircraft shown, some of them in 3 views (plus underwing scrap views). P.11's service with other nations is also briefly mentioned and illustrated with photos of Romanian machines. Speaking about photos, the reproduction of black and white archive images is superb and the authors must be congratulated for the selection of over 100 photos they had made. The modellers will warmly welcome the 7 pages of 1/48 scale drawings and especially the 47-page chapter dedicated to the airframe details, which contains numerous photos of the only preserved example as well as images sourced from the aircraft's manual and spare parts catalogue. These should be very useful when working with the recent kits from Arma Hobby and IBG. Some readers might be aware of the previous book on the P.11c released by MMP in 2003. The most notable advantages of the new edition are a larger format, allowing for better presentation of images, inclusion of additional archive photos, extension of the walkaround chapter, fully new colour profile section and addition of the P.11c technical description and camouflage and marking chapter. For me the new edition is a definitive improvement over the previous one and I recommend obtaining it even if you already have the older book. Video preview courtesy of the publisher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crvcUuLMKLo Some sample photos I've taken:
  10. If you look through the Hobby 2000 range, you will notice they rebox Hasegawa and Fujimi exclusively. Plus remember about one thing: the most accurate kit is not necessarily the best one from the casual customer POV.
  11. As you can see from the linked thread, it seems we will never know for sure whether the crosses on these D.520 were red or blue. On the available photos of this machine, one could confirm the red option, the remaining ones are not definitive in any way. As for the colour of this aircraft, I personally thought they could be light blue-grey overall, but then found this information: Many Souffan vient de me confirmer la couleur chamois de ces D520 qui lui aurait été inidiquée par un des mécaniciens de l'époque Denis Larrivet. Selon ce monsieur encore vivant en 2001 Littolf aurait eu l'intention à cette époque d'emmener ces avions dans le désert Lybien.
  12. Just discovered this on Scalemates - H version is in preparation: Question is what H they intend to represent...
  13. These should be available in the coming days. Each features a masking sheet and Cartograf-printed decals for 3 marking options
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