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  1. It's been available for a couple of weeks from dawngrocerystore. I received mine yesterday (and it's as awesome as the other Great Wall Flankers).
  2. Why don't you get the Su 27 UB standard kit and Galaxy models masks? The set includes decals and masks for digital camouflage Ukranian Flanker. S.
  3. Hi, Your Flanker is a masterpiece. Which Galaxy reference did you use for the masks ? Regards, S.
  4. Well, I haven't seen much from AMK since their F-14D. They were supposed to release a Starfighter with a one-piece fuselage but...
  5. I was just joking, TBH. It seems the number of nozzle petals is wrong on the Monogram kit (not much in the way of dimensional accuracy or lack thereof), that's about it. Cheers, S.
  6. No 1/24th office furniture. I'm deeply disappointed.
  7. As I'm pretty confident it won't be : - a 1/48 Gannet AEW3 - a 1/48 Tu 128 Fiddler - a 1/48 Handley Page Victor I think I can leave my interest level in that news where it's at now (ie in the meh minus regions).
  8. Hi, Probably because Galaxy Models has released a masking and decals set for the UB and not for the single seater. I'd wager this is what you'll find in that box. S.
  9. I'm going to drink this information out of my mind.
  10. 1/12th tables and chairs. That's exactly what I was hoping from Hasegawa.
  11. Hi, How were painted the wing surfaces under the slats and over the flaps? I know the operation Granby Tornadoes were parked with everything retracted but I just cannot model a variable geometry aircraft without dropping everything droppable. TIA, S.
  12. Won't it be quite an ordeal converting a Mi-24 to a Su-25? Just askin'... S.
  13. Hi, Alan Wilson (Icelandic Fine Arts) made resin landing gears for his resin 1/48 Vulcan. He insists these are stronger than white metal equivalents. Cheers, S.
  14. Nothing a real modeller (TM) can't handle, you mere assembler (TM) you.
  15. Well, once the KH kit was released, it should have strengthened Italeri's will to release a new kit, methinks...
  16. Weren't they supposed to release a new tool 1/48 Jaguar GR1 a couple or three years ago? S.
  17. The meh is strong with this one...
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