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  1. Excellent work! Painting is spot on, weathering is very realistic (not overdone), just nicely done!!!
  2. Jerry V

    After Market

    Obviously, Dragon has the market cornered on the Tiger l. Stupid money though and you still need to buy tracks. For most people, the Academy kit is pretty good, includes a basic pe set with grills, tool holders, etc and is more affordable. You will probably want a barrel and tracks (which you will need for the Dragon, as noted). I am in North America so my only suggestion would be eBay - not popular with everybody but more modellers from the UK are sure to pipe up.
  3. Not sure what you have to "refine" - looks great to me!!! NMF is really the ultimate challenge, I think you nailed it
  4. Have to say, modellers here are real big on building what pleases YOU!!! Best advice you can give a modeller. Have at it but keep it fun!!!
  5. Vac-form canopy (even if left closed) - just looks better, belts (now that you will be able to see through that nice clear canopy) and wheels, since they stand out on the completed model. Maybe an etch instrument panel if you leave the canopy open? From there, sky's the limit (no pun intended), based on your time, skill and budget.
  6. Still working on it, don't want viewers to have access to all my other photos. Will have to use PC as I cannot seem to edit photos from my phone (android).
  7. Excellent work! Pretty straightforward build by the looks of it - goes to show you a good paint job and realistic weathering really make the difference. Very good photos too, nice to have a record of your work. Really enjoyed it!
  8. Weathering on these was extensive and a detailers dream but a project this size could easily get out of hand. Still, I think some basic weathering would add greatly to it. Either way, great work!
  9. And I normally use a Zim' tool but have experimented with hacksaw blades with good results. Pretty much anything with a ridged pattern should work.
  10. Only been doing this for a few years but no issues with peeling or flaking and holds up well. Time will tell.
  11. I build 1/48 and 1/35 so, works great for me. Random pieces of masking tape to add damage or use a small chisel after dry (masking tape is easiest).
  12. Thx. Zim' is one of those things that many modellers avoid like the plague. This video breaks it down simply and is quite easy to do. Honestly, best technique out there IMO.
  13. Yea, OOB build (except canopy and resin wheels) and just want to keep it simple. Think I will go with Falcon or RT. Thx.
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