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  1. The pod parts shown on the F-4G sprue are for the chin and tail fin on the Wild Weasel. The decals depict a small mouth Blk30 jet the first Blk50 arrived in late 1991. From 1987-1992 the F-4G/F-16C would work in hunter killer teams typically the Viper carrying AGM-45 Shrike,AGM-65 Mavericks, dumb bombs or CBU-87/89
  2. Very nice build, I do wish kit manufacturers would stop telling builders of their F-15 kits to paint the area under the speed brake white. Its just wrong they have never been like that and alway grey rather than white. Rant over... again very nice work Lord Riot
  3. Nice job, KC-10's used to look good in the Shamu scheme
  4. According to Chris Flack,Spencer's son on one of the many Facebook Group i'm in... Airfix have expressed a interest to the complete trio of Spencer's colourful fleet presumably if this one sells ok....So we could see G-FURY and G-HUNT in 1/48 using the already available Sea Fury and Hunter kits in the not too distant future.
  5. Interesting can we have G-FURY & G-HUNT too please Airfix...yes i know there's aftermarket decals outthere...
  6. Dunno if anythings been said as to why...gonna come down to ££ at the end of the day always does...sadly
  7. So this got posted by Nick Grey on Facebook this morning. 2020 keeps on giving... Hopefully they'll find a new venue.
  8. Looks good but i really hope we get metal/brass undercarriage legs as those plastic ones don't look the strongest.
  9. Different jet, the jet who squeaked an emergency for the damaged canopy was a 494th F-15E My thoughts are with the folks at Lakenheath following the announcement of the pilot now being found sadly deceased.
  10. Very nice Twin Huey Shame KH never bothered putting the correct wide cord UH-1N main rotor blades in the kit
  11. Hope they put alittle more effort into the surface detail on this one unlike the recent 1/48 Hind
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