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  1. wamwig

    Mel Bromley RIP

    Saddened to hear this news, Mel was a top bloke and I enjoyed our chats at shows, especially the time he forgot his suit! He will be missed and should be congratulated for bringing us some much wanted models not least the Canberra, RIP Mel
  2. Hmmm like a Bedford crew bus and a Leyland Hippo tanker?
  3. The original Hawk T1 OOS date was between 2018 and 2020 so I guess they have been on borrowed time! Be nice to see what the (Civi) replacement is (if any).
  4. Sorry but if you want quality (as in your original post) they are very unlikely to be available cheap on ebay! I guess you could always make your own out of Plasticard and commercially available wheels, occasionally places like Home Bargains have suitable (toy) 1/76 vehicles that could be converted. Oxford Diecast do some modern Transits so you could use those?
  5. Also in addition to the above suggestions (from which I can recommend the AB and DTM figures) I understand Modelu will shortly be releasing some scanned and 3d printed British WW2 figures, a little more expensive but very good.
  6. No but I'm sure Xtradecal will be preparing one, hmmm wonder if the 'Fat Slags' will be included on the Zvezda decal sheet.
  7. Mine was an Airfix 1/72 Lightning F1, around the mid 60s
  8. Model Bus Federation, a group for bus/coach modellers
  9. Looks good, a few WiP pictures would be useful as well, are you an MBF member?
  10. Yes a war museum first, aviation museum second which is why Duxford are removing the Land Warfare Hall and concentrating on aeroplanes!
  11. Apparently they are also looking at Manston https://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent/news/new-sites-earmarked-for-brexit-lorry-parks-231008/
  12. Except it will be full of lorries waiting to cross the channel next year!
  13. Hmmm does that mean 1/72 is a possibility as well?
  14. If you contact Luis (Holden8702) directly, he is on facebook, he has some more recent Royal Navy and RAF figures which he can print at any scale, and also cheaper than going through Shapeways, sadly at the moment he is unable to dispatch them to the UK (or anywhere else) as he is located in Spain but he is very helpful and will presumably be able to supply when things start opening up again after this current mess!
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