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  1. Seahwak, Thank you. I do have one picture of N-ZT which is a bit difficult to load here. It isn't a great image but I'll look at it again in the light of your advice. M
  2. Can anyone help me with what size and colour the squadron codes are on this aircraft? I'm making one of the other aircraft from the squadron (258) for a pal who's father flew it. TIA Matthew
  3. Lovely. Encourages to get mine out of the stash!
  4. Excellent model and the concept too. Well done!
  5. My Wimpy is on hold at the moment because I haven't worked out how to deal with the waist gun windows. Appalling fit of the supplied fillets so I'm trying to think how to fill the significant gaps and then reinstate the ribbing. Any advice gratefully received.
  6. Thanks all; lots to work on there. I hope that the log book is still available but I haven't asked (but will). As the model will be a gift I don't want to make too much fuss!
  7. A pal of mines father flew with 258 Squadron during the war. They flew Hurricanes and then P47s. His name was Ralph Vart DFC and I think that most of his service was in Burma. I'd like to make up an aircraft that Ralph flew. Ralph is no longer alive and his son isn't sure of any aircraft details. If anyone can offer advice on how I can track down an aircraft he flew I'd be grateful. TIA. Matthew
  8. JWM; those are the pictures I found. It seems rather odd that they would have two different colours but that's what appears to have been the case.
  9. Stand fast! I've just found a picture that appears to show that the floor is green and its only the cockpit sides that are black. Thank you for your trouble.
  10. I wonder if anyone can help? I've looked at references for the cockpit colours on night fighter Defiants but am struggling a bit. I'm pretty sure that the bulkhead and seat are cockpit green but the cockpit walls seem to be black in the pictures I have. I can't find any pictures of the floor so I'm not sure on that. The combination of black and green seems a little strange so I'd be grateful for any advice you can offer. TIA Matthew
  11. Degsy, If I were you I'd look out for a second hand Badger airbrush. I saw one once, a Badger 150, going for £40, I know that having one refurbished costs about £30 so for £70 you have one of the best airbrushes ever made. I have a 150 that I bought 35 years ago, I recently bought an H&S Infinity but to be honest I mostly go back to the 150. Just a thought anyway. p.s. If you want to stick to the paint brush (nothing wrong with that) then I'd recommend Lifecolor paint. Crap to airbrush (for me at least) but very nice on a brush. M
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