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  1. I've got a old Astra Decals sheet in 1/32 if its of any use
  2. Well this will make a lot of folks very happy. Just worried what the RRP will be..
  3. Kill Info from Sword of David: The Israeli Air Force at War book.
  4. Excellent Job!, Built this jet twice over the years.. First time using the Fujimi thick & nasty decals on a 1/48 Hasegawa kit as the trash can was the best place for the Fujimi plastic. Second time in 1/32 using Tamiya kit with a mix of handmade masks for the stripes and a Astra decal sheet for everything else. Love the fact you've not only breathed new life into a old kit.but you made you own decals
  5. Awesome build....still not convinced the rake of the under carriage lags is correct if you build it OOB as Eduard intended. Guess I'll find out when i start mine
  6. Would make my modeling mojo disappear in a instant if we got a new tool Herk
  7. And there's goes my cuppa all over the table...lol
  8. Hmmm, was thinking about joining this GB to give my mojo a kick up the butt since I've not even sat at my bench for around 6 months now. Looking at a GWH 1/48 T-33 in the stash
  9. New video over @ Andy's Hobby Headquaters Y/T Channel Think i'm gonna buy afew of these for the stash.
  10. They have a limited shelf live. The chemical propertys in the propellants and explosives start to degrade over time,as do the electronics...most are marked with a expiry date,and have a limited amount of flight hours. Biggest threat over Syria has been UAV's better to use up a old stock almost time expired AIM-9M on a drone than a new and very costly AIM-9X.....save them for something else.
  11. I would say yes... I think the CH-53G got new composite rotor blades at some point same as the USAF MH-53J/M's which IIRC have a different tip profile to the earlier blades...that may limit your use of the RH-53D to a certain time frame of Bundeswehr use. But i'm no expert on the type.
  12. Microscale did it decades ago,Twobobs did it more recently but its long OOP
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