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  1. Hi, As I can't do any proper plastic modelling, I'm making CAD models for parts I find lacking in a couple of kits I have stored away. I've found the dimensions of the main wheels for both the B-47 and the B-52, but I can't find the dimensions (diameter and width) for the outrigger wheels. Can anyone help me please? TIA, Sebastien
  2. Hi folks, As I said, all my stuff is stored away from the house (anyway, I'll bin about everything I've done except maybe the center spar structure). But the computer isn't. So I went back at the wheels, and I'm rather satisfied with what I did (if you see problems, tell me before I send the models to a printer!) The outer side: And the inner side: Now I'm going to tackle the outrigger wheels, then I'll do the cockpit. Cheers, S.
  3. That's why there's the "Yes I know" bit. But having a placeholder moving away everytime we get close to the held place can only be a good sign, can't it?
  4. And now August 15th at Hobbyeasy. And yes, I know... Everything's fine.
  5. Hi, I built the F-89D model quite a long time ago (before digital cameras...). First model I rescribed (and that was entertaining). You can check it there: http://modelingmadness.com/review/korean/privatf89.htm I then received a very nice mail from a gentlman whose father crash landed this very F-89D, with pictures and all. Cheers, Sebastien
  6. Nice project! If I may, one word of advice about the Tornado. If you want to avoid a world of trouble, please do not follow the instructions. Use Shaun's tip: build the rear of the thing on one side, the nose on the other, and slide the nose on the rest of the fuselage. You'll use as little putty as you can (i.e. the intakes which are a pain in the subtropical regions anyway). Cheers, S.
  7. I think the autopsy will prove you right. But hey, one metal/white, one with SEA camo, one with SAC camo and a last one in ACC grey... Now, I'm contemplating scratchbuilding a 1/48 Tu-128 (as I am far from my bench, my braincell is behaving strange).
  8. Do believe this man. Big vacs are fun! I'm wondering whether I'll order one or two more Sanger Buffs once I'm settled in my new home... Cheers, S.
  9. Hi, To be really honest, I found the huge version of the plan on the interweb (I think it was at aerofred.com). I printed it 2 A1 sheets... I have put all my books in boxes before my move to a less insane part of France this summer, so I can't check the FAOW #166. From what I remember, it's not very interesting. And yes, the Fiddler was a monster interceptor. Because it actually went into operation, unlike the YF-12 and the XF-108. Thanks for your help, S.
  10. Thanks Mike. The blurb goes approximatively (loosely translated from a French translation): In March/April, the Yauza publishing group should release a book about the Tu-128 The text presents the aircraft as a weapon system fitted with long range missiles unique in Soviet forces and without any equivalent. Even today, its contribution to the country defense system stays poorly documented. The missions it was designed for are very specific and were very important to the USSR. That is why it never was exported, flying its missions near the Northern borders of the USSR and in Southern Siberia. Using declassified documents, technical descriptions, methodical work and the memories of the Tu-128 veterans, in the air or on the ground, the book recreates the complete history of the creation of a great interceptor, its early service days, its combat use and its interaction with AEW planes operated by PVO during Cold War times. Hope my friend who translated the text from Russian will forgive me one day for this translation... Cheers, S.
  11. Hi folks, I'm looking for whatever documentation there is about Tupolev's monster interceptor. I already have these: I have the huge version of this plan: Is there anything else worthwile (I'm looking for details...)? Cheers, S.
  12. Hi folks, I've found a new job 300 miles south of my place. I'm trying to sell the house , and I have packed everything even remotely related to modelling. As I hope to move this summer, I'm afraid there won't be any update before a month or six, sorry. And I think I'm going to redo quite a lot of things I'm not satisfied with (ie 92,7% of it). Thanks for your support, sorry to let you down... Cheers, S.
  13. My Combat Models vac is looking at me with very reproachful lack of eyes.
  14. Resin ASRAAMs would be very welcome indeed. Cheers, S.
  15. It seems you've been homebeed... Cheers, S.
  16. As a modelling version of Frank Zappa would have said, Heller is not dead, it just smells funny. Cheers, S.
  17. Release date is now December 15th on Hobby Easy. Still autumn, but not much left...
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