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  1. Spec7

    Duck Egg Blue

    Odd that if the proper names for paint are capitalised your first doc shows D, E, B G in capitals and Sky type S in lower case...
  2. Spec7

    Duck Egg Blue

    Interesting to see this with original period document referenced researched by Hendon refers throughout as underside duck egg blue with Sky a secondary description in brackets. https://www.seawings.co.uk/images/colour charts/British Aviation Colours of WWII.pdf
  3. You have unwittingly said everything i said Edge. As for ""although it's quite clear you don't like anyone who disagrees with you. ...from Jamie. "That sort of assumption that was only said to have dig is exactly why we are where we are. Everyone disagrees with everyone else at some point, its got nothing to do with liking people. Again that is something that has been read into this , you could say its your opinion which is fair enough but it doesnt make it right or wrong. Anyway, i know my place as Ronnie Corbett once said to Barker and Clease... Maybe someone will
  4. This is exactly why this thread is just so daft......i have not ever said everyone else is wrong, i dont know who is right and who is wrong, i dont believe anyone really does. Your post is a fine example of reading exactly what you want to read and reading it with a pre conception of what it says that blinds you to what it really says. its the brexit syndrome half the people think they are right, and so do the other half and there is no middle ground, it doesnt make either right or wrong but my point is and always has been i have an opinion and i am happy with it, Jamie has a
  5. I did and do accept that the guy thinks he is right, thats fine but aircraft were painted in the field by erks and he says they were not. Most Duck egg blue aircraft were painted duck egg blue with cans of duck egg blue paint. You cant get away from that, if they renamed it sky type s later thats a different story, they didn't rename it retrospectively..... Sorry but there are polite discussions and people who add unnecessary digs into post like "i am already starting to tire of this" as if he is speaking to some sort of subordinate.. Anyway it is what it is and i was warned before i
  6. Dont worry alt-92, you are quite right The rather stupid sarcasm about fitters painting aircraft and me not having a clue about colours just makes you look a bit desperate and reinforces the stereo type image.... Sky type s and Duck egg Blue were the same thing so they were Duck egg blue. The confusion came about because there was already a Sky blue and some aircraft were mistakenly initially painted sky blue . Aircraft with black and white under surfaces were re painted in the field by AC guys with (if it pleases you) fags hanging out of their mouths no doubt duck egg blue initia
  7. You know i am new here, i had hoped to find some like minded amateur modeller's. People that were understanding of others, people who might welcome others into their hobby. When i said to friends in modelling circles i was going to join Britmodeller people laughed and the general opinion was "well good luck with that". Its closed shop, its run by half a dozen rivet counters who are anal in preserving their hierarchy. I have gone out of my way to be nice and i have had comments like the above from Dogsbody ? Why i ask ? Presumably you are part of the same gang Piddling on newcomers
  8. You seem to have two...work it out
  9. Yes you see but its not an argument..its just my personal opinions I shall keep them to myself in future. Apologies to mick b who has had his thread hijacked
  10. Ha ha no you completely miss the point What i am saying is none of the restorations are probably correct but if it doesnt bother a £1m owner restoration its not going to bother a £25 kit builder. I know just how paint lines work thanks and even today you will not find a car repairer worth his salt that resprays a wing and expects it to match, he will respray a side and try and blend it in. I find it incredible that you think Ford back in the 30s/40s could produce batch after batch the same colour when Ford in 2020 cant. From what i have read they couldn't even match colours
  11. I dont wish to be argumentative but you say "Things don't look right - they look the way you expect them to" but i say "Things look right because they look the way you expect them too" I dont believe there is any firm evidence of a colour., it probably varied from batch to batch, it very probably didn't match the swatch card, Even today with modern tech colour matching is really only as good as the guy that does it and some colours are lost simply because the methods are lost like leaded paints, cellulose and carcinogenic paints like Zinc chromate. Before i started my motorcycle bu
  12. Well quite simply what looks right is what clicks with what you have seen as a reference in the past, i look at things like stills from the BofB film and thats what i see as looking right. The aircraft look right, the plastic electric doorbell on the cottage front door does not. One leaps of the screen at you, one doesnt draw your attention as being wrong....I look at the FFA aircraft in Cobham hall and thats what i think looks right. You instinctively know what looks right to you as it doesn't leap out at you for looking wrong. You look at the almighty cockup that is the invasion stripes on
  13. Absolutely but you have to go with what you think looks right otherwise it will drive you mad every time you pass your model shelf and as every paint manufacturer has a different idea and 90% of colours on a screen/monitor will differ from those in the bottle what can you do ? Even spraying , brush painting , thinning and undercoats are going to effect the colour. Most people will do a google search as i did for US interior green and come up with every different green ever invented, A lot of this is down to aircraft restorers as they are the colour pictures people use and they are all differe
  14. I agree but it was only 20 years after the war and many people who worked on restoring and flying the planes would have been doing their war time job. As an old bloke now i have seen so many versions of paint colours over the years, all now gospel and a lot computer generated etc and they differ quite wildly. You can only now go on what we have and the older that ref, the closer to the time and personal memories you get. The SKY colour we have now is a relatively new thing, when i was building 1/72 airfix spits by the dozen in the 60's even the instructions called out Duck egg Blue very much l
  15. At the risk of being flippant any shade of geeney yellowey bluey seems close I gave up trying to match colours years ago and now just mix what looks right. As someone who was brought up in the 60's with the battle of Britain film i see duck egg blue in a very pale form as looking right on the underside of home based RAF, anything SKY looks way to yellow/green. That said i think the unrestored aircraft in Cobham hall are a good pointer for FAA SKY
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