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  1. Funny I’ve been told that made a personal complaint to the Royal Mail they investigated and could find no trace of the mags in the system
  2. Either arrogant or ignorant certainly won’t be getting any of my money again
  3. I must say I completely agree with Mike we need to make sure Britmodeller can not be brought in to dis repute . However like all others I would like ma publications to explain/apologise/ or be held to account. I had been quite co operative with them and a long time subscriber to not have been worth the truth is pretty upsetting.....I assume they won’t be at Telford
  4. And another new month has appeared on the Apple bookshelf/pocket mags I just don’t get it
  5. I have received that reply to. Been offered the tornado book too if I waited (never received) and was even promised a refund that in the end my card company had to get
  6. Good luck, I heard the same for two months.....damn shame because they’re pretty good mags
  7. I was involved in the previous topic so I’ll try to be careful. I had no deliveries from November 2020 was constantly put off with various excuses, had some deliveries in February 2021 . And nothing more repeated emails came back with differing reasons and dates. Finally requested a refund which my card sorted for me, still waiting any credible reason from ma publication
  8. My thanks for your replies yes with a modelling slant, but I will check out your recommendations
  9. Good afternoon all I have a refund on certain subscriptions to re invest. Already switched to SAM and have Airfix mag on longtime subscription. Any recommendations for an aircraft or military based mag?
  10. Credit cards won’t cover transactions under £100 with no PayPal I’d be careful well frankly I won’t ever bother
  11. Much as I finally welcome a response from Mark. Seven days ago he promised me a refund it’s not happened I notified them of opening a dispute via my card company to the reply of thanks for letting us know. No attempt to put things right,I have also been told things would be back to normal in august, so it’s already slipped a month. And note my mags that’s all three have not been correctly delivered since November last year!. I could have lived with things but it’s the lies that got to me in the end .
  12. Let us know I was promised June and July by the second week of July
  13. Well SAM ,model aircraft international and model military international ordered Thursday delivered Saturday what ever happens I won’t be returning to ma publications
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