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  1. And after all the negative comments regarding the fabric covered bits on their late model Corsairs, Hobbyboss have decided to please the modelling community by removing them from their new early type Corsairs.
  2. Er, would you mind being a little bit more specific? Please? S.
  3. I do hope things improve soon too. As the General said, have you any Victor news? And sir your Generalship sir, if you print the bomb bay and the crew quarters, would you sell parts? Cheers, S.
  4. Matt from someone's Models just did a dry-fit review of the kit. It seems the kit is so good Matt has been quite a bit less Gordon Ramsay-ish than usual. Cheers, S.
  5. Gary, From what I've found, Trumpeter's Flanker C in 1/48 is quite an old tooling (1999). And Ken Duffey doesn't seem to have much esteem for it... http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/su27surv.htm#48 You can build a pretty impressive model with this kit (a 1/48 Flanker is impressive, period), but detail will be sparse, and I owuldn't bet on accuracy...
  6. As I said, the Galaxy mask set is quite cleverly designed. You can see on the instructions where the various bits overlap. Once you have put the first bit in the right place, it is really easy to put the adjacent masks where they belong. Cheers, S.
  7. And the kit is officially considered as finished. The final pictures are there: Enjoy. S.
  8. WIP is there: The pics: The Galaxy masks for the canopy, panels, missiles and engine area are extremely helpful. If you intend to build a GWH or Minibase Flanker, get some. The Galaxy masks for the digital camouflage are extremely cleverly designed, and almost idiot proof (I know, I used them). From what I saw, their design is better than the Foxbot ones. While we're talking Foxbot stuff, their decals are excellent. I used them rather than Galaxy and GWH ones when I could. MRP paints are as usual, ie excellent. The kit is one of the best designed kits I've ever seen. Can't wait for the next GWH Flankers (the Flanker B is on its way). Cheers, S.
  9. The pictures should work now. I hope. Sorry for the inconvenience...
  10. I fear these pics only work on Firefox. I'll have to find something else.
  11. Google Drive... I changed to my usual account, it should work better right now. Sorry, S.
  12. Here goes the (almost complete) WIP for my GWH twin-sticker Flanker. I used Galaxy Model masks for the pixel camouflage, Galaxy masks again for masking quite a lot of stuff, Foxbot decals and MRP paints. Here we go. The cockpits are painted MRP Sukhoi cockpit blue-grey, and I used the kit decals with quite the dose of Tamiya extra-strong decal softener. The gear bays are painted MRP Chassis Grey and the various bits are painted using Gunze. The nose gear bay has been cleaned quite a bit since I took this pic. The gear bays are glued to the belly of the beast: And both cockpits are glued to its back. I kept the sprue on the wings as long as I could to avoid breaking the static dischargers (and as I only broke one, I'm pretty proud of myself). The belly and the back go together without any fuss. And the intake assemblies go seamlessly. The radome needs a bit more attention. And then it's masking time. Or should I say era? Fins are assembled and glued, stabilators are just snapped in place. This is a big one. Canopy is masked. Main gear door are glued in place using a tiny drop of CA glue. I took the nose gear door I didn't intend to use, cut everything that protruded from it, and snapped it in place. The belly pale blue was sprayed and the gear doors removed. The base blue for the back followed. It's an entertaining shade... And now, masking. Again. The grey and the dark blue are sprayed in thin coats to avoid buildups around the masks. Unmasking a tailplane: Good! Now unmasking the rest of the plane. One thing, though. If you don't spray everywhere you need to spray, you're up an entertaining creek without a paddle. Guess what? I lost my paddle. And once everything has settled down: It is now time for some more masking. Masks away! Now for the interesting metal effects at the rear. I know it's been a long time, so why don't I put some more masks? Then a coat of Mr Surfacer 1500 Black followed by a coat of Zero Paint generic TS14 : Then MRP Titanium and Dark Aluminum. There are dark blueish stripes on these parts, I made them using a blue Sakura pencil. And after a thin coat of heavily thinned black, the masks are removed. Let's go for the nozzles. First, a primer coat of Mr Surfacer 1500 Black, then some MRP FS36081. Then the petals are masked (yeah, I know). Inside is painted white. Outside gets some Gunze Super Stainless and a thin coat of MRP Burnt Iron. Then goes a black oil wash, and I played with my red and blue Sakura pens, and a couple dozens of Q-tips. Everything is dulled using a photoetch stencil through which I sprayed MRP Exhaust soot. The stencil and the exhaust soot treatment is applied to the fuselage. Decals! And here is what the kit looks like now. Right now, I'm painting and decalling the missiles. Guess what? I got some more masking to do... S.
  13. Hi, The single seat Flanker is available on eBay from dawngrocerystore (among others) for £56.80 postage included. Cheers, S.
  14. Well, seeing their Banshee, is it that bad? S.
  15. Don't mention it... I've been trying to get his Stoof parts for a year or six, in vain so far.
  16. Hi Tom, I have decided to bin precisely 97.2% of what I've done so far. I should restart in a couple of <insert totally arbitrary period of time here>. For now, I'm learning Fusion 360/ And I'm still totally in awe of what you're doing here. Cheers, S.
  17. I've build kits with less parts than Minibase aqua-Flanker's front gear leg...
  18. Received mine today. It's amazing. The challenge now is not to lose a single part...
  19. Isn't it the sacred and constitutional right of the armchair modeler to speculate and whine about real or perceived problems? S.
  20. A dry fit review : https://www.themodellingnews.com/2021/01/test-kit-dry-fit-review-48th-scale.html Me wants! Happy year of the Beleaguered Badger
  21. Hi folks, A build in progress there: Cheers, S.
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