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  1. Can’t veiw it right now on my phone, but will look later thanks!
  2. Hi all, This may be a slightly unusual topic to discuss, but I wanted to know if anyone watched a Red Pelican display back in the late 60’s. I have the airfix kit of the Jet Provost, but I would like to know exactly what the pilot would be wearing. I have found a video of them in red flight suits and helmets in 1963-4 but I’m not sure if they were still wearing that when they were no-longer the main RAF display team around 1969. If anyone could help with this, would be much appreciated! Many thanks, PlasticSoldier
  3. The Beaufighter I had was a 1944 varient, and it was a previous model that I had trashed, so was trying to reuse it
  4. Hi all, I’m constructing a diorama on an RAF crash scene atm with a Beaufighter and the airfix emergency set kit (don’t get me started on the problems with that K6 being post-war). Just wondered if anyone has some pictures on crash rescues taking place, ideally hoses being used, extracting the pilots from the cockpit, would they just smash the canopy? And would they use ladders to get to for instance the observer in the Beaufighter? Any pictures that can answer these questions would be much apretiated! many thanks, PlasticSoldier
  5. I've done a Korean War diorama and I painted my Americans with humbrol colours. Helmets-117 Jackets and trousers-86 Webbing-102 Boots-186 Paraks I would probably paint in 155 or 102. Hope this helps! PlasticSoldier
  6. I don't know of anything immediately, but if all else fails and you're up for a bit of improvising, maybe buy a set like Airfix English 8th Army and cut the arms off and stick them on your figures? Presuming your figures are Second World War. PlasticSoldier
  7. As far as I'm aware, the use of camouflage smocks in the German military was predominantly used by the SS Waffen and the second pack of soldiers can be identified by Waffen by their black collars, so that's a good start. It would have been unusual to see a group of soldiers fighting together, some in smocks and some out of them. It would have also been a bit unusual to see them fighting together in different patterned smocks, but there were multiple patterns that were worn to blend into different terrain. The marching boots went out of service in 1943, but you would have still seen the odd soldier wearing them if they hadn't had the new kit. You would've even seen some with bottle green collars on the uniform which was meant to be replaced with mouse grey in 1940, but that was rare. The shield that can be seen on the side of the helmet in the second picture wouldn't have been common to see, as these were meant to be removed by 1940 as well. Some painted over them, scratched them off or even covered them up with mud if needs are. Late war German uniform was very much a copy of the British army's, which going back to the boots, they were replaced by boots similar to the British. However, going back to what you said, everything was carnage to the end so in many cases anything goes, and mixing stuff up making soldiers unique makes a diorama authentic I think. PlasticSoldier
  8. Hi, Just doing an LVT 4 at the moment, intending it to be a USMC one, ideally Pacific, 1945, but if not, Europe, 1944 at least. It’s all going well, but I cannot find out what colour they would of been. The instructions say Humbrol 86, but that’s a light green, when it would appear most where Olive drab, 155. However I also see pictures over grey American vehicles which would be 66! Yet still there are vehicles in 86. So I’m kind of clueless at the moment. If somebody could give me a decent insight or source to American vehicle paint scheme that would be very much appreciated. Many thanks, PlasticSoldier
  9. Hi I'm currently working on some RAF ground vehicles from Airfix Vehicle Set and Refuelling Set, however I wanted to make them into 1950's vehicles, not Second World War. As far as I can find, vehicles around that time would be blue/grey with yellow tops. Is this correct for every vehicle, and are the vehicles I'm building from the sets ones they would use in the early 50's in Germany? And would the markings they have in the set still be the same? Many Thanks PlasticSoldier
  10. Thanks guys this helped, I'll probably look into getting the Albion, if that doesn't work I'll go for the tractor
  11. Hi, Just a quick question, I'm working on a spitfire maintenance diorama in 1940 and I wondered what type of fuel tanker(s) would of been used to fuel a spitfire at this time? Many thanks, PlasticSoldier
  12. Thank you so much, I'll get looking straight away
  13. Hi, I've just started a new model which (funnily enough) is the Airfix Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat. Problem is, I know literally nothing about this type of boat, so I'm wondering if people could help me with the following... 1) I need some colour pictures of the wheelhouse of a WW2 RN torpedo boat, or at least some good description of one so I can get the colours right 2) Some detailed description of the crew number, roles, ranks and uniform (colour pictures or paint guides would be appreciated) 3) What do all the different types of flags mean? eg: there is a red and white thin stripe one, green and white stripes, white and black cross, and a white square flag with a smaller blue square in it Links to information websites are helpful, but if you could just explain that'd be fine Many thanks, PlasticSoldier
  14. Thanks, but my diorama base and budget isn't big for that. I am using the figures though
  15. That's actually quite cool. I love the film, it's what inspired me to do this diorama
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