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  1. Different jet, the jet who squeaked an emergency for the damaged canopy was a 494th F-15E My thoughts are with the folks at Lakenheath following the announcement of the pilot now being found sadly deceased.
  2. Very nice Twin Huey Shame KH never bothered putting the correct wide cord UH-1N main rotor blades in the kit
  3. Hope they put alittle more effort into the surface detail on this one unlike the recent 1/48 Hind
  4. Did they ever release the C-48 in 1/72?
  5. So many schemes and variants...Hopefully Zvezda will deliver with other versions too, Hungarian low viz would be nice as the current available sheets weren't great. Macedonian splinter scheme will I hope make the trip from 1/72 to 1/48 Peru in the overall grey scheme with low viz sharkmouths And would also like to see decals for the Mil demo Hinds in the digital scheme..love 'em or hate 'em And finally although not needed for this boxing..hopefully we'll see a Mi-35 down the line so maybe the new Serbian helo's
  6. I need to find me one of those Aoshima C-2's at some point
  7. Need to get back to this one and the P-51H now it's not so crazy at work and the festive holidays are over and done with.
  8. Ohh... That's nice are they replacing the Hornets? Same paint job too
  9. Fundekals in the States does G-Fury on one of their Sea Fury sheets. http://www.fundekals.com/seaFury2.html
  10. Flanker Virgin noob question In modelling terms what if any are the differences between the SU-30MKK and the J-16? Also are the fins in Trumpys 72nd MKK kit too short do I need the resin replacements Cheers
  11. Got the original boxing on the bench right now for the P-51 STGB. Have to say I'm impressed with it so far.. Yes the snap fit is a bit of a gimmick and you'd still need a dab of glue in places even if you went the snap fit route. Treat it like a normal kit and the fit/detail is very nice. My only negative is the high retail price compared to the recent P-51 competition from Airfix & Eduard.. Although the Meng kit can be found cheaper if you shop around I'd recommend it for sure.
  12. Ok...well thats going on the 2020 must buy list....thank you ICM
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